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International and domestic first class cabins on All Nippon Airways (ANA) flights are a great way to begin your next vacation. The air carrier offers amazing first class seats and many different first class cabin configurations. First class cabin amenities include great meals, luxury linens, and added privacy. The first class seats are extra wide and convert into a bed that is large enough to sleep comfortably for the duration of your flight. All Nippon Airways main international hub airports are Narita International Airport (NRT) and Kansai International Airport (KIX). All Nippon Airways domestic hub airports are Tokyo International Airport (HND), Osaka International Airport (ITM), Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO), and New Chitose Airport (CTS).


All Nippon Airways operates a fleet of more than 200 aircraft. On the B777-300ER first class cabins are configured with the “Ana First Square” design.” This design includes an extra large seat that reclines into a bed, a 23-inch LCD touch panel monitor, LED lighting, a large table that adjusts to the perfect height and angle, a cocktail table, a universal power and USB port, a premium handset and personal satellite international telephone, a small closet to hang your clothes, several storage compartments, and a do not disturb light on the outer wall of your unit (when seated in the first square design).



First Class Amenities:


All Nippon Airways operates a fleet comprised of Boeing 787-9, 787-8, 777-300ER, 767-300ER, 737-700, and the Airbus A320neo. All Nippon Airways operates a private first class check-in area, referred to as a check-in suite, at several airports. The air carrier also offers luxury club lounges for business class and first class passengers. The luxury club lounges have sections that are designated for first class travelers only.


All Nippon Airways provides first class passengers with greater baggage accommodations than other passenger classes and your checked in bags receive priority service at your destination. Your checked in bags will always be among the first bags removed from the plane and sent to baggage claim. First class passengers can take additional carry on items on to the plane without incurring a penalty fee.


Meals served in first class on All Nippon Airways are provided through the company’s Connoisseur program. This dining option includes food prepared by world-renown chefs and features a wide variety of food styles to choose from. All Nippon Airways also employs several sommeliers to curate an exceptional wine list that pairs perfectly with Connoisseur meals. First class passengers can specify dietary restrictions or request special meal preparations in advance of their flight. All Nippon Airways accommodates custom requests through their online ordering system. The air carriers offers traditional menu items and regional delicacies as well as choices for lighter fare, vegetarian options, and childrens dishes.


Matcha tea is served in the first class cabin along with coffee and other beverages. All Nippon serves Taittinger champagne and Japanese craft sake are also available as well as a soda, sparkling water, and juices.

Inflight entertainment in the first class cabin includes a wide selection of movies, music, games, television programs, and e-books.


When it’s time to sleep, your first class seat will recline into a bed and is made up with a full set of luxury linens. All Nippon Airways flights feature an ultra-light comforter, a cashmere blanket, and organic cotton sheets. When applicable, loungewear is provided for first class passengers. The loungewear is a two-piece set with a top and bottom and is made from organic cotton. Customers may take the loungewear home with them and it comes in a convenient carrying pouch.



Extra Luxuries:


An amenity kit of toiletries is also available in the first class cabin and includes a basic care set, lotion, emulsion, foaming cleanser cotton pads, a toothbrush, eye mask, and ear plugs. You can also request mouthwash, face and body sheets, combs, socks, and tissues.


All Nippon Airways partners with Lexus for ground transportation for first-class passengers. Ground transportation is available on a case by case basis and is only available to first class passengers. The All Nippon Airways and Lexus partnership is just one example of the air carrier’s commitment to providing high-level first class amenities for its passengers. Ground transportation should be coordinated prior to the day of travel and is only available at select airports. Check the All Nippon Airways website for additional details.


Popular Destinations:


All Nippon flies to most major international cities.

Here are some of their most popular flights:

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Osaka International Airport (ITM)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Houston International Airport (IAH)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to New York International Airport (JFK)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Sydney International Airport (SYD)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Brussels International Airport (BRU)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Paris International Airport (CDG)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Munich International Airport (MUC)

Tokyo, Japan Narita (NRT) to Mexico City International Airport (MEX)



About All Nippon Airways


All Nippon Airways utilizes Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (HND) which is much closer to downtown Tokyo than Narita (NRT) airport making it more convenient if you need to travel to Tokyo. Traveling through Haneda Airport (HND) means that after a long international flight, passengers don’t have to take a long taxi cab ride. All Nippon Airways reports 32% of their international revenue comes from flights between Japan and North America. All Nippon Airways is headquartered at the Shiodome City Center in Minato, Tokyo. Before this new modern building, ANA was headquartered on the grounds of the Tokyo International Airport in Ota, Tokyo.

Most of ANA’s international destinations focus on business routes. These are the most profitable routes for the airline. In fact, the only remaining resort routes are from Haneda Airport (HND) and Narita Airport (NRT) to Honolulu, Hawaii.

The airline receives high marks for cabin amenities in many polls. Part of their high rankings in the airline polls every year is due to their luxurious cabin features like the fully lie-flat bed in business class and their nearly completely enclosed first-class suite seats. Even their economy class offers fixed shell back seats. They were the first to launch a new in-flight entertainment system that has iPod connectivity built-in. ANA introduced new lounges for first-class and their Mileage Club’s Diamond Service elite members. They are the only airline to offer women’s only lavatories on international flights. In first and business class the lavatories have bidets.

ANA also has extended bus services to get to their flights. They had a dedicated shuttle bus from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt Airport (FRA). For more information on All Nippon Airways first class amenities and first class seats, check the All Nippon website or consult with your travel agent.

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