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Before you purchase tickets to Prague, Czechoslovakia take a minute to check out some of the great deals that are available on travel websites. FlightsLux is a website that specializes in First Class and Business Air Travel. You can find international First Class tickets to fit any budget. Even last minute travelers are finding great deals on first class flights to Prague. There are fares to fit any budget, so it is worth checking out your choices before you purchase an economy or coach seat.


An international business class ticket to Prague will get you a much larger seat. This seat will lay completely flat- so you can actually sleep on the plane. Being able to sleep on the plane will allow you to arrive in Prague well-rested and ready to sightsee, which is why you are going in the first place. Your business class ticket also allows you to use the shorter preferred traveler lines, which will save you time at the airport. You will get a great meal on the flight which will save you money at the airport. Alcoholic beverages and sodas are free (move saved money!) and you can watch as many movies as you would like. Your flight attendants are well traveled and will help answer any questions you may have about things to do in Prague.


Business Class Lounge

Airports have Club Lounges which are a type of VIP lounge for first class and business class travelers. They are great. If you have never been to one, it might be worth booking a business class flight just to check one out. You can relax at these lounges. They are really nice and quiet. The food, sodas, alcohol, snacks, and dessert are free, so you should definitely go to a lounge!


The Prague Airport:

Prague has only one international airport, so when you are planning your trip it is a good idea to fly into Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (PRG). It is a busy airport that is serviced by all major airlines. So you will not be limited in who you travel with to get to Prague. PRG is accessible from many cities.


A few things to do in Prague:

  1. Farmers Market- A traditional Saturday Farmers Market. This pop-up market is located on the river embankment just underneath the fortress of Vysehrad. Foodies are prepared to be blown away by some of the best food the city has to offer. Vendors serve up fully prepared local meals but you can also buy ingredients to make your own fantastic meal with offerings of local seasonal vegetables, sausages, freshly baked bread, and desserts. You can enjoy your meal or snack along the beautiful riverside.
  2. Astronomical Clock- Visit the Old Town Hall which is in Old Town Square and see the beautiful ornate Astronomical Clock. It was built in the fifteenth century and is widely considered the best preserved medieval mechanical clock in the world. Arrive at the top of the hour so you can see the clock move. The show at the top of the hour never fails to disappoint the many onlookers.
  3. Backstreets of Mala Strana- “Backstreets” gives the impression of dark alleys and danger. However, that is not the case with the back streets of Mala Strana. Across the river from Old Town are the baroque backstreets of Mala Strana. Originally built in the 17th and 18th century by victorious Catholic clerics and noblemen. A baroque square is surrounded by small shops, traditional Czech pubs, restaurants, and cafes. A great place to stroll, shop and get some fantastic views of the river.
  4. KGB Museum- Bring your sense of adventure to this quirky little museum established by a Russian enthusiast. It houses a large variety of memorabilia related to the secret police of the Soviet Union. It’s likely you will even be shown around by the collector himself. It has a full display of spy cameras, secret weapons, and interrogation equipment. Not exactly your classical museum but fun none the less.
  5. Golden Lane- Located on the grounds of Prague Castle is the mysterious Golden Lane. According to legends, alchemists on this street tried to turn ordinary materials into gold. No one’s really sure if this is an urban legend or not but the pedestrian street is very fun. Franz Kafka, the Czech-Jewish writer lived in a house on this peaceful street to do some of the legendary writing.
  6. Prague Castle- Probably Prague’s most popular tourist attraction. Located in the Castle District (Hradcany), this spectacular and breathtaking castle was the home of many Czech rulers and today is the official residence of the president. A lot of the castle is off limit as the President currently lives here but entry to the grounds of the castle are free and many buildings such as the Basilica of St George and Golden Lane can still be visited.
  7. River Vltava- While there is numerous pedestrian only, historic cobbled streets throughout Prague, a great way to get off your feet and see Prague and its historical buildings and monuments is to take a riverboat cruise on the River Vltava. Numerous providers have boats and often include lunch or dinner. Choose a two-hour cruise and that will be plenty of time to see the unique views and enjoy the peace and quiet of the riverbanks.
  8. Have a Pivo- Everyone knows the Czechs claim to have the best pivo (beer) in the world and Prague is a great place to test this out. Prague offers a huge choice of bars and different types of lagers in traditional mugs. Budvar and Staropramen are two of the top Czech lagers but there has also been a large craft beer explosion in Prague. Microbreweries have popped up throughout the country. Most Czechs like their lighter ales, chilled with a foam head but there are darker ales being produced as well. The Prague Beer Museum offers more than 31 quality beers on tap as well as the history of beer in Prague.
  9. Vitus Cathedral- Located on the grounds of the Prague Castle is St. Vitus Cathedral. This spectacular church with stained glass is visible from all around the city of Prague. Amazingly, this Cathedral was only built in 1929 although it looks to be centuries old. Many great surprises in St Vitus like the tomb of St John of Nepomuk and the splendid Chapel of St Wenceslas make this a must visit.
  10. Puppet Show- The people of Prague are fascinated with puppets. The city has over 20 specialized puppet shops, 30 puppet makers, and even a puppet museum. The Czech’s love of puppets goes back to the 12th Century where royals were treated to puppet shows and the tradition continues. You can catch a puppet show at the National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbla Hurvinek which both offer regular performances.


It’s time to start planning your dream vacation to Prague. Allow some flexibility in when you can travel and log on to a travel website to compare the prices of business class travel, economy travel, and coach. Business Class tickets to Prague have never been easier to find and the transparency in fares that these websites provide allow you to make an educated decision. Now is a great time to book your business class tickets to Prague. Have a great trip!

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