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For your next vacation to Norway, check out the price of first class tickets to this eclectic country. You can compare the cost of different types of travel on travel websites. Last minute travelers have a great opportunity to find great deals on affordable international first class flights to Norway. If you are very flexible with the days and times you are willing to travel you can find cheap and inexpensive first class flights to Norway. For a destination airport, use Oslo Airport (OSL) it is the primary airport serving Norway.


If you are willing to invest some time researching flights, you can find affordable fares on first class tickets to Norway. There are fares to work with any budget, but you have to be flexible with your travel dates. Consider traveling to Norway in the offseason or on a red-eye flight. These small changes can really add up to big savings on first class tickets to Norway.


Which Airport Should I Use When Planning my Trip to Norway?


Oslo Airpot, OSL, is a busy airport, ranked in the top 20 busiest airports in Norway and it serves as the hub for many airlines including Scandinavian Airlines. Oslo Airport, OSL, works with all the major air carriers and moves more than 27 million passengers annually. You will have many flight and air carrier options if you use Olso Aiport, OSL as your destination airport.


How Should I Prepare for my Trip?


Spend a little time researching Norway. Learn what the country is known for and a few fun facts about the culture. It is also smart to ask friends who have traveled to Norway what their experience was. Also, ask them if they traveled first class to this amazing country. If they did, find out whether or not they felt the extra money for the tickets was well spent. Inquire as to how they found their tickets. Sharing resources with people you know is usually the best way to learn the ins and outs of a foreign country and arranging travel there.


If you don’t have any friends or friends of friends, you can use the internet and Google search for Norway to learn about what it has to offer travelers. Look for simple things like the currency (Norway uses the Norwegian krone, NOK, for example) then examine exchange rates. Weather patterns may seem like a really boring thing to read about, but the weather can really make or break your vacation depending on what you have planned for activities (lots of hiking during cold and rainy conditions might not be a great idea). If you decide to travel during risky weather conditions, plan for it. A big part of traveling to a foreign country is learning about its’ heritage. Museums, which are generally indoor activities, are a great way to learn about a culture and can be visited year round. If museum hopping tops your list of things to do in Norway, by all means, go to Norway during the offseason. You will find great deals on accommodations and very affordable first class flights to Norway. Consider it a win-win and book your trip!


Our Top Ten Most Fun Things to See and Do in Norway


  1. Transportation by Train- One of the easiest ways to get around Norway is by train. There are numerous routes that are easy to use, and Norway has a very modern fleet of trains. It is a great way to see the expansive land of Norway. There are over 2,000 miles of tracks which take you to all major cities in Norway as well as rural routes. You can go by the Hardangervidda plateau to Oslo to Trondheim.
  2. Geirangefjord- A Unesco World Heritage Site. Geirangerfjord is part of the massive Fjord Norway Network. Geirangefjord is full of green valleys, tiny villages, and snow-capped mountains. Sunnylvsfjord has some of the best vistas of the countryside. If you are a hiker, you can scale the summit at Dalsnibba which is almost 5,000 feet.
  3. Viking Ship Museum- Norway is synonymous with the Vikings. The Viking Ship Museum features everything you wanted to know about the Viking period. There are full intact Viking ships in the museum as well as the graves of historic Vikings from Norway. The boats date back over 1,200 years and have been remarkably preserved.
  4. Vigeland Sculpture Park- Over 200 sculptures made from bronze and granite all designed by one artist – Gustav Vigeland. Vigeland Sculpture Park has some very interesting pieces laid out in a beautiful park like setting. Keep an eye out as some of the sculptures lie in strange places including sitting in tree branches which leaves you with a very eerie feeling that you are being spied on by these mysterious sculptures.
  5. Oslo Cathedral- One of the main attractions in Oslo is the Oslo Cathedral which was built in the 11th It’s baroque style and ornate detail attract many visitors every year. It also has the distinction of being the first church built in Norway. On the balcony level is an enormous organ that fills the church was rich sound and music. The pulpit has incredible detail. The stained glass and murals on the ceiling make this a must see.
  6. The Village of Geiranger- For all you fans of the Disney movie Frozen, take a day to visit the village of Geiranger. Here you will find the inspiration for the movie Frozen. This tiny village has a backdrop of dramatic cliffs and is surrounded by forests and waterways. Most of the village is directly on the water as Geiranger is a traditional fishing village. Colorful houses are painted in different shades and you can visit one of the local restaurants where they will pull in the catch of the day and cook it for you.
  7. Munch Museum- Probably the most famous Norwegian artist of critical worldwide acclaim is Edvard Munch. He has his own museum dedicated to his life’s work. It opened in 1963 and here you can find over 1,000 paintings as well as 4,500 drawings and 18,000 prints. An impressive array of this artists lifetime of work.
  8. Arctic Cathedral- Dating back to 1965, The Arctic Cathedral is one of the newer cathedrals in Norway but done in dramatic style. The cathedral seems as if it was built with large blocks of ice in a traditional A-frame style. The façade is made of all glass and marked with a large crucifix. Inside the cathedral are incredible sparkling mosaics. The Arctic Cathedral looks like an ice castle and in the winter, the cathedral is lit up making for an even more dramatic entrance.
  9. Tromso Fjords- If you are a fishing enthusiast, take a trip to the Tromso Fjords. The fjords consist of tiny inlets, islands, and waterways that empty into the Norwegian Sea. The long network of waterways all occurred during the Ice Age. Take a fishing tour with a local guide to catch some incredible cod, salmon, or halibut. If fishing is not your cup of tea then go kayaking or canoeing. Also, due to its northern location, you have a great chance to see the northern lights.
  10. Mount Floyen- Some great hiking is available to you at Mount Floyen across from Bergen. The summit reaches 400 meters and the views to Bergen are incredible. If you don’t feel like hiking you can easily take the funicular to the top in a brisk 8 minutes and it is pretty fun as well. Outside of the hiking trails, there are also mountain bike paths to the top.


Time to Start Planning!


There is no better time than right now to begin planning your next trip to Norway. Call your friends and scour the internet, Norway is calling!

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