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Singapore Airlines Limited continues its commitment to customer service and innovation offering amazing first class cabin amenities and an array of first class services for passengers. The air carrier is well known for offering some of the best first class seats in the industry. This attention to customer service and amenities in first class cabins has been a winning combination for the air carrier and its airline-related subsidiaries. Winning many awards in 2018, including “Best First Class” and “Best First Class Seat” based on global travel surveys, the carrier is promoting first-class cabin amenities and luxurious first class seats.


About Singapore Airlines and Their Fleet

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) is the hub for Singapore Airlines. The Singapore Airlines group includes SIA Engineering Company, multiple joint ventures including one with Boeing and one with Rolls-Royce, Singapore Airline Cargo, SilkAir, and Scoot.

Singapore Airlines boasts a fleet of Airbus A330-300, Airbus A350-900, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-300ER, and Boeing 787-10. In 2017, Singapore Airlines upgraded their cabins in the Airbus A380 fleets at a cost of $850M. The upgrades were unveiled on five new A380 aircraft. Retrofit work was completed on 14 existing A380 aircraft.


First Class Cabin Amenities

Singapore Airlines is currently offering three choices for first class travelers. The carrier offers suites, new first class, and first class cabins. All three types of luxurious first class travel feature a wide and comfortable first class seat and amazing food and beverages. Singapore Airlines staffs their first class cabins with veteran flight attendants who will attend to all of your needs. The long list of first class cabin amenities include leather seats, fine linens, gourmet food, top-shelf alcohol, and a high definition touchscreen.


In new first class, amenities on a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER aircraft include a large seating area, ample space for storage, a comfortable seat and a work table. New first class cabins can be found on flights to Houston, Texas; Brisbane, Australia; DaNang, Vietnam, Copenhagen, Germany, Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Beijing, China; as well as many other international destinations.


New first class offers private space, a sculpted headrest, privacy partitions,

an extra wide seat, mood lighting, and gourmet meals. You can reserve your meal 24 hours in advance and it is prepared by a notable chef. There is a restaurant onboard the flight where passengers can dine-in or order and have their meal delivered to their seat. Singapore Airlines offers a full bar and wine menu onboard their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Food and wine pairings are offered to first class passengers.


Customer Service Extras

New first class takes advantage of Singapore Airlines commitment to personal customer service and offers an in-flight entertainment service featuring a selection of more than 1,000 movies, television programs, music, games, and apps. Each seat comes equipped with a 24-inch HD-enabled LCD with Bose noise-canceling headphones. Some flights offer internet connectivity including text and multimedia messaging.

Standard first class cabin amenities include a generous 35 inch wide seat with mahogany trim, a seat that transforms into a bed with an oversized 80-inch pillow and a complete set of linens. Singapore Airlines partnered with Ferragamo to create an amenity kit to help passengers unwind and feel refreshed. First class cabins are available on Boeing 777-300ER and refitted Boeing 777-300 aircraft. Singapore Airlines offers first-class travel amenities to all major metropolitan areas including Munich, Germany; Moscow, Russia; and Perth Australia


Singapore Airlines launched the world’s largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380, Boeing’s 787-10, and the long-range form of the Airbus A350-900. The Airbus A380 offers first class cabins and suites. The suites are separate rooms that can accommodate one person or two. A suite features a bed, separate free swiveling chair, and private spacious lavatories. The suites are well appointed with luxurious finishes throughout, including a 32” touchscreen monitor. Singapore Airlines offers single and double suites that have sliding doors for complete privacy. The lavatories have sitdown vanity counters and feature toiletries from Lalique.  A single suite features a full-size bed and a separate swivel chair and a double suite houses a double bed and two free-standing seats.


Meals in the suites are served on fine bone china and offer gourmet selections for dining. Wine and food pairings are available in the suites, new first class, and first class as well. With a long list of first class cabin amenities, Singapore Airlines is tailoring luxury to their customers. You can ask your travel agent for additional information on first class cabin amenities offered on the Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-300, Airbus A380, Boeing’s 787-10, Airbus A350-900.


Popular Destinations

Singapore Airlines flies to more than 100 destinations in over 30 countries. You can fly directly to Singapore from London on one of their four daily flights. You can also fly from Manchester five days a week directly to Singapore. Singapore Airlines flies to nine destinations in Australia like Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Fly to Cambodia via Singapore to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Take a trip to Brunei via Singapore to Bander Seri Begawan, the capital and largest city of the Sultanate of Brunei. Trips to Indonesia via Singapore to thirteen destinations including Bali and Jakarta. Singapore Airlines also goes to destinations like Luang Prabang in Laos as well as their capital city of Vientiane. You can easily get from Singapore to four distinct destinations in Thailand including Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok. Want to get to Singapore? Singapore Air operates direct flights from Houston five days a week. Vietnam to Singapore via Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, and Hanoi. Australia flies to Singapore with direct flights from Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. Fly via Singapore to five destinations in Malaysia exciting Kuala Lumpur and Penang.


For more information on Singapore Airlines first class cabins and first class seats, check the Singapore Airlines website or consult with your travel agent. First class cabin amenities and first class seats vary based on destination and aircraft.

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