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The time has never been better to start planning your trip to Geneva, Switzerland. Use a website, like FlightsLux, to help you nail down the details about first class and business class travel. You can compare the cost of flights, move dates around to get better fares and tailor your first class tickets to Geneva, Switzerland to work with your budget. Considering how many perks and benefits you get with first class tickets, it can often times be worth spending a little extra money now for the convenience and cost savings later. Last minute planners don’t fret, you can find cheap and inexpensive first class flights to Geneva too! There are affordable first class tickets to Geneva, but you will need to put some time into researching to find them.


The Geneva Airport

Step one in planning your first class flight to Geneva is figuring out which airport to fly in to. Geneva has only one international airport, so look for the Geneva Airport (GVA) and book your flight here. This airport, Geneva Airport (GVA), is located just outside of Geneva and is serviced by all major airlines so you won’t have a difficult time finding great prices on first class flights here.


The Aiport Lounges

It is really important that you feel like you are getting your monies worth out of your first class ticket to Geneva. So, you should most definitely stop by the first class lounge at the airport. After you check in and check your baggage and make your way through security, which by the way will be a way better and faster experience thanks to your first class tickets, you will use the first class and premier traveler lines which are always shorter. You are going to save a lot of time with this, so enjoy it, next you should go to the lounge. An attendant will check you into the lounge and the only thing needed will be verification that you are holding a first class ticket. That’s it! In the lounge, you will find hot food, great snacks, and free cocktails. Unwind here, sit at the bar, move to a table to enjoy a meal, and then finish at a recliner. If you have loose ends to tie up before you leave, you can do that here.



After you pre-board, you will take your seat and enjoy the privacy of first class. Your seat will convert into a bed and the flight attendants will get you anything you need during your flight. The food is great. The drinks (alcohol too) are free, and the desserts are amazing. You can watch a movie, enjoy your meal, have a cocktail and go to bed. You will arrive in Geneva relaxed and refreshed and feeling like you’ve been on vacation for a few days already!


Here are some things to do in Geneva

  1. Palais Des Nations- Geneva has one of the most important United Nations offices in the world. The Palais des Nations dates to the 1930s and was the headquarters for the League of Nations before the UN was established. The building is in constant use throughout the year with different world government conferences and summits being held there. Numerous alliances and agreements between world powers have been reached at this historic site.
  2. Parc De La Grange- The largest city park in Geneva sits on the shore of the lake at Quai Gustave-Ador. Parc de la Grange is laid out over several terraces with stairways that have been cut from bedrock. The area of the park was originally settled by wealthy residents of Geneva over 2,000 years ago, and the ruins of a Roman villa sit behind the 18th-century villa. In 1918, the last villa resident donated it to the park. The park now hosts several theatrical performances and plays.
  3. Lake Geneva- Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Central Europe. Much of it has the Swiss Alps as a backdrop. The easiest thing to do is to take a boat from Geneve-Mt-Blanc as there are numerous stops where you can take to spend some time on shore and visit shops and cafes. There is also a 3-hour ride to Lausanne and a promenade was built around the shore in the mid-19th century. You will see many joggers and people out for walks along the picturesque lake.
  4. Natural History Museum- While the building itself was only built in the 1960’s, Swiss’ largest museum has a collection of insect specimens collected by the 18th and 19th-century entomologist Louis Jurine. A large collection of taxidermies are housed at this museum, but it also has numerous living animals on display. The museums most famous star is Janus, a tortoise with two heads which was born in incubators at the museum in 1997. The museum is dedicated to the animal kingdom, geology and astronomy. See the bronze statue of an Australopithecus fossil which is an ancestor of early man dating back 3.2 million years.
  5. Vielle Ville- The largest historic center in Switzerland, the Vielle Ville goes around a steep hill with a cathedral at the top. Steep cobblestone streets with natural terraces built into a hill, so that you can stop and have a look back at the city. There are also unique alleys and corners with fountains to give it real historic charm.
  6. Jet D’Eau- At the city center where the Rhône continues its course into France is The Roadstead. Basically, a jet of water shoots up 140 meters into the air and amounts to five hundred liters of water per second. Originally built in 1886 as a safety valve for the hydraulic power plant, the citizens loved the way it looked. The jet was incorporated into a tourist attraction and has been at its present spot since 1951.
  7. CERN- You’ve probably heard about this place as the center of study for the hunt for the Higgs boson and the start of the universe with their massive particle accelerator. It’s the headquarters for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The visitor’s center offers tours of parts of the facility trying to explain the incredible mind-boggling science that is occurring here from the best scientists in the world.
  8. Conservatory and Botanical Garden- Geneva’s botanical garden is on the western lakeshore across the railway tracks from the United Nations Office. Garden enthusiasts will be amazed by the park’s 14,000 plant species from countries all around over the world. The park contains flowerbeds, an arboretum, ponds, and a metal and glass greenhouse that holds the winter garden. There is also a simple zoo that houses deer and waterfowl.
  9. Plainpalais Market- Spend some time shopping or just browsing Geneva’s main flea and farmers’ markets. This one occurs on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as the first Sunday of the month. Saturday tends to be the most popular and brings out the more upscale sellers. Everything from furniture, jewelry, clothing, and antiques can be found here. Always fun to do some people watching, street performers will be out, and do yourself a favor and bring your appetite as great street vendors selling french fries and food from Peru to Morocco are available.
  10. St Pierre Cathedral- With architecture that dates back to the 12th century this is a spectacular cathedral. From 1541, it was the home church of John Calvin. Although the church was built in the 12th century, it was built on top of much older buildings. The basilica is from the 4th century and a variety of ancient vestiges can be explored underground at the archaeological site. If underground isn’t your thing you can also go up to the cathedral towers to view the Alps, Jura, and Geneva. There are two viewing platforms, one on the south end and one on the north end.


Now that you have an idea of a few things to see and you know what added benefits first-class travel can provide, maybe it’s time to set your budget clear your vacation calendar and book your first class flight to Geneva, Switzerland.

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