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Many travelers are choosing to pay the higher cost of first class air travel and they are finding great deals on airfares. International first class flights to Hong Kong provide travelers with lots of luxuries and extra comforts for the long journey to Hong Kong. You can search the Internet for cheap and inexpensive flights to Hong Kong. If you are a procrastinator, fear not, there are great deals on last-minute first class flights. Try using a travel website where you can compare the cost of different flights. There are tickets prices that can work with any budget. Before booking economy or coach seats, take some time to really explore your options.


The International Airport in Hong Kong is called Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Hong Kong International, HKG has been in operation since 1998 when it opened as a replacement for the previous main airport which was called Kai Tak Airport. Hong Kong International, HKG is incredibly busy and works with all major air carriers. You have many options to choose from when flying in to or out of this busy airport.


Why First Class? Is it Really Worth the Extra Money?


If you want to arrive in Hong Kong already on their time zone, then yes, first class travel is worth the extra money. First class amenities are incredible but they do depend on the type of airplane you are flying on. The good news is you can check on the amenities before you book your flight because the type of plane is assigned early in the process. The newer, larger planes offer great extras like small gathering areas where the first class passengers can meet to second floors on the aircraft that have a full lounge area designated as first class only. There are also seating and cabin formations that vary too.


You will always get a seat that reclines into a bed and sometimes a small desk or partition. The privacy in first class is very good regardless of the type of aircraft you are on. You will be able to sleep soundly no matter what type of plane you are on. The first class flight attendants are also incredibly experienced and offer great travel tips to interested passengers. Definitely chat with them, first class flight attendants are a wealth of knowledge.


Bottom line, sleeping and privacy are a guarantee in first class. The food and alcohol are included too, so you will arrive full and very relaxed. Some airlines are partnering with celebrity chefs to provide the food to the first class cabins. So you can bet the food will be a “do not miss.” Beyond great food, free drinks, a comfy bed, and lots of privacy, first class also offers cashmere blankets, eye masks, slippers, soft pillows, and unlimited in-flight entertainment. First class is pricey, but if you have some flexibility in when you are willing to travel you can find great deals through travel agents and travel websites.


Always check the terms and conditions before you book your first class flight to Hong Kong. Try using FlightsLux, a website that provides assistance and support even after you purchase your ticket. This website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week and boasts a $1,000 savings. FlightsLux specializes in first class and business class flights, so they are experts in the field of luxury travel.


Things to See While you are in Hong Kong


  1. Star Ferry- These ferries transfer people between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. This ride provides the most scenic views of the city. The waters of Victoria Harbor are very calm. Catch the 8:00 p.m. ferry to see Hong Kong’s Symphony Lights Show.
  2. Street Markets- There are many street markets throughout Hong Kong and some are better than others. Temple Street Night Market is a favorite. Here, local vendors sell everything from knock-off clothes, electronics, and food. Stanley Market is another well-known market. Located on an old fishing village on Hong Kong Island, this market is full of stalls with jewelry, souvenirs, and home offerings.
  3. Po Lin Monastery & Big Buddha- The Po Lin Monastery and temple complex was built in 1924. More buildings are being added mainly to handle the ever-expanding tourist population, most come to see the enormous seated bronze Buddha known as Big Buddha. Buddha is almost 34 meters tall and is the tallest seated bronze Buddha statue in the world.
  4. Hong Kong Museum of History- This enormously large complex houses more than 75,000 square feet of Hong Kong’s history from prehistoric times to today. Exhibits aren’t just historical or focused on art, but visitors can also view pop up exhibits on topics including local food, fashion, and music. There are also permanent exhibitions which are incredible. In total, there are more than 90,000 pieces of work to see.
  5. Quinary- Looking for an elegant evening with beautiful people dressed to the nines? Then head over to the very sleek, dimly lit cocktail bar called Quinary. It is often voted as one of the world’s top 50 bars. Their bartenders are called mixologists and they create homemade Asian-inspired cocktails.
  6. Happy Valley Racecourse- This unbelievably modern horse racing track in Hong Kong features live music and sometimes feels more like a dance club than a horse track. You can exchange your cash for betting vouchers at the kiosks which feature language setting, including English. Great food and beer are also available.
  7. Victoria Peak- Victoria peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. It stands at 552 meters and has three hundred and sixty degree views of the metropolis. You can reach the peak using the Peak Tram. Restaurants and shopping malls surround the Peak. Seek out the Lions View Point Pavilion which is not as high as the peak, but a nice lookout with a Chinese pagoda, gate, and lion statues.
  8. High Island Reservoir East Dam- This area is part of Hong Kong’s Global Geopark and offers the most easily accessible views of the South China Sea. Here you can touch 14 million-year-old volcanic rocks. The reservoir and dam were built to provide fresh water after China shut off the water to Hong Kong. There are plenty of hiking trails where you can admire the dam which was built using huge blocks of concrete.
  9. Lantau Island- Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, but there are many other reasons to travel here. Historical sites, sunny beaches, hiking trails, and Hong Kong longest beach, Cheung Sha Beach are all worth checking out. Ride the Nong Ping Cable Cars to get a great view of the island as it soars to its highest peak.
  10. Second Draft- The Second Draft is known as one of the best bars in Hong Kong. A craft beer explosion has occurred in Hong Kong and this bar has lined up some of the best local brews. They also serve up great bar food such as edamame with crispy chicken skin. Delicious food and drinks are reason enough to visit.


Now that you know a little bit about what first class travel offers travelers and you have an idea how to shop for flights and compare airfare, maybe it’s time to set your budget and block off some time to conduct your own research. Planning a vacation can be really fun once you know how much you can spend and how long you will be traveling. Use our list of suggested sights and really to get know Hong Kong on your trip. It is an amazing city that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.

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