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Manchester, England is a very popular destination city featuring a great history and new modern, fun things to do. Many people who are pressed for time on their vacation choose to travel to Manchester via an International First Class ticket to this bustling city. When you consider all of the great perks that come with your first class flight to Manchester, it makes sense that more and travelers are choosing to pay more for their airfare so they can save on food and hotel costs. If you are planning a trip to Manchester, England, take some time to research the difference in price between coach and first class fares. There are deals to be found to fit any budget and cheap and inexpensive tickets are available even for last-minute travelers.


The Benefits of First Class Travel:

First class travel will let you save time and money at the airport. You will save time by skipping the long lines at the baggage check-in areas and at security. Choose the first class or premium lines. These lines are always shorter and move quickly. You won’t need to pay for extra luggage either. Your first class ticket to Manchester will allow you to bring more bags that weigh more too without incurring any additional fees.


Use the airport clubs or lounges to save more money. Food and beverages are free at these clubs and your first class ticket is all you need to get in. The lounge will have tables, recliners, showers, snacks, soda machines, cold waters, and sometimes even a nice bar you can sit at and chat with other first-class travelers. You can find almost anything you need here, and the check-in attendant will keep track of your boarding time, delays, and gate changes for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy- you’re on vacation right?


On Your Flight:

On your flight, you can expect added privacy, a seat that transforms into a bed, a five-star meal, snacks, desserts, and free cocktails. You will also receive blankets, slippers, and anything else you need to make your flight more comfortable. The flight attendants in the first class cabins are veteran professionals. They know a lot of great travel secrets, so ask them any and all questions you have about your vacation!


Manchester Airports:

Manchester Airport (MAN) is the international airport in Manchester England. All major air carriers service this airport, so if you have a particular airline you prefer to travel with, you will not have a problem with booking your trip.


Here are some things to Do in Manchester:

  1. Castlefield- Walk along the old canals or through the reconstructed Roman Fort in Castlefield. Restored Victorian houses surround the tree-lined streets. Explore the Bridgewater Canal constructed in the 1700’s to transport coal from the mines at Worsley to Manchester and the old warehouses that have been transformed into shops, hotels, and restaurants. Take one of the Bridgewater tour boats to get a great view of the city.
  2. Manchester Art Gallery- This gallery has one of the largest art collections in Britain outside of London. The gallery includes works by the pre-Raphaelites, Flemish masters of the 17th century, French impressionists, including Gauguin, Manet, and Monet, and German artists such as Max Ernst. The sculpture collection includes works by Rodin, Maillol, Jacob Epstein, and Henry Moore.
  3. People’s History Museum- This is the national center for everything about the actual people of Manchester and Great Britain. It is a collection and study of material relating to the history of working people in Britain. Located in a former pumping station, the museum showcases the history of British democracy and its impact on the population, as well as extensive collections of artifacts relating to trade unions and women’s suffrage.
  4. The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)- MOSI is located on the site of the world’s oldest railroad station. Twelve galleries display numerous scientific and industry-specific inventions or transformations. Power Hall houses water and steam-driven machines from the golden age of the textile industry. Vintage cars built in Manchester such as the rare 1904 Rolls Royce are in-house here. The history of the city is documented in the Station Building. The Air and Space Gallery is home to historic aircraft including the first British plane to successfully fly.
  5. Heaton Park- The biggest park in Manchester covering some 600 acres. It is actually one of the largest municipal parks in all of Europe. Built in 1772, Heaton Hall sits in the heart of the park. Although currently closed to the public, it’s exterior is an impressive site. The park has been extensively restored and retains many of its original buildings and vistas. The park is so large it includes an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a lake, an animal farm, ornamental gardens, and volunteer-run tramway and museum.
  6. Platt Hall- This beautiful Georgian house was built in 1764 and now is part of the Manchester Art Gallery. It offers a great look into the history of fashion, dress, and costumes of English fashion dating back to the 1600’s. It is perhaps the only collection to rival London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The museum houses everything from examples of everyday dress to ball gowns and accessories of the elite.
  7. Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden- Founded in 1917, this is part wildlife habitat and part botanical garden. Located close to the busy city center it is a large dedicated green space next to the busy streets of Manchester. Many people will be out for a walk or taking time for a picnic. There is also a café where you can sit and watch people play tennis, soccer or rugby.
  8. The Royal Exchange- One of the most popular destinations for everyday living in Manchester.  This huge entertain complex has cafes, restaurants, and a theatre which produces hundreds of shows a year. Beautiful architecture is a highlight of the complex which was built in 1921 and survived damage in World War II. There is also rumored to be ghosts that haunt the building if you are feeling brave.
  9. Manchester Cathedral- This cathedral dates back to 1422 and was raised to cathedral status in 1847. Particularly attractive are its chapels on both sides. Further additions have been added about every one hundred years. Particularly notable are the choir stalls, with some of the most ornately decorated misericords in the country.
  10. John Rylands Library- The most well-known library in Manchester. Opened originally in 1900, the library has beautiful architecture inside and out. Gothic-style architecture makes the building itself worth a visit. Gorgeous vaulted ceilings, soft lighting, and ornate archways. John Rylands Library is also one of the best academic libraries in the UK. The library houses medieval manuscripts, early printed texts, as well as personal letters from a number of notable figures.


Now that you have some things to do in Manchester, England and you know what First Class Tickets to Manchester will get you, it’s time to set your budget and begin planning your trip. There are first class tickets to Manchester to fit any budget, it’s time to go!

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