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There are about a million reasons to visit Milan, Italy. Milan is a city known for fashion, gothic architecture, great works of art, and delicious food. This busy city is home to more than 1.3 million people and that number skyrockets during the high travel season. Milan has something for every traveler. In fact, Milan offers so much to see and do that many travelers choose business class tickets to Milan in order to arrive well rested and ready to see the beauty of Milan when they set foot in the city. If you are traveling from a great distance, it is advantageous to arrive well rested rather than waste several days suffering from jet lag. The internet makes it possible to research travel fares on your own, and many websites offer assistance with fare selections. Traveling business class will allow you to fully recline and sleep on your flight. You will also save time because you can use the shorter check-in lines (for first class, preferred, and business class travelers), and you can use the shorter preferred lines through TSA security checks. Arriving well rested will save you an extra night of hotel fees too.

Plan your trip as far in advance as you can, but even if you are a last minute traveler, you still can save on airfare using an e-commerce site to compare fares. Even business class flights to Milan will be available at good rates on travel websites. With its varied history, Milan is one of Italy’s most popular cities to visit.  Due to its popularity, there are many flights arriving in Milan daily. So, select your travel dates and grab your laptop to begin researching discounted business class flights to Milan.

If you are serious about spending a bit more for a business class flight to Milan, you should understand exactly what traveling business class offers passengers and how these benefits can save you time and money.

You will spend less money on food if you travel business class because you can shorten your trip by a day or two as you will not need time to recuperate from jet lag. When you are at the airport, you can use the lounges to relax, take a breather from airport chaos, and grab a snack or a meal. These lounges offer so many luxuries for travelers and you can only use the lounges if you are holding a business class ticket to Milan. These lounges serve great tasting food. You can find sandwiches, hot pasta, bagels, muffins, and salads and that’s just the beginning. There are desserts too. Airport food is very expensive (and not very good). Using these lounges to fuel up is a money saver.

You can also relax at the lounges and check in with your coworkers, your family, or make additional travels plans. You can charge your mobile devices too. One of the best features of the lounges are the attendants. They aren’t only there to make sure you have a business class ticket. They will track your flight, notify you when boarding begins, and alert you if your gate changes. Some airports offer shuttles to your gate too. It’s easy to check the lounge amenities at each airport. You’ll be amazed at the benefits they offer.

The most well-known benefit of business class travel is a much more comfortable seat. Wider, deeper, softer, and fully reclinable, the business class seat is a game changer.  If you didn’t eat enough food at the lounge, or you were pressed for time at the airport, don’t worry about it. The food in business class is restaurant quality and the service rivals the best restaurants in town. Flight attendants are savvy travelers, so talk to them and ask them for tips to see Milan. Beverages and alcohol are also readily available in business class, along with movies, reading materials, earbuds, and your own viewing screen. To make traveling more comfortable, you will also get a luxurious blanket, soft pillow, slippers, and an eye mask. Enjoy a glass of champagne, order a five-star meal, and curl up for the night. Not bad right?

Another money saver to factor into your trip are baggage fees. Business class travelers are usually allowed more luggage without an additional charge. These baggage fees vary from airline to airline, but generally, business class travelers are allowed to bring a heavier bag than economy and coach travelers and they are allowed an extra piece of baggage without an additional fee. It’s worth looking into. Log on to a travel website or contact your local travel agency and ask about business class tickets to Milan. Discounted flights for last-minute travelers do exist, but you need to have some flexibility in when you can travel. Before you assume you can’t afford business class, do your research. Don’t make the assumption that it will be too costly for your budget, there are tricks to find business class tickets to work with any budget. Business Class travel to Milan can be more affordable than you think!

Now that you’ve considered your options, consider what you will do when you are in Milan. A few popular stops are:

  1. Milan Cathedral – Locals will call it “il Duomo” and it is amazing. The gothic architecture is unprecedented and every nook and cranny of this church holds a surprise. Stories from the Bible are portrayed inside and outside of this amazing structure. Plan to invest some time here, it will be worth it!
  2. The Last Supper– Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece. This painting survived World War II bombings and is housed in Milan’s Santa Maria Delle Grazie church. If you are in Milan, it’s a must see. The painting has been restored.
  3. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – This is a high-end shopping mall and since you are in a city that is known for fashion houses, it seems only appropriate to invest some time here. It is a beautiful complex built in the 19th century. This mall is known for its amazing floors, unique architecture, and stunning artwork, plus, there is shopping, so you should be covered no matter what your goals are.
  4. The Monumental Cemetery – Yes, we said “cemetery.” It’s not weird. Lots of travelers flock here for the statuary, Greek symbols, and quiet atmosphere. This ancient cemetery is home to many statues that are lifelike, beautiful, and a can’t miss!
  5. Castello Sforzesco – These buildings served as housing for Milan’s rulers and are now home to several museums offering pictures, furniture, and the decorative arts. This campus offers a little bit about many iconic Italian trends and designs.



Don’t overlook the non-touristy things to do in Milan, like visiting a library, taking in an outdoor concert, and enjoying one of Milan’s public parks. You can research Milan neighborhoods and shop at local stores and take in a meal at a small, family-owned restaurant. Milan offers some of the best food in Italy – a country known for its cuisine. Saffron Risotto, veal, and a pork and cabbage entree are very popular in Milan. Don’t worry, pasta is abundant here too.


International business class flights to Milan are readily available for travelers, so invest a bit of time and look for cheap and discounted fares. These benefits offer great advantages for travelers.


One resource to check for business class fares is FlightsLux. FlightsLux is a website that finds inexpensive international Business Class tickets to Milan. First Business Flights guarantees a savings of at least $1,000 and works with all major airlines. With 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability, FlightsLux can help you book airfare that is affordable and at the lowest price.

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