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Before you finish planning your dream trip to Brussels, Belgium, consider purchasing a first class ticket. Use one of the many travel websites that are available to source ticket price information before you buy. International first class tickets to Brussels, Belgium can be very affordable. There are tickets to work with any budget and even last-minute travelers are finding cheap and inexpensive prices on first class tickets to Brussels.


To begin your travel plans, find a travel website that you like. FlightsLux is a website that specializes in first class and business class travel. They have experts ready to help you find the best deals on first class tickets to Brussels, Belgium. Compare the cost of first-class travel with economy or coach and then consider the added benefits and luxuries that come with first class tickets to Brussels.


Why First Class?

Beginning from the moment you walk into the airport you will feel the difference that is first class travel. No more waiting in the long, slow-moving, coach line, with first-class tickets to Brussels, you will use the shorter first class line and you will be able to check in additional luggage without having to pay additional fees. Also, your luggage can usually weigh more without a penalty fee too (but this depends on the airlines and the aircraft, so check restrictions before you arrive at the airport.) After checking in, move to the shorter, first-class line through security.


Use the Club Lounges

This is a serious no-brainer. Your first class tickets get you into the Club Lounges at the airport. These VIP-type centers usually have a bar, serve amazing hot food, are packed with a buffet of snacks and desserts, and alcohol and sodas are free. Everything in the lounge is included with your ticket price. You can sit at a table and finish work, lounge in a recliner and nap, or sit and the bar and mingle with other first class passengers. The lounges are a great way to begin your vacation! An attendant will check you into the lounge and this attendant will also keep an eye on your flight and notify you when it’s time to preboard or if there is a delay or change of gate. It’s really nice to let someone else do the work!


Preboarding and Seating

Yes, you get a much larger seat that has a ton of privacy. Your seat will absolutely lay flat. It becomes a bed, so you can actually sleep. Depending on the type of plane you are on you may have an apartment style arrangement, a small desk, or even a meeting area for the first-class passengers on the plane! Your meal will be amazing. Yor alcohol will be free, and you will arrive in Brussels feeling refreshed and super pampered!


Brussels Airport

Brussels has only one international airport and its Brussels Airport (BRU). Make sure you are flying in and out of this airport (BRU).


10 Fun Things to Do in Brussels

  1. Manneken Pis- Translated from Dutch, it means little peeing man and that is what this statue depicts. People from all over the world have flocked to see this. There are many popular stories and folk legends as to what the statue represents. The statue is a naked little boy, but the tradition of clothing the statue began in 1698 with Maximilian II Emanuel gave him a soldier’s uniform. He now has 800 different costumes including Santa and Elvis. Travelers are often torn over Manneken Pis, some are amused by the peculiar monument and others underwhelmed. Come to see for yourself.
  2. Grand-Place- The square marks the heart of Brussels’ Lower Town district. Flanked by ornate Gothic and Baroque-style buildings, the Grand-Place is probably the best place to begin your tour of historic Brussels. It is surrounded by cafes, bars, and restaurants to take in the sites and do some good people watching. Travelers love the Grand-Place for its stunning architecture.
  3. Cantillon Brewery- Trying local beer in Brussels is a must. The best place to try beer in Brussels is the Musée Bruxellois de la Gueuze simply known as the Cantillon Brewery. Cantillon has been brewing traditional Lambic beers since 1900, and today is the only remaining Lambic brewery in Brussels. The brewery offers daily tours on brewing processes and offers sample taste tests.
  4. Palais de Justice- Home to the city’s law courts, this grand building was one of the largest construction projects of its time during the 19th century. Larger than St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, it provides the best views of the city. Although the building needs work, some travelers say it’s worth a trip to see the views it provides of the city and recommend going at sunset followed by dinner in the neighborhood.
  5. Michael’s and St. Gudula- St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedrals are beautifully designed churches and have been recognized by many throughout history. French writer Victor Hugo called them “the purest flowering of the Gothic style.” It has served as the sites for numerous royal weddings and funerals. Built in the 13th century with a clean stone exterior it is known for its intricate stained-glass windows. Visit the archeological site to gain greater insight into the church’s history or take in a Sunday Mass.
  6. Musical Instruments Museum- Hard to believe that this building was built in the 19th Century and was actually built as a department store. The building draws in visitors because of its stunning facade. A music lovers dream, this museum has 1,200 mechanical and electrical instruments from around the world. Everything from Scottish bagpipes, to African slit drums, and a collection of traditional Tibetan instruments. Visitors can also hear what these instruments sound like by wearing headphones located at some of the exhibits. After you visit, take a stop at the museum café and enjoy the great views of Brussels.
  7. Horta Museum- This is where the father of Art Nouveau, Victor Horta lived and worked. Horta developed an entirely new type of architecture, using elements like metal, iron, and steel to create fluid structures that had never been seen before. The museum, Horta’s previous home, is a perfect example. As you walk through, you will see examples including wing-like skylights to the winding banisters to the overhead lights.
  8. Sainte-Catherine- This is a great neighborhood to walk around, people watch, shop and eat. This trendy neighborhood has the Notre-Dame-aux-Riches-Claires Flemish baroque church. Rue Antoine Dansaert is a great place to go shopping for high-end fashion and boutique wear. Don’t miss the Vieux Marché aux Poissons, the old fish market. Also, numerous and notable fish restaurants serving lobster, crab, and seafood.
  9. Royal Museum of the Army and Military History- If you are a military buff interested in military history, this museum makes for a great visit. Located in the Cinquantenaire district, the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History reviews the world’s violent history back to the Middle Ages. There are displays of weaponry, uniforms, documents, and technology. An airplane hangar features 80 different type of airplanes.
  10. Mini-Europe- One of the most unique “theme parks” ever created is in central Brussels and features scale models of Europe’s biggest and best attractions from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, London’s Big Ben, and Paris’ Eiffel Tower. This park houses more than 300 of Europe’s most famous sites like Mount Vesuvius and the Berlin Wall.


Now that you have an idea of a few fun things to do in Brussels, and you know how to source inexpensive and cheap first class flights to Brussels, Belgium, you can begin planning your trip. Good luck and safe travels.

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