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International First Class Flights to Sydney

If traveling to Sydney is on your bucket list, now is a great time to begin planning your trip. Choose a travel website, like FlightsLux to help you determine if First Class tickets to Sydney, Australia fit with your travel budget. Inexpensive tickets can be found even for last-minute travelers. You can compare the cost of coach and first-class fares and determine if first class is right for you. International First Class flights to Sydney are more accessible than you may think. If you are flexible with your travel dates, great deals can be found.

First Class Advantages

Your First Class tickets to Sydney, Australia will move you out of the long coach and economy travel lines at the check-in counter and through security. You will also be permitted to check in extra luggage without an extra fee and your baggage weight limits are higher than they are for coach and economy travelers.

Premier Lounges

Your First class tickets to Sydney, Australia will also give you access to the first class and club lounges at the airport. Use the lounges! They are clean, quiet, and luxurious. They serve great meals, snacks, alcoholic beverages, and sodas. Desserts are provided too. You can really begin to unwind at these lounges. Don’t skip them!

Pre-Boarding and Your Seat

You will be invited to pre-board your flight before the other passengers. This early access to the plane will allow you to settle in at your seat and stow your belongings without being rushed by other passengers. While in flight you can lay your seat back into a flatbed, enjoy the added privacy of first class, eat a really great meal and enjoy unlimited alcoholic beverages. You will be served dessert, offered tons of movies, and generally pampered by the flight attendants. First Class is very relaxing, enjoy it, you paid for it!

Depending on the type of airplane you are on you may have an area on your flight for first-class passengers to hang out together (a bar or service area) and your seating arrangements will vary too. Some newer aircraft offer desks for passengers and partition walls between the seats.

Ten Things to Do in Sydney

1. Visit the Opera House – The Opera House is often the number one site visited by tourists in Sydney. Known for its iconic building perched on a pier in the water, it is a world heritage site. It is beautifully illuminated at night and you can attend a show going on at the Opera House. The Opera House itself is considered a show because there is so much to see. You can tour the facility and stay for a meal inside.

2. The Royal Botanic Gardens – Established in 1816, this makes the Royal Botanic Gardens the oldest botanic gardens in Australia. Three years ago they celebrated an incredible 200 year birthday. There are guided tours as well as many self-guided tours available. There is the famous Choo Choo express “bus” which whisks passengers throughout the park. The park is located just a few minutes walk from the Sydney Opera House and partly due to its location and partly due to the incredible plant life, the Gardens draw over 5 million visitors per year.

3. Sydney Harbor Bridge – Want to experience one of Sydney’s most well-known bridges in a unique way? The Sydney Harbor Bridge offers climbing tours. It is one of the few bridges in the world to allow this. The tour comes with a climbing guide, all the climbing equipment required and a group tour. It is not overly strenuous as far as climbs go and a completely unique experience with incredible once in a lifetime views.

4. Bondi Beach – Is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. It is popular with locals as well as celebrities. It is always bustling, but not too crazy. The surrounding city has some great dining options and makes Bondi Beach a great destination beach. It is listed on the Australian Heritage List and is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest swimsuit shoot in history with over 1,000 women in bikinis taking part.

5. Luna Park – Luna Park is a kitschy amusement park. It has thrilling roller coaster rides like the Wild Mouse but it also is known for first class dining options. These options include dining on the ferris wheel on Sunday evenings. The park has a wildly entertaining entrance which is best described as a clown like figure with its mouth open and teeth showing. You enter through the mouth which has become a popular “selfie” moment. If you are looking to get your Coney Island fix, you can do that here as well. The Park offers a Coney Island area with an old-school funhouse, mirror maze and old school carnival games.

6. Head off to Manly – Manly is a short drive or better yet ferry ride from Sydney’s city center. It is a beachside suburb that many city dwellers head to for the weekends. It is estimated that 8 million visitors come here on a yearly basis. It has wonderful beaches and water activities. You can rent surfing equipment, take a lesson, lounge at the beach or join a beach volleyball game. There are many dining options in the city. It makes for a great weekend getaway.

7. Paddy’s Market – Paddy’s Market has been an institution in Sydney for over 150 years. It is the largest market in Sydney with over 1,000 stalls between the Flemington and Haymarket locations. The market has all kinds of street vendors and is a good place to pick up a souvenir to bring home to loved ones. It has a bustling atmosphere and many food vendors with great food and beer.

8. Darling Harbor – Darling Harbor is home to many attractions and sites. It’s a great way to take in the river and enjoy the city. It is described as a recreational complex and is next to Sydney’s city center. One of the more popular attractions is the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Other favorites include the Carousel, the National Maritime Museum and the Dockside Pavilion. There is shopping at the Harborside Shopping Center, an aquarium and many restaurants. Plan on spending a full day here to enjoy everything it has to offer.

9. Circular Quay – Circular Quay is a former working port that has been converted into all things Sydney. It’s harbor and also serves as a part passenger shipping port, part public piazza, and tourism hub. It is a popular tourist destination and consists of great restaurants, shopping, parks, shopping malls, and bars. Folks can jump on a ferry out of the harbor to get to many spots in Australia. It is a great location and has great views of the city. You can see the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House from the harbor. It is a popular spot to spend New Year’s Eve and enjoy the festivities and fireworks show.

10. Museums – Sydney is known to house some world-class museums. They have collections from all over the world as well as those that focus specifically on Sydney’s past. There is the Australian Museum which houses a great natural history collection. For you science and engineering types there is the Powerhouse Museum. The Hyde Park Barracks Museum is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. It was first a barracks for convicts and then an asylum for women. The museum shows how difficult and cruel life was for criminals and the mentally ill.

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