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Many travelers choose first class flights to Shanghai, China. Shanghai is the largest city in China. With a population of more than 24 million people, this city truly offers a spectacle of events and things to see. From ancient temples to street markets, to great theater and high-end fashion, Shanghai is a great city to travel to via international first class flights. There are first class tickets offered at fares to work with any budget. Even last minute travelers can secure cheap and inexpensive deals on international first class tickets to Shanghai, China. Many travel websites allow consumers to compare fares based on the airports they are traveling from and the dates and times they can depart and arrive home. With the accessibility of inexpensive first class flights to Shanghai, it makes sense that so many travelers are purchasing these tickets.


Here are a Few Things To Do in Shanghai, China:

  1. The Bund (Wai Tan): The Bund is a great place to find street sellers as well as see the beautiful buildings of Shanghai. It is located on Shanghai’s port on the waterfront of the Huang Pu River. This is a great location to stroll along the water and find some souvenirs. It’s recommended to go at night time when the view is filled with lights coming from the buildings and boats along the water.
  2. Shanghai Confucian Temple: To get away from the towering skyscrapers of Shanghai, it’s recommended to escape to this beautiful temple. The tea service is the best feature of this attraction and provides a history of making and serving the teas as well as a wide variety of teas to taste.
  3. Zhujiajiao: Known as the “Venice of Shanghai,” Zhujiajiao is a must-see. Filled with canals and waterways, this historic water town has charming cafes and shops. This town is a perfect destination to find souvenirs and take boat tours through the canals.
  4. Shanghai World Financial Center: This building offers some of the best bird’s eye views of this massive city, standing as one of the world’s tallest buildings. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can also travel up to the 100th floor, where the world’s highest observatory, the Sky Walk, offers a perfect panoramic view of the city.
  5. Shanghai Museum: Including a collection of artifacts charting Shangai’s fascinating history, the Shanghai Museum is considered one of China’s best museums. Located in the People’s Square, the museum’s architecture is just as eye-catching as the exhibits inside.
  6. Yuyuan Garden: This beautiful garden is another perfect escape from the large city of Shanghai. The beautiful greenery is not the only thing to see in this garden. The highlights of this garden include the Jade Magnificence Hall, the Lotus Pool, as well as unique pagodas and bridges.
  7. Jade Buddha Temple: Considered one of the top attractions in Shanghai, this temple attracts its visitors with its impressive collection of statues. It’s also one of the only active Buddhist monasteries in Shanghai, making this temple even more unique.
  8. Shanghai Maglev: Traveling at 270 miles per hour, this train is one of the fastest passenger trains in the world. While incredibly practical and convenient, the train also has a museum of its history and engineering.
  9. Oriental Pearl TV Tower: Including a museum and restaurants, as well as an incredible panoramic view, this tower is a staple in Shanghai. The view isn’t the only thing this tower has to offer. The restaurant is revolving, providing a complete, uninterrupted view of the city, and the skywalk has a glass bottom floor at one of the observation decks.
  10. Nanjing Road: Nanjing Road perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of Shanghai’s booming economy. The six-mile stretch of shops includes stores from all over the world as well as local vendors. Both an attraction to see at night and during the day, Nanjing Road is a great place to shop.


First Class Tickets to Shanghai, China-

A first-class ticket to Shanghai gets you a lot of really great perks that make your travel experience so much more enjoyable. Most travelers recognize the shorter lines at the airport marked for “first class or preferred” travelers. First class tickets designate you as a preferred traveler for the day. Get in the shorter lines! Also included with your first class ticket are extra baggage accommodations. This varies based on your aircraft, destination, and airlines, so check the allowances, but in general, you can bring an extra bag at no extra cost and your bag weight limit is greater too. So pack away! You won’t pay extra for it.


Airport lounges. The lunges are amazing and your first class ticket gets you into these lounges and gets you access to the first class area in these lounges. The lounges alone are amazing, but the first class areas are exquisite! Your attendant will keep track of your flight for you, so don’t worry about a delay or a gate change, the attendant will let you know when to pre-board too. In the lounge, you can avoid the high cost of the really bad airport food. The lounge food is free, much better than the fare you’ll find at the airport. Grab a table or comfy recliner and enjoy your hot meal. Cocktails are free too as are sodas. You can take a seat at the bar or sit with your traveling companion at a private table. There are showers, beautiful bathrooms, and high-end toiletries to enjoy as well. If you have any last minute work to finish, you can accomplish that here and the best part is you can recharge your mobile devices. Escape the busy airport, finish what you need to do, and enjoy the afternoon or early morning.


Pre-board your flight and enjoy the added privacy that first class travel to Shanghai affords you. Your seat lays flat which means you can actually sleep on the plane-laying down. You will enjoy a meal sometimes prepared by a celebrity chef, and again, more free cocktails and champagne if you choose. Dessert is included too and super soft blankets, an eye mask, pillows, a goodie bag of extras and the best part, the flight attendants are the most skilled in the industry. They can offer you tips on things to see and do in Shanghai and they will get you anything you need to make your flight more enjoyable. There are unlimited movies, tons of reading materials, noise canceling earbuds, and depending on your aircraft, you may have a small desk to work at and a privacy partition, and even a small bar or common area where first-class travelers can assemble and chat. First class travel to Shanghai will have you arrive at your destination ready to be adventurous and see the sights and sounds of the city. Your vacation truly begins at the airport when you travel first class. It’s a completely different experience than traveling economy or coach.


Shanghai International Airports:

Shanghai is home to two major international airports. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). All major airlines offer service into these airports including Air China, Air Nippon, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines all fly to Tokyo airports. All of these airlines offer first class flights to Shanghai.

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