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The romantic city of Venice, Italy is one destination city seeing a surge in International first class flights. Lots of busy travelers are choosing to pay the extra money for an international first class ticket to Venice, Italy because travelers are short on time and want to begin their vacation the moment they arrive at the airport. First Class flights to Venice, Italy arriving at Venice Marco Polo Airport, VCE, definitely provide you with a lot of extras. The cost of a first class ticket to Venice, Italy is higher than a coach or economy fare, but there are fares to fit almost any budget. A quick online search to compare prices can be eye-opening. With really great deals available on first class tickets to Venice, it is worth investing some time checking out the offerings. Even last minute travelers can secure really inexpensive and cheap deals on first class flights to Venice, Italy.


Venice is a lively destination that does not have many streets. Transportation is provided through the canals and waterways that made this city famous. It is a unique place to visit, boasts both gothic and renaissance architecture, and is known for its postcard-like vistas and beautiful bridges.


Here are a few things to do in Venice:

  1. The Grand Canal: The 2-mile-long Grand Canal is a must-see attraction in Venice. The banks of the canal are lined with more than 170 incredible buildings which date back to the 13th through the 18th century. Hiring a gondolier for a romantic row along the canal is a fantastic way to see the city. The vaporetto, or the public water bus, is another excellent way to experience the Grand Canal.
  2. Rialto Bridge: This bridge is one of the city’s most popular and highly photographed attractions. Out of the four bridges that cross the canal, the Rialto is by far the most famous. Built by the famous Antonio da Ponte, the bridge’s Istrian stone is sure to wow. While sightseeing in Venice, this engineering marvel will definitely be a highlight!
  3. Saint Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco): The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark is one of the city’s most famous churches, and once you visit, you’ll know why. Its Italo-Byzantine architecture is an incredible sight filled with gold and mosaics. Once inside, you can see a beautiful bronze statue of St. Mark with the emblem of Venice: a lion with wings. Be sure to check out this incredible church built in honor of Saint Mark the evangelist!
  4. Ghetto Ebraico di Venezia: Get your dose of history at the Ghetto Ebraico di Venezia, also known as the Jewish Ghetto. In 1516, the Jews in Venice were forced to move to a small northwestern section of the island. But today, this area is filled with restaurants, shops, a Jewish museum, and several synagogues. The Ghetto Ebraico di Venezia is considered to be the world’s first ghetto and an amazing experience for travelers!
  5. Piazza San Marco: Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark’s Square, is considered to be the heart of Venice. While walking about the largest square in Venice, you can stop at a number of restaurants and shops for souvenirs. The intricate architecture is guaranteed to amaze. Even Napoleon calls the Piazza San Marco “the drawing room of Europe”!
  6. Bridge of Sighs: The Bridge of Sighs is a beautiful landmark with historical significance. The bridge, which connects the Doge’s Palace to the dungeons, was used to transport prisoners to prisons. The Bridge of Sighs was named for the sighs prisoners would mumble as they made their way to prison. But don’t worry, you will be much happier than them on your walk on this incredible landmark!
  7. Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale): The Doge’s Palace stuns visitors on the inside and out. The palace holds an incredible museum ran by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. But, the building itself is equally as amazing. Its Venetian Gothic style and lagoon is an unforgettable sight that must be seen in Venice!
  8. Teatro La Fenice: In the history of opera, the Teatro La Fenice is the most famous Italian landmark. Major composers, such as Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi, have performed in this incredible building. Be sure to stop here to see the work of 200 talented plasterers, artists, woodworkers, and other craftsmen who built the opera house in only 650 days!
  9. Campanile di San Marco: If you’re searching for a Venetian panorama, then the Campanile di San Marco is the perfect stop. This bell tower is a replica of the 16th-century original which was used for Galileo’s presentation of the telescope. The 323-foot tall tower has history and beauty, making it one of the most recognizable symbols of the city and a necessary stop on your tour of Venice!
  10. Academy Gallery: If you’re looking for an impressive collection of art, then look no further than the Galleria dell’Accademia, also known as the Academy Gallery. This museum is filled with Venetian art from the 14th to the 18th century. You can observe art by artists such as Bellini, Tintoretto, and Veronese. This museum is sure to be a highlight of your Venice trip!


We are stopping our list at ten places, but you could easily add ten or fifteen additional things to do in Venice. With people getting fewer and fewer vacation days a year it makes sense that travelers are choosing to travel to Venice and stay a few days before returning home. The entire city is a must see! Given the elegance of Venice and the busy schedule that international travelers maintain, it makes sense that international first class tickets to Venice, Italy are on the rise. When you book a first class flight to Venice, your trip really does begin when you arrive at the airport.


What does an International First Class Ticket to Venice, Italy get you?

The short answer is first class travel gets you a lot of perks. You don’t have to wait in line with the passengers from economy and coach. You use the shorter lines for preferred status travelers and you can bring extra luggage and take advantage of the extra luggage weight limits too. These bonuses vary depending on your airline and your aircraft, so double-check the extras before you arrive at the airport to avoid extra charges.


You can not only use the airport lounges, but you can also use the first class preferred areas at these lounges. The airport lounges are amazing, elegant, and a great way to spend some time at the airport. Lounges vary depending on the airport, but you can count on receiving a hot meal, lots of snacks, several different desserts and free alcoholic beverages. There are usually bar areas, table setups, and comfy recliners. You can dine alone or at the bar, retreat to a recliner, or send some last minute emails. If you need to you can recharge your mobile phone and laptop, take a long, hot shower, and use the luxury brand toiletries. These benefits are all part of your first class ticket price to Venice, Italy. Utilize the lounge and all of its extras. It’s definitely a nice break from the airport! Put some time aside, set your budget, select your travel dates, and start planning your first class travel to Venice, Italy. The trip can be for a few days or more than a week and you will arrive feeling relaxed and pampered. Leave knowing you saw some great historic sights, learned a lot, and got a really great bargain on your airfare.

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