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Frankfurt, Germany is one of Germany’s most popular travel destinations. Located on the banks of the River Main, Frankfurt offers beautiful waterways, classic and modern museums, and of course Christmas markets that can’t be beaten. Germany goes all out for Christmas and Oktoberfest. Look into Business class tickets to Frankfurt, Germany arriving at the Frankfurt Airport (FRA). German cities can be very crowded during these high travel seasons, but the upside is the country offers an extensive train service, water taxis, street taxis, and subways to help you avoid the gridlock of city streets. A great way to get to know the locals is to partake in the public system of travel. It’s convenient and fun. Travel websites make it so easy to plan your trip and you can tailor the activities on your list to your own interests. These same websites also allow you to compare airfares and choose tickets on days and at times when fares are lower. A little flexibility can net you big cost savings. Many travelers are opting to travel to Frankfurt via Business Class for several reasons. First and foremost there are some great deals on business class tickets to Frankfurt. Second, Business Class Tickets are a nice compromise between Coach fares and First Class. And third, if you have some flexibility you can find inexpensive and cheap tickets to fit any budget. Take some time and compare fares, days and times, you can save a lot of money and get some great perks traveling business class.


Frankfurt is referred to as the “Gateway of Europe” and boasts a population of more than five million. It’s not small! The people of Frankfurt are known for their German pride, their friendly smiles, and their willingness to share their culture with travelers. Beer gardens and Cider Houses are located throughout Frankfurt and are a fun way to see local people interacting. The food served at these establishments is unique, delicious, and true to its roots. Whether you have a week or a weekend, you can see a lot of what makes Frankfurt a special destination.


Here are a few things to see in Frankfurt:

  1. St. Paul’s Church- Traditionally a Protestant church, this iconic red brick church dates back to 1833. Today, St. Paul’s is no longer a church but rather it is used for concerts, performances, and special events.
  2. Romerberg- Like many cities in Europe, Frankfurt sustained severe damage during World War II. The good news is a lot of care went into recreating certain districts in the city. Romerberg is one of these areas. From the cobblestone streets to the timber homes, Romerberg is a wonderful step back in time. There is also a stunning town hall and museum.
  3. Alte Oper- Originally built in 1880, this classic opera house was destroyed in World War II, rebuilt with care and reopened in 1981. It features renaissance style architecture and is absolutely worth seeing. No detail was overlooked in recreating this classic opera house.
  4. Eiserner Steg- Built in 1868, this footbridge spans the River Main and connects Frankfurt to Sachsenhausen. Once on the Sachsenhausen-side of the bridge don’t miss the Cider Houses pouring this alcoholic beverage made from apples. It’s delicious and it’s a German tradition.
  5. Frankfurt Zoological Garden- The Frankfurt Zoo features more than 4,500 animals. The exhibits are wonderful and the animals are worth seeing.
  6. The German Architecture Museum- Housed in an 18th Century mansion, this museum features architectural exhibits.
  7. Museum Fur Moderne Kunst- This museum of modern art features well-done modern exhibits and is housed in a triangular shaped building referred to as “the slice of cake.”
  8. Old St. Nicholas Church- This gothic style church has 51 bells and more stained glass than you can imagine.
  9. Liebieghaus- This sculpture museum is located on the River Main and is definitely worth the trip. Frankfurt has a rich art history and this museum is a feast for the eyes.
  10. The Historical Museum- Medieval art, 16th-century art, and contemporary displays are all housed here.


Now that you have a few ideas of what there is to see and do in Frankfurt- and keep in mind this is a partial list and could easily have 50 things to do in Frankfurt- it’s time to start planning! Start with the Internet, and consider several local airports, be flexible in your time and dates, and look at Business class tickets to Frankfurt. There are flights to fit any budget and last minute travelers can secure great deals. Sometimes waiting until the last minute to book your flight can net you big savings on Business Class Flights to Frankfurt.


How is Business Class Better?:

International Business Class tickets to Frankfurt will save you time in the airport. You get to use the preferred check-in lines at the ticket counter and through security. These lines are always shorter and move more quickly than coach and economy lines. You also can take more baggage with you without incurring an additional charge. This benefit varies by airlines and destination, so check the restrictions but you generally are allowed an extra bag and you have higher weight limits for your bag as well.


Once through the short lines at baggage check and security, you can use the airport lounges. These lounges are the best part of first-class and business class travel. Check in to the elegant lounge and grab a drink at the bar, select a hot meal, or grab your favorite snack or dessert. The lounges are quiet, plush and a nice getaway from the noise and quick pace of the airport. An attendant will check your business class ticket upon arrival and will keep you updated as to changes in your gate or delays. This is a long shot, but if you need to take a shower, they have those too. Use the luxury shower supplies and relax. Many travelers choose to charge their electronic devices, make last-minute work arrangements, or even book attractions for their trip. These lounges offer so many nice perks. Allow some time to enjoy them!


Pre Board your flight and recline your seat all the way back and enjoy the extra space and privacy that Business Class travel offers. Your meal will be fantastic, drinks are free, and the blankets and eye masks are just more luxury bonuses. The flight attendants are highly skilled and seasoned travelers themselves, so ask their advice. These professionals have an inside track on the best things to see and do in Frankfurt. You can also watch unlimited movies, request reading materials, and enjoy your flight.


Business class travel is a great experience and allows travelers to arrive in Frankfurt ready to go sightseeing! You won’t need to spend a day catching up on lost time at your hotel- no sleeping in the middle of the day-no jet lag-just a lot of fun on your trip. So do yourself a favor and check out business class travel.

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