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Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is known for biergartens and Oktoberfest, not to mention German engineering and modern fashion. This high-tech city offers the perfect mix of modernism and centuries-old mystique. Many travelers are using the internet and accessing travel websites to secure inexpensive business class flights to Munich, Germany. You can find great deals on business class tickets to Munich, Germany arriving at the Munich Airport (MUC). Today’s traveler is too busy to arrive at their destination weary from a long day of uncomfortable travel shopping for your airfare on your own has opened a lot of doors to first class and business class.

Munich offers travelers a chance to tackle the city in a few days. There are museums, parks, churches, and biergartens to discover. Even if you only have a few days, you can see a lot of what Munich has to offer. Munich is the home of the first-ever beer garden and when you consider that Munich is also home to brewery giants such as Lowenbrau, Hofbrauhaus, and Spaten (among others), it’s not surprising that beer takes center stage in cultural customs in Germany. The 19th-century creation of the beer garden (Biergarten) provided a place for people to assemble outdoors and share a table and enjoy a beer. The tradition is still alive and well throughout Munich and these biergartens are a popular destination for tourists and locals to meet. Beer gardens are located throughout Munich but the largest (and one of the oldest) is called The Hirschgarten which was opened in 1791 and seats more than 8000 people. Oktoberfest is Munich’s biggest draw of the year. Oktoberfest is a 16 to 18-day festival that begins in late September and sees more than six million visitors each year.

If you are traveling to Munich during Oktoberfest you will need to plan ahead as hotels book up and airfare is generally at a premium. Oktoberfest began in 1810 and has grown since. The Munich event is the original and therefore the most crowded.


If you go to Oktoberfest be ready to drink beer. The festival is centered around the tradition of raising a glass! The 16-day festival has more than just beer though. Festivities include carnival rides, games, and traditional food.


If your travel plans to Munich do not include Oktoberfest, here is a very short and incomplete list of a few things to do while you are in Munich:

  1. Marienplatz- Marlenplatz is an old town square that once hosted executions and jousts. Today, you will find musicians, mimes, and street vendors along the square. The architecture dates back to 1158 and if you happen to be traveling at Christmas time there is an amazing Christmas market that is spectacular and offers locally crafted items.
  2. Viktualienmarkt- The oldest farmers market! How can you NOT go! With more than 140 stalls, you will find an array of German delicacies.
  3. The English Garden- You can jog on one of the jogging paths, rent a rowboat, or take a nap. This public park is amazing and the gardens are stunning.
  4. The Royal Palace- A theater, a concert hall, the crown jewels, and an Egyptian Art collection plus this historic residence was built in the late 1300s. Take a tour and learn about the German royal family.
  5. The Bavarian State Opera- Munich has a rich Opera history. If you want to splurge for tickets, book in advance, as they sell out. You can tour the Opera house as well. This beautiful building is ornate and spectacular.


Now that you have a few ideas of what to do and see in Munich, you can begin your research on airfare.  Here’s where it gets difficult because there are about 25 do not miss sights in Munich, you need to use your time wisely. Very Wisely. You might want to consider paying extra money for a Business Class flight to Munich because it may be worth the extra money. Jet lag is a waste of a day (no matter how nice your hotel is). There is too much to see in Munich! Business Class flights to Munich will allow you to arrive well rested and eager to see the city.


Before you book your flight to Munich, take your time and invest in some planning. Even last minute travelers can find airfare deals on the internet. Consider checking websites like FlightsLux before you book. Business Class flights can be more accessible than you thought. Previously, only very extravagant budgets could afford business class travel. That is not true anymore. Take some time and shop around before you buy your tickets.


If you splurge a bit and purchase a business class flight to Munich you will be able to bypass the long lines at the check-in counter at your origination airport. The lines for business class travelers are far shorter than the economy and coach line. You can move to the preferred line through security too. Next head straight to the airport lounge, because you can check in with your business class ticket. These lounges are like hidden gems at the airport. You can eat, drink, relax, and recharge here! And it’s free. An attendant will help you track your flight and stay on time. Lounges are clean, quiet, and sophisticated. The food and drinks are good- allow yourself the time to linger here a bit- you’ll be glad you did!

Once on your flight, you will love the larger seat, the ability to fully recline, and the little extras (blankets, pillows, slippers eye masks, earbuds) and you can watch unlimited movies, read a newspaper or magazine, and talk to your flight attendant. Seasoned travelers will tell you to take advantage of the knowledge of your first class and business class flight attendants. They are senior level attendants, they know the major cities and they know what to see and what to skip. Ask! You will not be disappointed!

Business Class Flights to Munich serve great food, provide free beverages (including alcohol) and the large airlines pile on the luxuries. Traveling business class to Munich costs more than coach and economy seats, but even last minute travelers can find deals on cheap and inexpensive business tickets to Munich. Business Class travel to Munich is so nice and you will arrive in Munich ready to go!



Look around the internet and see what you can find for affordable flights to Munich if you shop around you will know if you are getting the lowest price possible. Remember what you get with a Business Class flights to Munich -shorter lines, the Business Class lounge at the airport, and a much more comfortable seat on the plane. These perks may make the added cost worth it. How much is your hotel per night? How many vacation days do you have? How much will you budget for food at the airport? All of these costs factor into your trip. It is really important that you factor in everything before you buy your plane ticket.

Munich International Airport:

Munich has one international airport – MUC, but most major air carriers travel here, so the one airport is not a limiting travel factor. Websites like FlightsLux can tell you what amenities are available at Munich International Airport and which major airlines offer services to Munich International. Do your homework, this could be your best trip yet!

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