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International business class travel is a great way to enjoy a long flight and business travel costs only a bit more than economy fares and is still far less costly than first class fares. Celebrate that birthday in style or commemorate your anniversary by treating yourself to international business class tickets to Sweden. There are affordable business class flights to Sweden, but you’ll need to do some research to find really great deals on business class tickets. There are business class flights to Sweden to fit any budget.

Last minute travelers, you are not out of luck, you too can find cheap and inexpensive international business class tickets to Sweden! The best way to begin your search is to set your budget. Look for business class tickets to Sweden that will work with your budget. Stay flexible on when you are willing to travel and you might be surprised at how inexpensive business class flights to Sweden can be.

Which Airport in Sweden is the Best for Business Class Flights?

To begin your search, you will want to speak with a travel agent or log on to a travel website to get an idea of what fares cost. Use Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN, as your destination airport. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN serves more than 27 million passengers each year, so you will have plenty of options when considering flights. This busy airport is located near Stockholm and is the busiest airport in Sweden. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN serves as the hub for Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle, but it also works with most major airlines, so you should not be limited in terms of air carriers.

Ten Fun Things to See and Do in Sweden

  1.  Kosterhavet- This is the first Marine National Park in Sweden. Located on the Koster Islands, this is a paradise for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Kayaking, hiking, and boating are just a few of the activities that are available here. Many beaches and rocky terrain lead to coves and caves that are open for exploring. Biking is a favorite Swedish pastime and bike rentals are available. Freshly caught lobster is sold at many local restaurants.
  2. Vadstena- Home of the royal family of Sweden, the Vadstena Castle dates back to the 16th century. The castle has a moat which was used to protect the royals from invasions and a stunning abbey was built in the 14th century. There are many historical and religious relics throughout this beautiful city.
  3. ABBA Museum- For a light-hearted museum visit, take a trip to the ABBA Museum. This museum pays homage to Sweden’s most memorable and epic pop band. Their movies, TV shows, memorabilia, and music are available in an exhibit focused on the band that split-up more than three decades ago. Instruments that they played, clips from memorable tours, photos, and of course music clips make for a fun day.
  4. Lake Vattern- Lake Vattern is the second largest lake in Sweden. The surrounding village is known for creating and selling matchsticks. One of the most peaceful and relaxing cities in Sweden, if not the world, the calm waters make the lake look like a sheet of clear glass. There are numerous hiking trails that surround the Lake which is shaped like a human finger. Many local sailboats are available for tours that provide great views of nature and the city.
  5. Gothenburg- The capital of West Sweden is the charming Gothenburg. Cobblestone streets are the norm here and the area offers a great local train system that moves people from end to end of the city. Great shopping with unique boutiques, outdoor cafes, and bars make Gothenburg the perfect place to hang out. Many outdoor public spaces, including the Botanical Gardens, also add to Gothenburg’s charm. There are farmers markets on the weekends with farm fresh produce and vendors selling delicious snacks.
  6. Royal Palace- The Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in all of Europe. The palace has more than 600 magnificent rooms including five museums. This 18th-century masterpiece is not only amazing in historical significance, but the current King of Sweden still lives here. The Treasury is one of five museums which features Greek and Roman sculptures bought by the king on his trip to Italy in 1783.
  7. Visby- Believed to date back to the Middle Ages, this trading port is protected with a huge stone wall named the Ringmuren. It still stands today as one of the historical relics making it a Unesco World Heritage site. Visby is also known for having a great art scene. Many artists flock here and their studios are open to view their works of art typically in the summer months.
  8. Icehotel- For all of you Frozen fans, located in Jukkasjärv is the largest hotel in the world to be constructed completely from snow and ice. The hotel is literally only made of ice and snow which means it is only open from around December to March and melts away when the temperature rises. If you can’t stay here, you can still head over to their bar and have a drink at the famous ice bar. The hotel offers a wide variety of winter activities including ice fishing, dog sledding, and snowmobile tours.
  9. Sundsvall- Sundsvall is often called the “Stone City.” Sundsvall burned to the ground in the 1800’s after an invasion. To avoid this from happening again, every building that was destroyed, which was almost every building, was rebuilt using stone instead of traditional wood. A very different architecture exists here now, which brings many visitors to see these magnificent stone houses. The town also has a museum dedicated to local artists which include paintings, sculptures, and art installations.
  10. Stockholm City Hall- Built from eight million bricks, Stockholm’s City Hall is striking and includes a 106-meter tower and spire. Representing the Nordic National Romanic style, this building was completed in 1923. The space Inside has a gigantic open space, including the famous Blue Hall, where the Nobel Banquet is held every December. The Golden Hall hosts numerous events and boasts 18 million gold mosaic tiles. Make sure to take the tour and go up to the tower to get amazing views of Stockholm.

Next Steps and How to Proceed with Purchasing

Your next steps are to decide which international business class flight to Sweden works best with your budget. Before you buy your tickets, make sure you completely understand the refund policy and restrictions. If you are buying your ticket very far in advance, you might want to consider trip insurance in case something unforeseen arises and you have to cancel.

Either way, you should never purchase anything without understanding the terms and conditions. So, read the fine print and ask all of your questions before you give anyone your credit card information.

Lastly, make sure you have checked the weather in Sweden before you book your trip. Great deals on business class tickets to Sweden might be during the offseason, which has some real benefits (like smaller crowds, shorter lines, and better prices) but also comes with drawbacks (cold and wet weather, some attractions may be closed, etc). Again, do your homework, so you know what you are buying. You’ll be glad you did. Happy Planning!

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