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If you are planning a trip to Austria this year, you may want to consider traveling business class. You can compare the cost of business class flights to Austria to the cost of coach flights on many travel websites. Move your departure and return dates around and experiment with a few airport choices to see if these changes affect the price of your airfare.

Cheap business class tickets to Austria can be found on travel websites and through local travel agents. If you have some flexibility, you can secure business class tickets to accommodate any budget. Last minute travelers can find deals too! Vienna International Airport (VIE) is your best bet for finding a wide selection of flights and carriers servicing Austria.

Vienna International Airport, VIE is a busy airport that is serviced by all major carriers. FlightsLux is one travel website that specializes in first class and business class flights to popular vacation and business destinations.

Why Pay More for Business Class Tickets to Austria?

 Traveling business class to Austria allows you a lot of perks that make traveling more comfortable. You pay for the benefits, but they can save you money along the way as well. Traveling business class will get you a larger, more comfortable seat on the plane. This seat will allow you to sleep in a flat position and arrive in Austria well rested.

Many seasoned travelers say they save one night at a hotel because they don’t need to factor in a recovery or “jet lag” day into their vacation. Another savings is on basic food costs. The food on a business class flight to Austria is really good, restaurant-quality good. You won’t need to buy food at the airport or onboard your flight.

Alcohol is included as well, so you don’t need to stop at the airport bar and purchase an expensive cocktail. Also, if you are a chronic over-packer, many airlines offer business and first class travelers additional checked in bags free of charge. Other airlines provide higher weight limits for checked-in luggage without a penalty.

Pack away, you won’t be charged for it (check with your airline before heading to the airport with your extra bags though because this privilege does vary based on your destination and the aircraft you are traveling).

You will be allowed to pre-board your flight which removes the stress from stowing your belongings and settling into your seat with a line of people waiting behind you. You can also use soft blankets, pillows, earbuds, and request reading materials while onboard your business class flight to Austria. The flight attendants are veteran travelers in the business class cabin, so ask them for advice on what to do in Austria. The cabin is well-staffed, so your questions are welcomed by these well-traveled professionals.

Here are some things to do in Austria-

  • Clear drinking water- Doesn’t exactly sound like something you need to have on your must-do list but Vienna’s water comes directly from mountain springs in the Styrian/Lower Austrian Alps and does so without any intervention by piping systems. This deliciously clean drinking water is available at almost 1,000 public drinking fountains.


  • Best Hotel- Sacher Wien is often rated the best hotel in Vienna. It is located in the popular part of Vienna which is surrounded by fine restaurants, shops, bars, and museums. You’ll be centrally located to the best spots in Vienna. The property has all the modern amenities of a luxury hotel but also known for its fine concierge services. The elegance of the property with ornate design including oil painters and crystal chandeliers is very appealing. Hotel is beautifully maintained.


  • Sports- The most popular sports in Austria are winter sports due to its mountainous terrain. Alpine skiing is very popular and Austria does well in the Winter Olympics and Alpine World Ski Championships. Ski tourism is very popular and important to Vienna. About 40 percent of the Austrian population takes part in alpine skiing. Soccer is also very popular and a great spectator sport if you get a chance to go see a game at Red Bull Arena, home of the FC Red Bull Salzburg.


  • Ways to get Around- Like many European countries, Austria has a very modern railway that provides fast, clean trains to most regions in Austria. Some of the more remote mountain districts won’t have train service so you’ll need to switch to the bus, a taxi, a rental car or even bicycle rentals. All major cities, however, are connected by rail. For instance, Salzburg to Vienna takes about 3 hours. Car rentals are available. A good tip to save some money is taking a cab to your hotel and then rent off-airport. You will avoid the 15% municipal airport tax added to the rental by doing this.


  • Take a bike- Vienna provides free bicycle stands throughout the city. You can check out a bike with a credit card and travel for up to two hours for free. Around three to four Euros per hour after that. Lanes are clearly marked as cycle only lanes. There will be plenty of other bikers out there and you can explore the city and tree-lined streets along the River Danube.


  • Café Rudigerhof- This Art Nouveau-style bar is located between the city center and Naschmarkt. Designed in traditional Viennese style it provides a cozy atmosphere to bring a date and have a drink. There is a huge garden which provides a great place to hang out on a warm summer night and enjoy a cocktail.


  • Danube Island- The Danube rivers runs through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. Summer months can become stifling hot in Austria. Many locals take a trip to Danube Island to swim in the river and drink beers on the shore. Plan on getting there early to grab yourself a spot on the wooden piers as they fill up quickly.


  • Friday Night Skating- If you happen to be in Vienna from May 25th to September 21, every week on Friday night starting at 9:00 p.m. there are hordes of people who show to rollerblade, rollerskate or ride their bikes through the streets of Vienna. Meeting place is on Heldenplatz. Hundreds of people take to the streets ringing their bells and taking a different route every Friday.


  • Music Film Festival- One of the most popular events in all of Europe and definitely Austria. The City Hall Square is transformed in a space for watching movies against the beautiful backdrop of the square and ornate buildings off the square. For a little over 2 months, June 30 to September 2, people flood the square to meet and enjoy an outdoor film along with delicious food from local vendors. Admission is free. Almost 1 million visitors come to the shows over the 2 months which makes it the biggest culture and food festival in Europe.


  • Brunch at Palmenhaus- A beautiful glasshouse restaurant. Huge arched ceilings and exotic plants give you the feeling you are in a greenhouse garden. It is ideally located on the beautiful garden-like grounds of Burggarten and next to the National Library and Hofburg Imperial Palace. It was built in the 19th century. It was actually designed and built to be the Emperor’s summer greenhouse. A number of traditional Austrian type dishes on the menu with a modern twist.

Safe travels!

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