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Korean Air offers a long list of business class cabin amenities onboard their long haul and short haul flights. The air carrier continues to add to the business class cabin amenities and upgrade their aircraft. The business class seat is perhaps the best know amenity in the business class cabin. Korean Air offers several different business class seat configurations based on the type of aircraft you are traveling on. Services offered prior to boarding your flight include a check-in counter where there is no waiting and priority baggage handling. Korean Air business (prestige) class passengers can also use the showers and saunas at the Grand Hyatt Incheon Hotel.


At the Airport

Korean Air premium lounge service is available to business class passengers. These lounges are a great benefit as they provide a space that is clean and relaxing where passengers can wait to preboard their flight. An attendant will check you into the lounge and keep track of any gate changes or flight delays. Business class passengers can enjoy a hot meal, order snacks and a cocktail at the bar, or use a workspace to finish last-minute work projects or send emails. An attendant will contact you when it is time to preboard your flight and provide transportation to the gate if necessary.


Business Class Cabin Amenities and Business Class Seats

Once onboard your flight, your seating area will vary based on aircraft and destination. If you are onboard a flight equipped with Prestige Suites your seat will measure 21-inches wide and have 75 inches of space between rows. The Prestige Suites are very comfortable and each seat will have direct aisle access. Your seat will recline to a flatbed so you can sleep during your flight.


If you are seated in a Prestige Sleeper Seat, your seat will lay flat and measures 20.1 to 21-inches wide. There are 74 inches of space between rows (on a B777, A330-200: 20.1 inches of width, 74 inches of space
A330-300: 20.1 inches of width, 78-80 inches of space
A380-800: 21 inches of width, 74 inches of space). The Prestige Sleeper Seat is completely adjustable with the touch of a button and features back support and a footrest. The seats hardshell design provides complete privacy and the area has an adjustable reading light to make finishing work easy. Each seating area is equipped with an individual wide-screen movie theater and multifunctional controller. Entertainment is provided on a 15.4-inch LCD monitor and is on-demand. The entertainment includes a wide range of movies, television programs, music, and games.


The Prestige Plus Seat is a bed-type seat with one-touch controls measuring 20.1to 21.6 inches wide offering 60 inches of space between you and the next row (on a B747-400: 21.6 inches of width, B777-300: 20.1 inches of width). There is an individual wide-screen monitor measuring 10.4-inches and Korean Air offers movies, games, television programs, and reading materials. This seat has a sliding center privacy partition that makes collaborating with your neighbor convenient. Put the partition up, and you have enough privacy to sleep soundly or work on confidential professional projects. There is also an adjustable reading lamp in the seating area of the Prestige Plus Seat.


The B737 Prestige Seat has a personal use monitor and access to Korean Air’s audio and video on demand programs. On medium to large sized aircraft, the Prestige Seat measures 21-inches wide and offers cushioned leg and footrests. Seating is 30% wider than regular economy seating although some seats are not equipped with personal viewing screens. Check your seating assignment at the time of booking for a complete list of amenities.

Korean Air business class cabins are equipped with mood lighting. The aircraft lights are adjustable and accommodate a range of activities. The restrooms in business class are all handicap accessible and are available on every flight to provide passengers with the best in-flight experience.

Korean Air provides business class passengers with an in-flight amenity kit. The kit includes three different luxury brand DAVI cosmetic items including a face cream, eye gel, and lip balm. The kit is packaged in a convenient and reusable pouch and also includes an eye mask, toothbrush, and toothpaste for passengers on long flights to America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.


The business class cabin crew offer a wake-up service to business class passengers. Passengers can ask a flight attendant to wake them up at a certain time or check in with them on several different times to keep your schedule running smoothly.

Business class seats feature an in-seat power supply system.
Each seat on the B747-8i, B747-400, B777-300, B777-200, B787-9, A380-800, A330-200, A330-300, and some B737-800, B737-900ER aircraft have a power outlet. The in-seat power supply system supports several types of plugs. Electronic devices including laptops can be charged and each outlet provides up to 100~ to 200W (varies with aircraft). There is a  USB port included in the in-seat power area as well.

On board a Korean Air A380 airplane there is a “Celestial Bar,” a convenient relaxation space for first and business class passengers. The bar area is a great place to meet other passengers and order a drink, a glass of wine or champagne. The bar features mood lighting and signature cocktails.


In-flight meal service in the business class cabin is restaurant quality and features an amazing list of entrees. Meals are served in courses and can be customized to accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests. Check the Korean Air website for complete instructions on preordering special items. The menu in the business class cabin changes based on aircraft destination and seasons, but the food is always made fresh daily with the best organic ingredients. The award-winning chefs offer rib eye steak, beef ribs, and chicken. Korean Air is famous for their signature soup,  Jedong Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup.

The top quality dishes served in the business class cabin offer varied selections so that there are items that appeal to everyone. Dishes include traditional items and regional entrees including bibimbap, pumpkin nutritious rice, and Korean Style Dongchimi noodles. Fresh crab marinated in soy sauce, Kalbi-jjim (braised beef short-ribs), and Bulgogi with rice, are also on the menu. Meal service includes an appetizer, a main course with side dishes and a dessert. All items are served on elegant Korean dishware.


Special wines from the Bordeaux, Bourgogne, and Alsace regions of France are served as part of the basic service. California, Italian, and German wines are included depending on the destination. Champagne is also served, in the business class cabin and includes Perrier-Jouet from France.

Business class cabin amenities and business class seats vary based on your destination and aircraft. Check the Korean Air website for a complete list of business class cabin amenities and business class seats available based on your destination.

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