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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could price out the cost of luxury travel and decide if you can afford it and if it is worth it before your next vacation? Well, yes you can do that now. Log on to a few travel websites and enter a few dates and times that you might be able to travel and compare the costs of first class, business class, economy, and coach travel. International business class flights to Norway are a great way to try out luxury or higher-end versions of air travel and see if it works for you. Great deals on business class tickets to Norway can be found on these websites.

Last minute travelers are finding some of the best deals on unbooked seats. International Business class flights to Norway make traveling a lot more comfortable and convenient (think bigger seat and shorter lines at the airport!). Set your budget, do some research and you might find business class tickets to Norway that work with your budget.

How to Begin Your Search

Begin your search by identifying which airports will work best for you. You probably know which local airport is most convenient but consider using some out of the out of the way airports too. Make a short list of nearby airports. Next, consider where you are going.

For business class flights to Norway, use Oslo Airport (OSL). This is the main airport in Norway and it serves more than 27 million passengers each year, so it’s busy! You will find a lot of flights going to Oslo Airport, OSL, which is good because the more flights there are the greater the opportunity to find really great deals on business class flights. Oslo Airport, OSL is the hub for Scandinavian Airlines and an operating base for Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Now the rest is easy: you need to play around with dates and times, look for patterns of lower-priced business class flights on certain days of the week. Examine the different times you can fly and compare prices too. All of these factors have a great impact on the cost of your airfare.

Consider too, which season works best for you. Are you an outdoorsy person who loves hikes in the Springtime? Do you fish? Are you a cosmopolitan art lover that scours eclectic museums all day long? All of these activities require different weather to enjoy them.

Don’t plan a hiking trip in the dead of winter, unless hiking in the snow is one of your favorite things to do! Don’t plan a museum-heavy trip in the summer, if the sunshine makes you crave open spaces! Also, consider the crowds that come with spring and summer travel. These high seasons mean higher prices, long lines, and a quick paced trip. Offseason travel can be very affordable and enjoyable if you plan accordingly.

 Ten Things to Visit When you are in Norway

  1.  Ferry boats- Take a trip on the Hurtigruten ferry which will you give you a great view back on Oslo or venture out to the less explored parts of Norway. Either way, it’s a great scenic view of a beautiful land. You can even jump on and off the ferry at some of Norway’s scenic ports.
  2. Arctic Circle- The north part of Norway is located in the Arctic Circle which means you can get a great view of the famous Northern Lights. This is created by particles from the sun entering the earth’s atmosphere giving off an amazing light show in the sky. You can also see the Midnight Sun. This unbelievable natural occurrence happens every year around the summer solstice when the sun never sets and it is permanent.
  3. Atlantic Ocean Road- Rent a car or even take a taxi ride along the Atlantic Ocean Road. It is a 5-mile road filled with incredible views of the coastline. You will pass through charming villages and ancient churches along the way. Pass by the iconic Troll’s Church Cave. Ask your hotel for a route guide as the Ocean Road is now a top attraction and a specific defined route exists. A map will help you make sure you see the most dramatic views and historic churches along the way.
  4. Oslo City Hall- Visit Oslo City Hall to get a sense of Oslo’s politics, history and culture. The building itself was built in 1915 and is one of the most picturesque and famous in Norway. There are a number of galleries inside that feature local famous artists.
  5. Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden- Known as the Botaniske Hage in Norway, the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden is a natural phenomenon. The botanical garden is located inside the Arctic Circle. The garden is surrounded by a harsh rock like environment in extreme weather conditions. You will find thousands of species of flowers and plants from all over the world. You can find Arctic poppies, Siberian lilies and a wide range of herbs and mosses. Explore the incredible gardens or walk around the ponds, waterfalls and remote pathways.
  6. Akershus Castle- The Akershus Castle was built just before the turn of the century in 1299. Akershus Castle was built to protect Oslo from enemy invasion. Norway has used this castle for a variety of very different purposes over the last 800 years. It acted as the home of the royal family who lived in the castle. At one point it was a prison and now it is used as the Ministry of Defense. Tours are available to learn about the castles as well as Norway’s history.
  7. Lillehammer- Located close to the beautiful and scenic Lake Mjosa is the town of Lillehammer. It a very popular tourist destination. Winter sports like skiing, sledding, skating or hiking along Nordic trails are very popular with travelers. Make sure to visit the Peer Gynt Cottage or Malhaugen Park with its 100 ancient buildings to get a sense of what life was like in the old days of Norway with its churches and farmhouses from the 18th century.
  8. Lyngen Alps- Located in the Arctic Circle is the Lyngen Alps which is a mountain range that shares a border with Sweden. Some great skiing is available in these mountains. Both mountain or cross-country skiing is available. The area is full of natural beauty with fjords, glaciers, gorges, peaks and rushing rivers. Being in the Arctic Circle you can also catch a glimpse of the northern lights.
  9. The Fjelheisen Cable Car- Located at the base of Mount Storsteinen is the Fjelheisen Cable Car. Riding the cable car will take you from its base to its peak in only 4 minutes where you will reach a height of 420 meters. From the top of Mount Storsteinen, you can see some incredible vistas of the countryside. In the Summer months, it’s a great place for mountain biking or paragliding if you are a little more adventurous. Skiing is available in the Winter months.
  10. The Royal Palace of Oslo- Built at the turn of the 19th century for King Charles III, this spectacular palace is now the home of King Harald V and Queen Sonja. In the summer months, you can tour the Royal Palace and see some of the spectacular ballrooms where the king and queen throw lavish ceremonial parties. The Royal Palace has crystal chandeliers, paintings, and exquisite furniture. One of the top attractions is the changing of the guard held at 1:30 p.m. every day with ceremonial horses.

Time to Get Booking!

A few words about booking your trip. If you use a travel agent or travel website, make certain that you completely understand refund policies and restrictions before you hand over your credit card. Vacations are very fun when everything goes right, but when something goes wrong, you need to know the refund policies. Any legitimate organization is transparent with these essential terms and conditions. Know what you are buying before you buy. Happy planning!

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