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International First Class Flights to Australia

For your next vacation to Australia, check out the price of first class tickets to this eclectic country. You can compare the cost of different types of travel on travel websites. Last minute travelers have a great opportunity to find great deals on affordable international first class flights to Australia. If you are very flexible with the days and times you are willing to travel you can find cheap and inexpensive first class flights to Australia. If you are willing to invest some time researching flights, you can find affordable fares on first class tickets to Australia. There are fares to work with any budget, but you have to be flexible with your travel dates. Consider traveling to Australia in the offseason or on a red-eye flight. These small changes can really add up to big savings on first class tickets to Australia.

How Should I Prepare for my Trip?

Spend a little time researching Australia. Learn what the country is known for and a few fun facts about the culture. It is also smart to ask friends who have traveled to Australia what their experience was. Also, ask them if they traveled first class, if they did, find out whether or not they felt the extra money for the tickets was well spent. Inquire as to how they found their tickets. Sharing resources with people you know is usually the best way to learn the ins and outs of a foreign country and arranging travel there.

If you don’t have any friends or friends of friends, you can use the internet and Google search for Australia to learn about what it has to offer travelers. Look for simple things like the currency then examine exchange rates. Weather patterns may seem like a really boring thing to read about, but the weather can really make or break your vacation depending on what you have planned for activities (lots of hiking during cold and rainy conditions might not be a great idea). If you decide to travel during risky weather conditions, plan for it. A big part of traveling to a foreign country is learning about its’ heritage. Museums, which are generally indoor activities, are a great way to learn about a culture and can be visited year round. If museum hopping tops your list of things to do in Australia, by all means, go to Australia during the offseason. You will find great deals on accommodations and very affordable first class flights to Australia.

Here are ten things to do while you are in Australia:

1. Sydney Harbor – See the Sydney Harbor New Year’s Eve Fireworks show. It is one of the first countries in the world to welcome in the year and Sydney Harbor is a wonderful place to ring in the new year. Besides the great fireworks show Sydney Harbor is a great destination and kick off spot for all things Sydney. From here you can see Sydney Harbor Bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House. The New Year’s celebration can be enjoyed from the waterfront with a simple blanket or you can take in the show from a luxurious waterfront hotel, ferry ride or one of the ticketed shows at Fort Denison or Shark Islands.

2. Dine outside at Uluru – Uluru or Ayers Rock is a massive sandstone mountain in the Northern Territory. It is thought to be over 550 million years old. It is located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Tour guides give you a dinner option to dine under the stars. Sit on dunes with a roaring campfire and listen to the guides talk about the history of the area. An unforgettable experience. A 20 guest maximum.

3. Stay at Longitude 131 – A luxury wilderness outdoor camp resort. There are 15 luxury tents in the heart of Australia. It provides all the comforts of a five-star hotel and the wilderness experience of camping under the stars. Enjoy Uluru-Kata Truta National Park but with a gourmet twist. Enjoy the rough outdoors and then take in a massage at the spa and a delicious meal.

4. The Kimberley Region – A spectacular wilderness area untouched by man with incredible nature as far as the eye can see. A cruise ship or daily yacht is a good way to take in the shores, beaches, gorges, waterfalls and riverways. Cable Beach is a 14-mile-long beach off the town of Broome. There are daily camel trains that you can take from Broome. Helicopter tours are also a great way to explore the region. There are many types of wildlife like birds, whales, and crocodiles. Aboriginal rock art and sandy beaches offer beautiful views to take it all in.

5. See Turtles Hatched in Queensland – Watching these amazing creatures being hatched and then do their disoriented run from the beach into the sea is a once in a lifetime experience. One of the best places in Queensland to see this is at Mon Repos Conservation Park in Queensland. This event happens between November and March.

6. Port Lincoln Sharks – Charters offer the opportunity to swim with the sharks in Port Lincoln. One day great white shark tours are available to Neptune Island. No scuba diving experience is necessary. You are protected by a steel cage and oxygen is brought to you via a hose. If sharks are a little too adventurous they also offer a swim in the open ocean with gentle but enormous whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef.

7. Great Ocean Road – Rent a car or hire a driver in Melbourne and journey to the Great Ocean Road. See Torquay and Bells Beach where you will see some of Australia’s best surfers ride incredible waves. See Angel Sea Golf Course which has as many kangaroos as golfers. See the 12 Apostles rock formations. Head to Otway National Park and walk tour through waterfalls and forests. You can stop along the pull out spots and do some whale watching. There is enough to see to turn it into a day event.

8. Tropical North Queensland – Head out for a full day excursion to snorkel, dive or yacht the incredible Great Barrier Reef. Departing from either Cairns or Fort Douglas it’s a short drive to Great Barrier Reef. You can also spend time on a hike through Daintree Rainforest which is the oldest living rainforest. Aboriginal guides are available for day tours at Mossman Gorge Center.

9. Hit the ski slopes – When you think of Australia you think of the outback, beaches, harbors and warm weather activities. But Australia is also home to the third longest land-based mountain range in the world. At the southern end of the Great Dividing Range you will find some great skiing and snowboarding. Many of the downhill ski runs are lined with gum trees.

10. Melbourne Laneways – Melbourne has many tucked away and meandering cobblestone streets lined with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Your experience will be a blend of tourists and locals. Some of the most popular bars include Lily Blacks, Bar Americano and Eau de Vie. There are bars every few meters so it won’t be hard to find a great spot.

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