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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers excellent business class cabin amenities. KLM recently completed renovations on their fleet to offer New World Business class offering a business class seat that lays completely flat providing passengers with enough privacy to sleep soundly during their flight. With a business class seat that turns into a lengthy bed, it makes sense to consider KLM’s New World Business class for your next vacation. The luxuries in the business class cabin extend far beyond the comfortable business class seat. Business class cabin amenities and benefits begin when you arrive at the airport.


At the Airport

Business class passengers enjoy preferred check-in lines at the ticket counter and through security. These lines are always shorter and move more quickly than the coach and economy lines. Business class passengers can check in more baggage without incurring additional charges and they can carry on more bags too. This benefit varies by aircraft, season, and destination, so check the restrictions but you are generally allowed an extra bag and you have higher weight limits for your bag as well.


Once through the shorter lines at the baggage check and security, you can use the airport lounges. These lounges are the best part of first-class and business class travel. Check in to the elegant lounge and grab a drink at the bar, select a hot meal, or grab your favorite snack or dessert. The lounges are quiet and offer a nice getaway from the noise and quick pace of the airport. An attendant will check your business class ticket upon arrival to the lounge and will keep you updated as to gate changes or time delays. The lounges offer food, snacks, drinks, and desserts, but they also offer extra perks too. You can take a shower in a spa-like restroom and use the luxury shower supplies. Some of the lounges offer haircuts, massages, and clothes pressing services. You can check the amenities offered at the lounge at your airport prior to booking your flight. Many travelers choose to charge their electronic devices at the lounge or make last-minute work arrangements. These lounges offer many nice perks so allow some time to enjoy them.


Aircraft Cabin Amenities

Business class passengers pre-board their flight and can recline their seat all the way back and enjoy the extra space and privacy that Business Class travel provides. The meals in business class are fantastic, drinks are free, and the blankets and eye masks are just more luxury bonuses. Business class provides unlimited movies, you can request reading materials and anything else you might need to enjoy your flight.


KLM recently completed a total transformation in business class. The new business class seats provide maximum comfort whether you are looking to sleep or catch up on work. The new business class seats and cabin amenities will have you arriving at your destination feeling relaxed and alert. The fleet transformation to the new World Business Class included the new full-flat seats in the interiors of all Boeings 787, 777 and 747 and the A330 fleet.


Business Class Seats

On a KLM Boeing 787, Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 aircraft, the seats convert to a completely horizontal bed. The new seats are among the longest seats in the air measuring 2.00-2.07 meters long when horizontal.

On the Boeing 787, every seat in World Business Class has direct aisle access. The windows are large enough that can see outside even if you don’t have a window seat. The Airbus A330 and the Boeing 777 have a 2-2-2 seat configuration, which means all passengers either get a window or an aisle seat. The Boeing 747 has a 2-2 configuration on the lower and upper decks. There is an area to store your shoes, a touchscreen device to adjust your seat, and in-seat power sources to charge your laptop and electronic devices.


More Business Class Cabin Amenities

The new business class cabin interior was created by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius and is adorn with warm colors to make passengers feel comfortable. All business class passengers receive a comfort bag created by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. The comfort bags come in both male and female versions and there are six unique bags available in 12 colors.


The business class cabin seating was designed to maximize comfort while maintaining conveniences to allow ample space for work and play. The area converts into a mini office and offers a great entertainment system for watching movies, television programs or listening to music. There is WiFi on board all of the Boeing 787 Dreamliners and the Boeing 777 and A330s will soon be equipped with WiFi as well.


Passengers can currently enjoy more than 1000 hours of interactive entertainment in various languages on a 17-inch screen. From recently released movies to music and documentaries, there is something for every passenger to enjoy. The Boeing 777 and the Airbus A330s are still equipped with a 15-inch and 10.4-inch screens, although the entire fleet should be upgraded by the end of 2019.


On KLM flights departing from Amsterdam, the World Business Class meals are prepared by top Dutch chefs. The menus are constantly changing and feature seasonal specialties that are inspired by destinations. On selected flights, KLM business class passengers experience five-star dining. KLM offers an “Anytime for You” service that offers passengers the ability to order their food when they want it. This on-demand service gives passengers a selection of five dishes in addition to the usual three-course dinner and lunch options that are served. The five dishes include hot and cold, savory and sweet, and healthy dishes. This special menu is offered after the regular meal service and passengers are free to order from the “Anytime for You” menu for the duration of the flight. The meals are served restaurant style at the passenger’s convenience. KLM did not overlook the presentation of their meals in the business class cabin. Famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders created 40 unique pieces of porcelain, cutlery, glassware, and linens which are all used in the business class cabin.


Renowned Dutch wine specialists curated a fantastic wine list for KLM business class. The list features wines from around the world which pair perfectly with the KLM meal service menus.


KLM Keepsake Houses

Business class passengers are given a Delft Blue miniature house which is filled with genuine Dutch gin. KLM has been giving these keepsake houses to World Business Class passengers since the 1950s.


For more information on business class cabin amenities and business class seats, check the KLM website or consult with your travel agent. Business class cabin amenities and business class seats vary based on destination and aircraft.

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