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If you are planning a trip to Belgium this year, take some time to check out some of the great airfare deals you can find on travel websites. International business class flights to Belgium have become more affordable. Last minute travelers can find cheap and inexpensive flights to Belgium on these websites.

Look up flights arriving at Brussels Airport (BRU) and compare airfare. The great advantage of these sites is the transparency they provide. You can enter your travel dates and compare the cost of different levels of travel before you buy. Consider the benefits of the luxury travel before you purchase. In many ways, business class flights to Belgium can save you time, frustrations and money.

Ways Business Class Travel Helps you Save Money-

When you travel using a business class ticket to Belgium you will get a seat that reclines into a bed. This comfy seat will allow you to actually sleep on the plane. Being able to sleep on the plane will help you arrive in Belgium well rested. You can skip the extra hotel day to recover from the international flight. That is a savings of one-night of hotel fees!

You will also save money at the airport and on your flight because you will not have to purchase meals and snacks. Your business class flight to Belgium will provide you access to the airport lounges which serve complimentary food and beverages, snacks and desserts too. You can relax at these lounges and eat until your heart’s content. Airport food and snacks are really expensive and not very good. The lounges serve premium meals, snacks, and cocktails too. So allow yourself some extra time before you board your flight- the lounges are worth it!

On the flight, your food and drinks are included and again, really good! So you won’t need to stock up on snacks before you leave because the flight attendants will provide you with ample food and snacks. Champagne, wine, cocktails, and sodas are included with the cost of your airfare.

Unlimited movies and reading materials are included too, so don’t download on your own!

Things to do in Belgium-

  1. Ghent Film Festival-  Usually held during the first half of October, the Ghent Film festival features around 200 films and short films from around the world. It is recognized worldwide as having an excellent reputation for showing some of the best films with a unique angle of focusing on the impact that music has on films. The awards ceremony party is usually the highlight of the festival with some great food, music, drink, and dance.
  2. Hike in the Ardennes Mountain- The Ardennes Mountain stretches across Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium. The Belgian part is the most beautiful of the mountain and makes for excellent hiking. The region has mountainous hillsides, lush forests and picturesque villages throughout the valleys. There are many tours offered and individual hiking is permitted as well. The three most picturesque and special hikes are the High Fens Natural Reserve, La Roche à l’Appel Geological Park and crossing the Semois Valley.
  3. R.S.C. Anderlecht- Soccer in Belgium is one of the most popular sports and Belgium has a rich tradition of top-notch soccer. Belgium placed in 3rd in the FIFA World Cup event in 2018. R.S.C Anderlecht is the most successful professional soccer club in Belgium winning a record 32 Belgian National titles. They play in Anderlecht, Brussels at Constant Vanden Stock stadium, which opened in 1983. Tickets available online at most ticket venues like StubHub.
  4. Kaffabar- A cozy coffee shop in the center of Brussels. Outside you will be greeted by a small blackboard with notes but the superstar of Kaffabar is Marcel, the owner’s friendly French bulldog, which if not sleeping in his tiny dog bed, will sit with you on the sunny terrace. Inside you will find some of the best gourmet coffee around. Located in a relaxing corner of Place Rouppe, individual cups of coffee are brewed here along with espressos from baristas that are required to get barista diplomas. Friendly staff help explain the different coffees and bakery treats as well.
  5. Getting around in Belgium- The best way of getting around is by train. Trains in Belgium are incredibly organized and reliable. They are for the most part always on time and the number of routes allows you to get anywhere you want to go to in Belgium at a reasonably low price. A second-class ticket is the standard ticket available. First class tickets are about 50% more than standard tickets but provide a more comfortable seat and are much less crowded. Be aware that foreign debit cards aren’t accepted and foreign credit cards don’t work at the automatic kiosks, so you will have to wait in line for an agent. Rural areas of Belgium are served by a vast network of buses. Renting a car is an option, but be aware that Belgium drivers can be intolerant and aggressive. Also, the signage can be very confusing and almost unrecognizable with signs in both French and Flemish, so be prepared.
  6. Waffles, fries, chocolate, and beer- Belgium is well-known for its’ waffles, fries, chocolate and beer. Although not the healthiest of foods, I recommend trying all four while in Belgium. The best waffles are located at numerous street vendors and come with toppings like chocolate, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and fruits. The street fries are also incredible. They come with a variety of flavored mayonnaise-based dipping sauces that are delicious. Speculoos is the unofficial national cookie which is a shortbread cookie usually served with ice cream or gelato.
  7. Brussels Food Truck Festival- Typically held on one of the first weekends in May in Brussels is the Brussels Food Truck Festival. It has become the world’s largest food truck festival with around 150 food trucks from all around Europe. Crowds for the day festivals are around 150,000 people. Located in the park of Tour et Taxis. Choose food trucks from Morocco, Armenia, Lebanon, Belgium, Britanny, Ireland, Alsace, Italy, Creole, African, Thailand, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba, and Mexico among others. There are of course cocktails and craft beers available as well. Everything from appetizers, meals, desserts, and snacks. The festival receives over 1,500 applications every year from food truck providers.
  8. Pastorale- A Michelin 2-star restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium with a unique and technologically advanced way to serve some of the finest “glasses” of wine in the world. Implementing a new technique called the Coravin system this restaurant is able to serve patrons a single glass of wine without opening the bottle. This allows them to serve over 150 wines by the glass to their guests. This keeps wines at their very best and as a guest, you don’t have to pay, or feel like you have to drink, the entire bottle but yet get a huge selection rather than having to settle for a simple house wine.
  9. Jack O’Shea Chophouse- The latest chophouse from Jack O’Shea opened in Uccle, Brussels. Perhaps the finest butcher in all Belgium. Jack O’Shea is a 10th generation butcher who focuses on poultry at this location. They still carry beef, lamb, and pork, but location showcases poultry. Jack’s focus is on “nose to tail cooking”. As a traditional butcher, Jack always wanted to have control of the products he sold from his butcher shops and now this is a reality at Jack O’Shea Chophouse. With the goal to eliminate food waste, you can try some of the most interesting cuts of meat at this restaurant.
  10. Kayak the Semois River- Running through the Belgian Ardennes mountain is the beautiful Semois river. Mountainous terrain surrounded by lush and dense forests gives way to picturesque villages and green valleys. Kayaks La Vanne is a family run business that offers kayak trips through the Semois Valley. See picturesque landscapes and take a break in one of the scenic spots or nature reserves and enjoy a snack, picnic, or lunch.


Safe travels.

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