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More and more travelers are hitting the road for longer periods of time and doing it in style. A new trend in travel is to select a continent and travel throughout these large land bodies, sometimes for months! And people aren’t doing it on a budget either, they are choosing business class flights between countries. International business class tickets to North America are becoming more affordable and in some case, cheap and inexpensive business class tickets can be found through a skilled travel agent. With great deals being sourced on the internet, travelers are finding there are affordable business class flights that can fit any budget. The flexibility that traveling to a continent provides travelers is also providing them access to great deals on business class airfares. Last minute travelers are not out of luck either, there are affordable business ticket offers on unbooked seats.


First Steps to Planning a Trip to a Continent


First steps to planning a successful trip to a continent are to select the continent. North America is very popular among consumers new to the idea of a long journey. The North American continent is home to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Consider all of the 23 countries on this continent before booking your flights and activities. Savvy travelers know the benefit of research and when planning a trip to a continent, research is key. List the countries, circle the “must see” areas and begin sketching out a plan.


Consider too the various modes of travel available in each country. Is this an area that would be better seen by train? Is it a subway heavy area? What about the ferries? The more facts and information you can gather the better the chances are that you will see what interests you.


Ten Fun Facts About North America


  1. Largest Populated City- New York City has overtaken Mexico City as the largest city in North America with 23,723,696 people.
  2. Highest GDP- California has the largest GDP in North America at $2,751,302 in millions. If California were a country it would be the 6th largest country by GDP in the World.
  3. Oldest Average Age- Maine has the oldest average age at 44.5 years old.
  4. Smallest Population- Wyoming has the smallest population of any state with a population of 563,626. That is smaller than most averaged sized cities.
  5. Smallest GDP- Nicaragua, not known for being in North America, has the lowest GDP at $5,452 per capita. A very poor but beautiful country.
  6. Youngest Average Age- Utah has the youngest average age of all the states at 30.7 years.
  7. Largest Employer- Walmart is one of the largest employers in the world and in North America, they have 2.2 million workers.
  8. Most Foreigners- The United States lives up to its phrase, “Give me your tired, your poor.” It has the highest number of immigrants being home to 19% of the world’s immigrants.
  9. Warmest Temperature- Florida has a year-round average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit making it the hottest state in the Union.
  10. Coldest Temperature- Alaska has the coldest average temperature in North America with a year-round average of 12 degrees Fahrenheit.



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