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International Business Class Flights to South Africa

Consider trying business class travel for your next trip to South Africa. International business class flights to South Africa are becoming more affordable and now you can find business class tickets to fit any budget. If you are planning a last minute trip, you can find cheap and inexpensive business class tickets to South Africa using a travel website. These websites offer great deals on unbooked seats. Set your budget and begin your search for business class flights to South Africa, you will not be disappointed in the luxuries that business travel provides and business class tickets are a great way to sample what more expensive classes of travel provide.

Business Class Amenities

Business class tickets to South Africa allow you to arrive in the country already adjusted to the time change. Your seat in business class converts into a bed so you will be able to sleep on the flight. You will also have more privacy than you get in the economy and coach seating. The bed, plus the privacy, are great advantages on long flights. You will also get lots of pillows, luxurious blankets, and an eye mask. So, business class travel is comfortable and relaxing, but the food and drinks served in business class are amazing too. The food is as good as you will find in any restaurant and the alcohol includes top-shelf brands and champagne. Snacks and many dessert choices are also included.

Another benefit is the checked in bag allowance. This benefit does vary based on the airline you are traveling, so definitely check before you purchase your ticket, but in general, business class travelers are allowed to bring more checked in bags with greater weight limits without being penalized. If you tend to overpack or are traveling during a season where the weather requires layers and temperatures fluctuate, this can be a huge benefit.

You can preboard your flight and stow your belongings before other passengers too. It is nice to be able to skip the lines and hassles of the entire plane boarding at once. You can get to your seat, place your belongings in an organized fashion, relax and order a drink while the rest of the plane loads.

How to Find Discounted Fares to South Africa

You can find inexpensive business class flights to South Africa on many travel websites or through a travel agent. Always check the terms and conditions before you purchase. Websites like FlightsLux offer pre- and post-purchase support and specialize in international business class and first class travel. Many websites offer quick and easy ways to compare the cost of different flights throughout the day and they allow you to compare air carriers.

Another way to find great deals on business class tickets is to ask your friends and other travelers about their experiences traveling business class, first class, and economy plus. Also ask them about different airlines and their experiences with amenities, benefits, frequent traveler programs, and customer service. Once you’ve found a business class ticket that fits your budget, make sure you check the restrictions on the ticket prior to purchasing.

Things to See and Do While in South Africa

  1. Kruger National Park – One of the great national parks in the world. It became South Africa’s first national park in 1926. All of Africa’s safari species are located here from lions, elephants, rhinos and zebras. The landscape has dramatic changes from tropical forests to rolling hills and mountains. There is also great access to wildlife activities. The park is part of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.
  2. Pilanesberg National Park – Located north of Sun City is the 550 square kilometer Pilanesberg National Park. This is a great place to see not only South African wildlife but also wonderfully scenic landscape. Born out of an idea as a place to escape for nearby city dwellers it remains a popular destination. In 1979, South Africa released 6,000 animals into this new park. Today all of the Big Five animals: lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants and buffalos occupy the park. Some say this park being so close to the cities is a bit overrun with people but with nearly 200 kilometers of gravel road you can typically find some space from fellow tourists or locals. Self-driving trips are also available on these well paved roads but make sure you are careful of the crossing elephant.
  3. Table Mountain – A 600-million-year-old mountain. One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. You can enjoy spectacular views overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa. It is a significant hike to the top, but the views are monumental. You can also take the cableway to the top. Home to a large array of floral varieties. The mountains around Table Mountain have eroded leaving what was once the bottom of the valley to form Table Mountain with its flat table top look.
  4. Boulders Penguin Colony – Located just off Table Mountain National Park is Boulders Beach. Enormous rocks divide the beach up into small sandy coves which are home to some 3000 African penguins. You can take one of the boardwalk runs from Boulders Visitor Center right down to the beach and get an up close and personal look with these seemingly loveable creatures. However, don’t be fooled by their good looks and try to pet them. They have been known to seriously injure people with their sharp beaks.
  5. Robben Island – In its early days, the Dutch East India Company used this location as a prison and it remained a state-run prison all the way up until 1996. The Unesco World Heritage site is most famous for housing Nelson Mandela who was incarcerated here. The only way to visit is through a guided tour. The tour starts with getting to the island via a ferry departing from the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the Waterfront.
  6. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden – A five square meter botanical garden. Known for its Tree Canopy Walkway is a steel and timber bridge that feels like it is sitting on top of the trees which provides amazing views. Private guided tours or headsets are available to get a history of the gardens. The garden has over 7,000 plant species and numerous hiking trails are available to walk through and enjoy.
  7. Madikwe Game Reserve – This is the fourth-largest reserve in all of South Africa. It covers 760 square kilometers of bush and grassland along with forests and rivers on the edge of the Kalahari. The reserve is full of upscale resorts and you can’t go into the reserve on safari unless you are part of one of the expensive resort day adventures, but it very well be worth the price. You can see amazing wildlife on an open-sided safari vehicle and are protected by an armed ranger. The reserve is home to over 1,000 elephants, 400 giraffes and six lion prides. You will also see a number of leopards, rhinos and buffalo not to mention over 300 bird species. It’s a wonderful place to get close and upfront with these magnificent animals.
  8. Workshop Ko Kasi – Started by two locals in 2016 who wanted to help create something of an artistic, sustainable tourist and local attraction is the Workshop Ko Kasi. It is a community of startups that include a café servings pizzas, traditional African meals and homemade ginger beer next to a craft shop. Donkey rides are available as well as space for local vendors to try out pop up markets. Artists come here to host shows on art or have poetry readings. The entire facility is made from recycled materials giving it a very urban yet bohemian feel. There is even a garden that provides fresh vegetables to local cafes.
  9. Big Hole – De Beers, the international diamond mining and exploration company turned the Big Hole into the world’s largest hand-dug hole to give people an idea of what it is like to mine. You can walk on a viewing platform which is an open-air steel contraption that provides a great view of the 1.6-kilometer round, 215-meter-deep chasm and 40-meter-deep incredibly turquoise water. A lift takes you down a shaft to give you a real life diamond mining experience. The exhibition center covers South African history and diamonds in general.
  10. Groot Constantia Museum/Winery – Simon van der Stel’s manor house is a great example of Cape Dutch architecture. There are beautifully manicured gardens surround the estate. The large tasting room with great wines is part of the walking tour and is the first room you enter within the estate. The Cloete Cellar is the estate’s original wine cellar. It now houses old carriages and a display of wine barrels. Tours of the modern cellar are also available and include wine and chocolate tastings.

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