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China Airlines offers premium business class cabin amenities on flights to and from North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and selected Asian destinations. Business class cabin amenities include an ergonomically designed business class seat and many luxury services in the business class cabin. China Airlines business class seats feature a near-horizontal recline and lots of personal space allowing passengers to sleep and relax on long journeys. The business class seat on China Airlines has a larger seat pitch designed to keep passengers comfortable during their flight.

At the Airport

At the airport, China Airlines business class passengers use the SkyPriority check-in lane which features little to no waiting. Business class passengers also use this lane through security where it also has a very short wait time. You can stop in at the airport lounge as a business class passenger and enjoy a complimentary meal, a glass of beer or wine and a cocktail. You can power up your laptop, charge your phone, and finish off any last minute work before you head to your gate. The attendant at the lounge will track your flight for you and notify you if there are any gate changes or delays. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal.

Business Class Cabin Amenities and Business Class Seats

When it’s time to preboard your China Airlines flight, you can settle into your seat at your leisure. The higher ceilings in the business class cabin make the aircraft feel larger and more open.


The seating area in business class includes a table lamp, personal 18-inch monitor, and a spacious table with 3C outlets. There is ample space to store your personal belongings, a reading lamp, and luxurious finishes throughout the cabin. All of the business class seats have direct aisle access. Every seat comes with a cushion, a blanket, headphones, and a pair of slippers. There is an amenity kit included that has toothpaste, lotions, and lip balm to keep you feeling refreshed and hydrated during your flight. A remote control is available for the in-flight entertainment, and the USB and headphone jacks are conveniently located next to your extra-wide business class seat. The seats are adjustable using a small touchscreen and the seating area offers abundant leg room so you can stretch out and get very comfortable. When you are ready to go to sleep, flight attendants will bring you a full-size pillow and a duvet.


Inflight entertainment offers recently released movies, television programs, and music. You can stream content from your phone onto the monitor in your seating area as well. Wifi is available for a fee.


Flight attendants will deliver pre-departure drinks in the business-class cabin after boarding with choices ranging from champagne to soft drinks. Business class passengers are also offered a hot towel. Meal and drink menus are stored inside a compartment at your seat. The cabin crew will take meal orders before takeoff. Menus vary based on the time of day you are traveling and your destination. Generally, though menus consist of a starter, a soup or salad, a main dish with two sides, and a dessert. China Airlines offers a drink menu with red and white wine, beer, and cocktails as well as soft drinks, juices, and water.


Onboard China Airlines A350, passengers can assemble at a standup bar, help themselves to a selection of snacks, and even make a bowl of hot noodles. There are lots of beverage choices including coffee and tea. There are books to read, and other refreshments served too. Business class passengers also receive an amenity kit, a gourmet multi-course in-flight meal, and snacks and refreshments served at their seat.


China Airlines travels to 156 destinations in 29 countries.

The air carrier services 17 destinations in Europe, 81 destinations in Asia, and 47 destinations in the Americas. They operate a fleet of 89 aircraft, including 71 passenger jets and 18 freighters. Their fleet consists of A350-900s, A330-300s, 777-300ER        s, 747-400s         , 737-800s, and 747-400Fs.

About China Airlines Fleets

China Airlines was founded in 1959 with a total of 26 airplanes. Its first international route was from Taipei to Saigon (which is now Ho Chi Minh City). It made its first trans-Pacific Ocean flight in 1970 opening the market to US travelers. In 1993, it became the first airline to be listed on the Taiwan stock market. China Airlines is now the largest airline in Taiwan and is the flag carrier of the Republic of China. They fly to almost 100 cities world-wide. China Air is headquartered at their main hub in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. They operate over 1,400 flights weekly to over 100 cities across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. Close to 100 of those flights are pure cargo flights. In 2017, they flew over 19 million passengers and 5,700 tons of cargo. They ranked 33rd in annual revenue compared to all airlines and 10th in the world as far as freight revenue.  China Airlines is fully owned by the Republic of China Government. Their stated vision is not just to strive towards reliability but rather, “We will be the most reliable airlines.”

In 2011, they became the first Taiwanese airline member of SkyTeam alliance program.

In 2016, China Air won the iF Design Award for best Premium Economy Class in Global Traveler Leisure Travel Awards.

Early February is the time of China’s Lunar New Year. During this time 2.9 billion domestic trips are made within China making it the largest movement of people in the world every year. During this unique time, Air China operates 6,000 additional domestic flights to keep up for the incredible demand. It is known as one of the worst travel times in the world. The two-week holiday time causes huge queues at the airport and the train network in China hits its limits.

For more information on China Airlines business class cabin amenities and business class seats, check the China Airline website or consult with your travel agent. Business class cabin amenities and business class seats vary based on aircraft and destination.

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