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Why not book your next international flight to Greece as a business class flight to Greece? International business class flights to Greece are becoming super affordable and great deals on business class travel can be found on travel websites and through travel agents. There are business class tickets to fit almost any budget and business class travel has become very affordable. Even last minute travelers are finding great deals on traveling business class to Greece.

Business class tickets to Greece will get you many benefits, so if you are traveling to Greece for a special occasion and really want to celebrate in style, business class travel is a great alternative to the higher cost of first-class travel. Many of the luxuries provided to first class travelers also pertain to business class travelers.

The Benefits of Business Class Travel

Your international business class ticket to Greece will give you access to the premier traveler lines at the airport which are shorter than the coach and economy travel lines. You will also be allowed to check in extra baggage and have higher weight limits for each checked bag. This benefit does vary based on your air carrier and destination, so check before you arrive at the airport.

You will have a much larger seat than the seats in economy and coach and you will get additional privacy too. The food in business class is included and restaurant quality so you will not need to purchase an in-flight meal. Alcohol and other beverages are also included in the cost of your business class ticket to Greece, so you will not need to purchase in-flight drinks. Snack, desserts, and in-flight entertainment are also part of your airfare costs, so no need to plan ahead for any of these.

The best part of traveling business class to Greece is your seat will convert into a bed and you can actually sleep – laying down. It seems like a small thing, but being able to sleep laying down makes a huge difference in how you will feel once you arrive in Greece.

You will not need a day to sync up with the time zone change when you land in Greece. You will land ready to see the sights and hit the town. Sleeping makes a huge difference for travelers. The food, alcohol, snacks, and desserts save you money, but sleeping will save you an entire day trying to get on track with the time zone in Greece.

Business class travelers can also use the Club Lounges at the airport, charge up their electronic devices, and settle all of their affairs in the privacy that the club lounges provide. Again, you can have a meal, get some snacks, enjoy a cocktail, even take a shower if you need to. These lounges are a great way to regroup before your flight and complete any last minute work assignments, book a sightseeing adventure, or just let your friends and family know you are heading out of town.

When it is time to preboard your flight, the attendant at the lounge will let you know it is time to go and will also direct you to the appropriate gate. No hassles for you, all you need to do is listen. Then you can preboard your flight, meet the flight attendants, and get settled into your business class seat. You will be amazed at the added space and extra privacy that business class provides. There is plenty of room to store your belongings.

 Things to See and Do While you are in Greece

  1.  Corinth Canal- Greece is known for its’ incredible ancient architectural feats but the Corinth Canal might be the best. The Corinth Canal was started by the ancient Roman emperor Nero and was finished sometime in the late 1800’s. It is a true canal where laborers were brought in to carve directly into the solid rock that is as high as 90 meters. The canal is 6 kilometers long and is still in working order. Ships still travel through this working canal. Many tourists come to try the famous bungee jump.
  2. Mount Athos- Located on the Chalcidice Peninsula is a collection of 20 monasteries that is the main place of worship for the Eastern Christian Orthodox faith. The Chalcidice Peninsula is a breathtaking seaside village with the monasteries sitting right on the water. Unfortunately, ancient laws still apply, which means only males can enter the monasteries. Even with this setback, Mount Athos is a great place to visit.
  3. Ancient Corinth- Corinth is an ancient land with a mix of Roman and Greek relics. Here you can view an ancient theater, the Temple of Apollo and the Peribolos of Apollo. Corinth dates back to 400 BC. Even back in 400 BC, this city had a staggering 90,000 citizens. Romans destroyed and rebuilt Corinth by 44 BC. Based on some of the Neolithic pottery discovered here, some historians say that Corinth could possibly be as old as 6500 BC.
  4. Balos Beach- Located on the island of Crete is Balos Beach. Balos Beach is an incredible beachside resort where people go to sun and surf in Greece. Incredible blue waters, secluded lagoons, and lots of tropical fish make it a great location for snorkeling. Private cabanas are available for rental which really makes for a great day when you have a place to camp, spread your personal items out and get a break from the hot sun.
  5. Vergina Royal Tombs Museum- Located in Macedonia are the ancient burial mounds and royal tombs. The Vergina Royal Tombs Museum is located underground. Visit the tomb of Phillip II which dates back to 336 BC and you will get the opportunity to see the incredible afterlife preparation that was made to honor him. Ornate chalices, suits of armor, swords, and shields made of gold and ivory line the tomb.
  6. Psarou Beach- Located in Mykonos is the famous Psarou Beach which is known for its party atmosphere. The beach has tons of bars, restaurants, and cafes. Dance clubs are open until the wee hours of the morning. This is very expensive beach front property with enormous yachts docked off the promenade.
  7. Transportation- Transportation to the island of Greece from the main airport in Athens is traditionally completed by ferry but also by regional airplanes. Rental cars are available at the airport and hotels. Roads are easy to navigate and very safe to drive. Trains in Greece are not that popular. They are old and slow as the infrastructure is not kept up. Taxis are available and are relatively cheap.
  8. Couleur Locale- The Couleur Locale is a rooftop café with an incredible view of the Acropolis. Couleur Locale offers fine coffee blends as well as cocktails. This is an authentic Greek experience. Locals flood this place but welcome tourists as well.
  9. Tzitzikas kai Mermigas- Located in downtown Athens is the very famous Tzitzikas kai Mermigas restaurant. It is popular with both locals and tourists. It looks and feels like a local market. Guests are welcome to sit outside and be served traditional Greek food. There is also an up and coming craft beer scene in Greece and this restaurant is center stage featuring some of the best local beers.
  10. Nancy’s Sweet Home- The best desserts in the city can be found at Nancy’s Sweet Home. All the desserts are made by hand by owner and baker Nancy. Their favorite dessert is called the Love Dessert which is chocolate decadence cake. All of their desserts are served with homemade kaimaki ice cream.

Next Steps

Now that you have an idea of what business class tickets to Greece provides, how to find great deals on these tickets, and a few things to see while on your vacation, the next step is to carve out some free time and begin your search for the best deals on business class flights to Greece. Set your budget, be flexible with your dates and start planning today. The time has never been better to find great deals on cheap business class tickets to Greece. Happy planning!

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