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International business class flights to Hungary are becoming more popular as consumers are finding great deals on airfares thank to travel websites. Business class tickets to Hungary provide travelers with added comforts and conveniences that make the long journey to Hungary more enjoyable. There are business class flights to Hungary to fit any budget and last minute travelers can often find the best deals on unpurchased seats. The best way to source inexpensive airfare is to log on to any of a number of travel websites and begin entering dates, times and destinations. These websites will display the different costs for each seat on the flight. Weigh the pros and cons of business class tickets to Hungary and consider giving business class a try. Set your budget, be as flexible as you can on the dates and times you travel, and use Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) as your destination airport. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is also referred to as Budapest Ferihegy International Airport and Ferihegy, so don’t be confused by the different references. BUD is the largest of Hungary’s airports. You will find the best deals on business class tickets through this airport.


Business Class Extras and Benefits


So you’ve searched some websites, maybe talked to a travel agent and you are ready to pull the trigger on business class tickets to Hungary, but you are wondering what you will get for the added cost you are paying. Everyone knows business class and first class travelers get much larger seats and enjoy added space and privacy than coach and economy travelers, but business class travelers get a lot more than just a better seat.


Business class tickets to Hungary will give you access to the preferred or premier traveler lines at check-in and through security TSA checkpoints. So you will save time at the airport. You will also be given access to the club or VIP lounges at the airport. These lounges are really clean and luxurious and if you have a work project to finish up or need to make last-minute telephone calls or book travel excursion, the lounge is the perfect place to do that. You can also enjoy a drink, eat lunch or dinner, have a snack or two, or sample a dessert from the dessert bar. You can charge your laptop, sit at the bar, or even take a shower in a spa-like setting. What you do not have to do is worry about your flight. The attendant who checks you into the lounge will keep track of your flight’s status for you. You also do not have to pay for anything inside of the lounge, it is all free and included in the cost of your ticket. Nice, right?


Next, you can head over to your gate for preboarding. Experienced travelers will tell you this is one of the most overlooked benefits of high-end travel. You don’t have to wait in line or be rushed by other passengers hustling to their seats. No fighting over the overhead bin space either. You can take your time and stow your belongings easily. The flight attendants in the business class cabin will be more than willing to hang your coat or help with your carry on baggage.


The food and drinks in business class are included too. Order champagne or a cocktail and be ready to be impressed by the cuisine. Airlines have made a real effort to improve the food served in the business class and first class cabins and it shows. The food is presented beautifully and it tastes amazing. If you have dietary restrictions they are able to accommodate it, just identify the restriction at the time of purchase.


Some Ideas on Things to See and Things to Do in Hungary


  1. Necropolis of Sopianaie, Pecs- A Unesco World Heritage site. The Pecs have been in Hungary since the 4th A combination of Christian and Roman influence. The Necropolis consists of 16 funeral monuments with Christian murals. The site includes burial chambers, chapels, and a mausoleum.
  2. Hungarian Parliament Building- The Hungarian Parliament Building consists of architecture from the Gothic Revival period. It is built on the banks of the Danube River and is the largest building in Hungary and the tallest in Budapest. The central dome of the parliament building is surrounded by arches and views of the large square where Hungarians often come to protest or gather on political issues. The building lights up for an impressive night view.
  3. Dohany Street Synagogue- Dohany Steet Synagogue is the largest synagogue in the world outside of Israel. Most of the synagogue was destroyed the Nazis during World War II. Hungarians rebuilt and restored to its original glory during the 1990’s. A beautiful garden was added as a remembrance to the deceased or missing Jews from World War II.
  4. Busojaras Festival- The Busojaras Festival always occurs the week before Ash Wednesday. Locals dress up with traditional masks that are painted to look like demons and then march through the town in a parade. Numerous street vendors and local beer stands celebrate this annual event. Music from local bands keeps the party atmosphere going into the wee hours of the morning.
  5. Cave Bath at Miskolc-Tapolca- This spa features a thermal bath and is located in an all-natural cave system. The only way to enter the secluded and private caves is through the water. The water is rich in minerals and is believed to be good for your overall health. The Cave Bath and Spa is the oldest known spa to still be in operation having been opened originally in the 1600’s.
  6. Vaci Street- Budapest’s main shopping area is Vaci Street. Pedestrian-only streets closed to cars run for almost a mile right through the middle of Budapest. 19th-century buildings line the streets with a huge selection of shops, souvenirs, cafes, and restaurants. It’s a great starting point for a day tour of Budapest.
  7. Visegrad Castle- A great view of the city from the top of the hill. It is quite a climb to get to the top but the remains of Visegrad Castle are impressive and the views are even better. The castle was built in the early 13th It was originally built to stop invasions along the Danube River. It later became a summer palace for the King.
  8. Danube River Cruise- The Danube has been a significant river throughout Europe for many centuries and its impact on Hungary is no different. To get a different perspective of the city and get great views, take a river cruise from one of the local cruise operators. Many enjoy the night cruise which is a great way to see Hungary lit up from the river.
  9. Szentendre- Located right on the Danube River is the postcard type town that was originally settled by the Greeks and the Serbs in the 1500’s. Cobblestone streets for pedestrian-only walking and baroque buildings give this tiny town a ton of charm. Museums and galleries surround the Artist’s Village.
  10. Kazinczy Street Synagogue- Located in the Jewish Quarter, Kazinczy Street Synagogue is part of the ultra-Orthodox community in Budapest. Built in 1913 by traditional Hungarian architects, it consists mainly of red brick and has religious imagery built in throughout. The colorful stained glass fills the inside of the synagogue. The synagogue was completely destroyed during World War II but has been completed restored by Hungarian Jews.


Time to Start Booking


Now that you have set your budget, investigated airfares and benefits, and know a few things to see and do in Hungary, it’s time to book your trip. Hungary is an amazing getaway. Happy travels!

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