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Traveling in the first class cabin onboard a Swiss International Air Lines flight will allow you to arrive at your destination feeling pampered and relaxed. The first class cabins amenities feature a long list of extras to make your flight enjoyable and comfortable. The first class cabin amenities include excellent food, top-shelf cocktails, a large first class seat, and many other extras. There is ample space to move around and enough privacy to sleep soundly during your flight and the first class seats were designed to relax or accomplish work.

Swiss Air delivers a high level of personal service to its first class passengers. The first class cabins on Swiss Air flights are elegant and relaxing and the flight attendants will attend to your requests and answer your questions promptly. Passengers in the first class cabin receive priority boarding with no waiting, higher baggage limits with quick pickup at your destination, triple miles for members, and luxury toiletries and pajamas.

Swiss Air First Class Seats

Swiss Air aircraft offers first-class armchairs that turn into a comfortable, flat bed. Onboard Swiss Air’s Boeing 777-300ER first class passengers have their own private wardrobe, an extra large seat, storage space, three windows with mechanical blinds, and onboard entertainment on a 32-inch video screen. On the Airbus A330, first class passengers get a large armchair, a table, a bed with a mattress, and privacy walls. On the Airbus A340, first class passengers have a seat that measures more than two meters long.

Swiss Air First Class Cabin Amenities

Swiss Air onboard entertainment offers the latest movies, award-winning documentaries, and television programs. They also have music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Onboard the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300 Swiss Air provides a wifi connection so you can send emails, use social media sites, or browse the internet. Telephone services are accessible on the Boeing 777-300ER and the Airbus A330-300, prices depend on your telephone service provider and operating company AeroMobile.

The first class cabin offers menus with up to five courses created by some of the finest Swiss chefs and serves Swiss cuisine. They have 42 chefs contributing to their menus. Their amenity kits for first and business class offer Swiss luxury and toiletry brands. In addition, Swiss chocolate is provided to passengers prior to landing on most flights. Swiss Air passengers can take any SBB train without extra charge from Zurich Airport to Basel SBB railway station.
Food in the first class cabin is a wide range of five-star dishes and beverages. Meals are served on demand and are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients by award-winning chefs. Passengers choose their own menu, select from several starters, main courses, and desserts. Champagne, coffee, and exclusive wines are also available. Some routes feature stylized cuisine from certain regions and highlight the traditions and history of the dishes.

Swiss Air Fleets and Destinations

Swiss International Air Lines operates a fleet of Airbus, Boeing, and Bombardier aircraft. For long and short-haul routes, Swiss Air uses A340-300, A330-300, A321-100/200, A320-200, and A319-100. The Boeing 777-300ER is the largest aircraft in the Swiss Air fleet and is used for long-haul routes. The C series by Bombardier CS100 and CS300 are used for European routes.

Swiss International Air Lines is referred to as Swiss Air or SWISS. It is the airline of Switzerland and serves over 100 destinations in 43 countries. It serves these destinations from three major cities in Switzerland which include Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano. Swiss Air offers flights to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Its main hub is Zurich Airport (ZRH) but also has a major hub at Geneva Airport (GVA). They fly around 17 million passengers a year with a total of 92 airplanes. The average age of each plane is 12.6 years old. There are a total of 8,800 employees that work for Swiss Air and they have revenue of 5 billion CHF last year. They have over 3,500 cabin crew members alone and 1,200 pilots. One of their most popular flights is between Singapore and Zurich.
Swiss Air was formed in 2002 after the bankruptcy of Swissair which was Switzerland’s previous airline company. Swiss Air is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. Their headquarters are at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg. They are a member of the Star Alliance program. The company is currently owned by a number of institutional investors, but the Swiss Confederation owns 20.3% with cantons and communities throughout Switzerland owning 12.2%.
For more information on first class cabin amenities and first class seats, check the Swiss International Air Lines website or consult with your travel agent. First class cabin amenities and first class seats vary based on your destination and aircraft.

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