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Before you finalize your plans for a trip to Geneva, Switzerland it may be worth comparing the cost of business class flights, first class flights, and economy flights. Here’s why: Travel websites provide transparency in the fares offered for different classes of travel and given that many professionals have fewer and fewer days to travel, business class travel is becoming more popular because it lessens the time needed to recover from jet lag and uncomfortable economy travel. International business class tickets to Geneva, Switzerland are offered at many different fares. There are fares to fit any budget and even last-minute travelers are finding cheap and inexpensive deals on business class travel.


Travel websites, including FlightsLux, provide assistance for consumers looking to book fair priced business class trips. Business Class flights to Geneva are offered from FlightsLux and this website guarantees a $1,000 savings and is available 24/7.


Geneva Airport

Referred to as Cointrin Airport, but officially named the Geneva Airport (GVA) is the international airport that serves Geneva, Switzerland. The airport is located very near the city and is your best bet for traveling to and from Geneva.


Here are just a few suggestions of things to do in Geneva

  1. Musee International de la Reforme- This modern museum in an 18th-century mansion focused on the Reformation in Switzerland. Audiovisuals help bring to life some of its exhibits such as the earliest printed Bibles to the emergence of Geneva as Protestant Rome in the 16th century.
  2. Maison Tavel- In the middle of the Old Town is the oldest private home in Geneva dating back to 1334. Maison Tavel is located on Rue du Puits-Saint-Pierre. Each room tells you something about the history of Geneva. Rooms in the house are decorated with different period furniture and paintings to represent different times.
  3. Patek Philippe Museum- Arguably the greatest watchmaker in the world, the brand Patek Philippe has a museum named after the founders of Patek Philippe, Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe. This museum covers the history of watchmaking in Geneva and all over Switzerland. On the ground floor, there are replicas of what it takes to make one of these watches including the workbenches with all the instruments. You can even see a current watchmaker putting one together.
  4. La Finestra- Nestled in heart of the Old Town this little restaurant serves some of the best Italian food in Switzerland. Known for its low ceilings and tiny tables all on top of each other in the basement level of a historic building. An intimate setting bordering on claustrophobic.
  5. Art and History Museum- At Les Tranchées in the center of the city, this attraction features fine arts, applied arts and archaeology exhibits. The work that must not be missed is the 15th-century Miraculous Draft of Fishes by Konrad Witz. This was on an altarpiece at St Pierre Cathedral and is credited as being the first ever faithful depiction of a landscape in European art. Another popular attraction is the archaeology portion of the museum which contains a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy.
  6. Mont Salève- This mountain peak on the edge of the city is referred to by locals as the “balcony of Geneva.” A big wall of rock on the horizon, it rises to 1,400 meters. There is a traditional cable-car that can scale that in just minutes and take you straight to the top of this scenic beauty. It has been in operation since 1932 and replaced the world’s first electric railway completed in 1892. If that sounds a little sketchy to you, there is always the option to walk as you are free to take the hiking trail to the top. The views from the summit over Geneva and the lake are breathtaking.
  7. Bains Des Pâquis- The Bains Des Paquis are public baths located along a pier on the west shore of Lake Geneva. The outdoor pool is extremely popular with locals who swim there on warm days, sunbathe on the pier, and lunch at the restaurant on the terrace. It’s definitely a social gathering place for people in Geneva and often hosts cultural events like musicals and poetry recitals.
  8. Parc Des Bastions- Next to Place de Neuve, this park houses the oldest university building erected in 1873. The Parc hosts concerts throughout the year and features a life-sized chessboard that is available for visitors to play with. There are ping-pong tables and a skating rink in winter. It is also known for its Monument International de la Reformation.
  9. Quartier Des Grottes- One-tenth of all Genevans live in this neighborhood near the center. Not exactly your parents’ Geneva. This section of town is young, chaotic, and bohemian. Like many metropolitan areas, it has gone through gentrification, but still has affordable areas to live. As a tourist, you should visit this area for its cafes, bars, restaurants, boutique shops, and theaters. There are housing blocks like San Francisco’s Painted Lady’s with colorful facades that draw a lot of people.
  10. Fondue- A bit of a cliché, but why not! Not specifically attributed to the Swiss, Switzerland has plenty of great fondue places for you to settle in and order this steaming pot of melted gruyère combined with wine, garlic, and seasonings. Some local favorites are La Buvette in the Bains des Pâquis, Café du Soleil at Place du Petit-Saconnex and le Gruyèrien on Chemin de la Bissonnette.


Why Should I Travel Business Class?

Even a great deal on a business class flight to Geneva will cost more than economy and coach fares, so why is it worth it? Whether the added cost is justified is a personal choice. A few benefits of business class travel include a larger seat, the ability to convert your seat into a bed that lays flat and allows you to sleep during your long flight, and added privacy. Other benefits include restaurant quality food, free alcohol, and drinks during your flight, unlimited movies, dessert, soft blankets, and pillows.


You will also be invited to pre-board your flight so you aren’t rushed by the other passengers while stowing your items. You can have extra room for your items in business class and the flight attendants tend to your needs.


At the airport, you will use the shorter first class and business class passenger lines at check-in and through security and you will be allowed to check in additional luggage without an extra fee (this does vary depending on your aircraft and your destination, so check before you buy to verify the baggage requirements on your particular flight.)


Other benefits of business class tickets to Geneva, Switzerland include admission to the airport lounges. The lounges are a great way to enjoy being at the airport. They serve food and snacks, drinks and cocktails, and offer desserts. Your business class ticket to Geneva will get you into the lounge where you can grab a table, relax at the bar, or check your email in a large recliner.


Now that you know a bit about travel websites, what to see in Geneva, and the benefits of business class travel, its time to begin researching your trip. Set your budget and get started!

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