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Located in the Pacific Ocean, the Island of Japan is a popular tourist destination. One of the major drawbacks to planning a trip to Japan is the long, often uncomfortable flight to this amazing country. Many travelers are choosing to pay more for their airline tickets and choose first class to make the journey to Japan more enjoyable. Affordable international first class tickets to Japan can be found if you are willing to put in a bit of work. Cheap and inexpensive first class flights to Japan can be found in the offseason. But, overall, great deals on first class tickets to Japan can be sourced on travel websites. Last minute travelers can sometimes have the best chances of finding economical first class flights to Japan. Maybe you should consider purchasing first class tickets for your next long flight?


Why Should you Consider First Class Travel


There are many reasons to consider traveling first class. If your flight is a long one, first class travel provides many comforts and conveniences that help make a long flight seem shorter. On a first class flight, you will be able to sleep laying down with plenty of privacy between you and the others passengers. In coach and economy seats you cannot lay down and there are other passengers very close to you, making it even more difficult to sleep in an upright position. First class travel will allow you to arrive in Japan well rested, so you can spend your first day getting to know this amazing country. If you travel to Japan via economy or coach seats, you will need to factor in an extra day or two to recover from jetlag and adjust to the time change.


Which Aiport Should I Use as my Destination Airport


Narita International Airport (NRT) is also referred to as Tokyo Narita Airport and New Tokyo International Airport serves the greater Tokyo area. If you choose to begin your trip to Japan in Tokyo,  this is a great choice. Narita International Aiport, NRT, is a very busy airport and is the hub airport for Japan Airlines, Nippon Cargo, Nippon Airways, Jetstar Japan, Vanilla Air, and Peach. However, Narita International Airport, NRT,  works with all major airlines, so you will have plenty of opportunities to find amazing deals on first class flights using this destination.


You can also search Tokyo International Airport (HND) also called Haneda Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport, and Haneda International Airport. Yokyo International Airport, HND also serves the Tokyo area and is the primary hub for Japanese Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Air Do, Skymark Airlines, Solaseed Air, and StarFlyer.


Either Narita International Airport, NRT, or Haneda Airport, HND, will offer you the best chances of finding great deals on first class travels. These two airports are extremely busy and offer great amenities for travelers. You will not be disappointed in the amenities at either of these airports and the number of flights arriving at these two airports is abundant.



The Top Ten Best Things to See in Japan


  1. Toshu-Gu- A 400-year-old World Heritage site is the Toshu-Gu. A museum opened in 2015 to display some of its historical pieces. Stone steps, metal gates, and ornate carvings surround this shrine. Mythical creatures in carvings and intricate colored paintings designed to honor the gods is a common theme. Decorative scrolls from Japanese artists adorn the paths to the shrine.
  2. Todai-Ji- The Todai-Ji temple’s main attraction is the Great Buddha or Daibutsu. The bronze figure is one of the largest in the world and was cast in 746. The statue weighs 437 tons and has 130 kg of gold in it. The temple itself was built in 728 and houses the largest wooden building in the world. Legend has it that the temple was built by Emperor Shomu as a good luck charm to overcome smallpox.
  3. Naiku- Naiku is believed to date back to the 3rd The Inner Shrine of Ise-Jingu enshrines the ancestral sun goddess who is believed to guard over the imperial family and the Japanese nation. Next to the temple is the crystal clear river Isuzu-Ogawa where it is tradition to bath yourself before entering the shrine.
  4. Senso-Ji- The most visited temple in Tokyo is Kannon the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Legend has it that Kannon the goddess was rescued by two fishermen from drowning in the nearby Sumida-gawa. Entering the main gate you will see two statues. One of Fujin, the god of wind and the other Raijin, the god of thunder. Mythical smoke engulfs you as you walk in the gates is said to have healing powers.
  5. Himeji-jo- A Unesco World Heritage site is Himeji-jo. One of the only original castles remaining in Japan. This five-story castle with its white plaster exterior sits on a large hill. The castle is surrounded by a moat. You will also notice the rectangular, circular and triangular small openings throughout the exterior of the castle which was used to protect against invasions by firing weapons through these small openings.
  6. Miho Museum- The Miho Museum houses the Koyama family collection of Japanese, Chinese and South Asian art. The architecture of the museum itself is part of the attraction. It is like a modern secret clubhouse. Full of glass and marble it houses some of the most historical South Asian art in the world.
  7. Nagasaki Memorial Museum- A chilling reminder of the devastating effects of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki during World War II. The museum features photos and artifacts from right after the bombing. Mangled rocks, trees, and a clock stopped at 11:02 which was the hour of the bombing. Talks from survivors on the impact of the bomb, life after the bombing and the efforts to dismantle countries nuclear arsenal.
  8. Bonzo- One of the finest restaurants in Japan is Bonzo. A Michelin-star restaurant that specializes in handmade ju-wari which is 100% soba with wild duck imported from France. This restaurant modernizes traditional Japanese cuisine in a beautiful rustic and comfortable setting.
  9. Izumo Taisha- Perhaps the oldest shrine of all in Japan is the Izumo Taisha. It is dedicated to Okuninushi who is the God of marriage and bringer of good fortune. Records that date back to 970 AD describe this as the tallest building in the country. The current version of the shrine dates back to 1744. Twisted-straw ropes hang over the entries to the buildings.
  10. Kyoto- Visit the sacred city of Kyoto. It is here where you will find traditional Japanese iconic temples, shrines, palaces, and gardens. The most historic temples are Kinkaku-Ji, Kyyomiza-deral and Ginkaku-Ji.


It’s Time to Start Planning


Now that you have an idea of some things to see and do in Japan and you know which airports to choose for your search, it’s time to set your budget and begin your search for inexpensive first class tickets to Japan. You can find first class tickets that work with any budget, so don’t give up if you can’t find first class tickets that you can afford on your first search. Be flexible, be patient, try multiple travel websites and keep looking. There are affordable first class tickets out there, it takes some work and a lot of patience (and flexibility in the days and times that you can travel really, really helps too!). Happy planning!

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