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International first class flights to Europe are becoming more affordable and commonplace. Consumers are using the internet much more to compare the costs of a coach, economy, business class, and first class tickets. Oftentimes, the higher price of first class flights to Europe can be justified due to the abundance of benefits you receive. Inexpensive and affordable first class tickets to Europe can be found using a travel website. Great deals on first class flights to Europe are frequently offered by all of the major airlines. The first step to planning an international trip to Europe is to set your travel budget. Next, you can log on to a travel website and begin searching for the lowest cost first class tickets to Europe. There are deals that can work with any budget.


Flexibility is Important

You have a great chance of finding a cheap ticket to Europe especially when you consider the abundance of airports you can choose from when sourcing flights. You could fly into France and choose The Charles de Gaulle Airport – CDG, Orly Airport – ORY, Nice Cote d’Azur Airport – NCE, and Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport – LYS, which used to be called Lyon Satolas Airport. Additionally, you could fly to Italy and choose one of Rome’s two major airports, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, FCO or Rome Ciampino Airport, CIA. Or you could look for flights arriving at Milan-Malpensa Aiport (MXP) in northern Italy.  Either way, you have a lot of options to choose from.


The more flexibility you have, the greater your chances are of finding really great deals on first class tickets to Europe. A trip to the continent of Europe means you will have to be strategic about what you see and what you skip. Depending on how long your trip is, you will need to chart out a plan to travel from country to country. The good news is Europe offers a great network of trains, subways, and buses so getting around each country should be fairly simple. Make sure you plan your trip as far ahead as possible and purchase train passes early to get the best deals.


When to Visit Europe

Europe is an extremely popular travel destination during the spring and summer months. It can be very crowded. The lines for attractions can be very long and many sell out before the mid-afternoon. If you can purchase tickets ahead of time, you should do it. If there are guided tours available, choosing a tour is very convenient rather than waiting in longer individual lines.


If you can travel in the offseason to Europe you will find it much less crowded and the prices will also decrease for many of the attractions. Make a point though to check weather patterns in each country you plan on visiting. Even neighboring countries can experience very different types of weather. Since you will be traveling first class, you don’t need to worry about your bag being too heavy. So pack those heavy coats and boots. First class passengers can check extra bags without incurring a penalty fee and the weight limits are increased as well.


It is a good idea to check online prior to your trip and verify exactly what amenities and benefits you will receive with your first class ticket to Europe. The airline’s website will have specific information about the configuration of your cabin, so you can see where your first class seat is located. There is also information about meals, alcohol selections, and in-flight entertainment. You should check the club lounge amenities at the airport. Your first class ticket to Europe gives you access to these lounges at the airport. You will want to spend some time here before your board your flight, so check out the website to learn more about the great features of these lounges.


Ten European Fun Facts:

  1. Biggest Population Growth- Luxembourg has the highest growth rate of 2.05% in Europe. Most countries in Europe are pretty mature and do not have a huge population growth. Luxembourg is in western Europe. It is located next to Belgium, Germany, and France. Luxembourg is a mix of French and German. It’s three languages are French, German and Luxembourgish.
  2. Most Popular Religion- Religion in Europe has had a huge influence and is still an influencer in today’s society around art, culture, and law. The largest religion in Europe is Christianity. There are three countries in Europe that have Muslim majorities. Some of the smaller religions include Judaism and Buddhism.
  3. Favorite Food- Continental cuisine is very popular in Europe with so many different people and cultures. Some of the traditional items pop up on the most popular items like fish and chips in the United Kingdom and pizza in Italy. Poland’s pierogi which is a pocked filled dough is extremely popular throughout Europe as well.
  4. Most Educated- The United Kingdom has the highest percentage of highly educated people in Europe. According to the OECD, which is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK has 45.96% of its citizens aged between 25 and 64 who have completed some higher education program like a two-year, four year or vocational program.
  5. Most Olympic Medals- Great Britain has the most Olympic medals with 882 followed closely by Germany 855. Also, above the 800 mark is France. 851 of Great Britain’s meals are from the Summer Olympics. Norway leads in Winter Olympic medals at 368.
  6. Most Nobel Prize Winners- The United Kingdom has 130 total Nobel Prize winners. Germany is the only other country over 100 in Europe with 108. The UK’s 130 is only second to the United States. However, the most impressive stat is Nobel Prize winners per capita. That belongs to the Faroe Islands which is an island north of Scotland about halfway between Norway and Iceland. With a population of only 50,000, their ratio of Nobel prize winners out of 10 million is 202,589.
  7. Tallest Building- The tallest building in Europe is located in the Russian section of Europe which is the Lakhta Center of Saint Petersburg, Russia. It stands at 1,517 feet. The next 3 tallest buildings are also located in Moscow, Russia. The Shard in London is the tallest building in Europe when you think traditional Europe standing at 1,016 feet.
  8. Tallest Mountain- Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe. That makes Mount Elbrus the 10th tallest mountain in the world. It is a dormant volcano. It is located in the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia bordering with Georgia. The tallest summit is 5,642 feet.
  9. Most Miss Universe Winners- The United Kingdom leads Europe with 5 total Miss Universe winners. Iceland has a surprising 3 winners putting them in 2nd place in Europe. It’s up for debate which continent Iceland belongs to as it is an island halfway between North America and Europe. It sits slightly closer to the tectonic plates of Europe and has more European heritage.
  10. Largest Debt- The United Kingdom has the largest debt in Europe with $8,475,956,000,000. As a percentage of their GDP, Luxembourg has the largest debt at 6,307% of their GDP. Unfortunately, Luxembourg also has the highest debt per capita at 6,968,000.


Next Steps

Now that you have an idea of how to find inexpensive tickets to Europe and you know how to determine what is included with your first class ticket, it’s time to begin planning. Safe travels!

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