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Amsterdam’s eclectic culture and beautiful canals make it a popular destination for travelers. The capital of the Netherlands is known for its picturesque streets, bicycle lined pathways, and welcoming culture. Amsterdam offers hospitality and a wide array of activities for visitors. To ensure that you’re well rested when you arrive, don’t overlook the benefits of traveling First Class to Amsterdam (AMS). Websites and travel agents provide access to discount fares and packages, even at the last minute, that fit all budgets. First class travel to Amsterdam (AMS) can be more affordable than you think. There is so much to do in this energetic city, spending a day at your hotel catching up on sleep, won’t be on your list. So lace up your cycling shoes and purchase a ticket today. Here is a short list of reasons to visit Amsterdam:

  1. Pedal Power – Avoid gridlocked streets and explore the city via bicycle. With 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, you won’t be alone traveling the city’s well-used cycling paths.
  2. Work up an Appetite!– Amsterdam has a rich history of varied cuisine. Two words: Space Cake! And the herring served from carts is a “must try.”
  3. Tulips – Amsterdam is the world’s most popular place to buy tulip bulbs. Visit Bloemenmarkt-a floating flower market and Bollenstreek’s miles of flatland fields of tulips.
  4. Windmills – There are eight windmills in Amsterdam. Visit one near your hotel for the true Dutch experience.
  5. SO many museums! -The Rijks Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Oud-Zuid offer an array of art styles and experiences. Explore the collections online and plan to stay awhile!


And there is so much more to do and see in Amsterdam. The shopping rivals the best destinations in the world. Make sure you check out Kalverstraat, The Nine Streets, and Czaar Peterstraat. The Anne Frank House is a very popular destination and is designed as a museum and preserved rooms that represent the way Anne Franks lived while in hiding from the Nazis. The canals offer an amazing view of the city. The city lights up the bridges at night for a spectacular show. And don’t overlook the parks and neighborhoods. Amsterdam has more than 30 public parks with amazing gardens and expanses of lawns that make for great people watching. The neighborhoods represent artist communities, banking districts, and many cultures. Get out an explore!

There is so much to do and see in Amsterdam, that it makes sense that so many travelers choose First Class International Flights to Amsterdam over traveling Coach or Economy. Travelers to Amsterdam will want to take full advantage of their time in this eclectic city and won’t want to stay at their hotel recuperating from long hours of uncomfortable economy travel. Cheap and discount fares exist, even with little to no notice.

FlightsLux will find you inexpensive international first class tickets to Amsterdam and many other cities quickly and easily. FlightsLux guarantees a savings of at least $1,000 and works with all major airlines. With 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability, FlightsLux can help you book airfare that is affordable and at the lowest price. With so many activities to choose from in Amsterdam, saving money on your travel expenses is just good planning. FlightsLux makes saving money fast and easy. Travel specialists can help you with the booking process and ensure a comfortable first-class flight to Amsterdam and back home.

The First Class Difference

When choosing air travel, there are a lot of options. First Class flights to Amsterdam offer many perks. First class lounges offer more amenities than business class lounges. In fact, first class lounges operated by foreign airlines are offering major bonuses for travelers and are extremely plush in surroundings and offer every service imaginable. If you are holding a first class tickets to Amsterdam you have access to shorter lines at the airport, shorter lines through TSA checks and security, and you board the plane first. First class lounges offer an array of services including free alcohol and beverages, gourmet meals, a wide variety of snacks, desserts, and (in some cases) access to a hot shower. In the lounges for first class flights to Amsterdam, an attendant will track your flight status and notify you of any changes to your travel schedule. Once in the lounge, you can recharge your phone and laptop, grab a snack or hot meal, or unwind with a cocktail of your choice.

Arrive at your gate, pre-board, and prepare to be pampered. FlightsLux can coordinate your travel plans, book your flights, and guarantee you a great price. Travel experts know how to access the best flights at the best prices. FlightsLux offers 24/7 travel support.

Once on board, a first class flight to Amsterdam booked through FlightsLux you’ll enjoy unlimited movies, cashmere blankets, warm hand towels, gourmet meals and more. Check the plane configuration to determine if your bed fully reclines or you may have an “apartment style” seat. Some first class flights have onboard bars where passengers can mingle with each other. The meals in first class are prepared by renowned chefs and are an experience that often features well-known luxury champagnes and caviar service. You’ll arrive in Amsterdam feeling pampered, refreshed, and ready to tackle the abundance of sites or conquer your business tasks easily.

Amsterdam Airports:

Amsterdam’s major airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – AMS. Smaller airports include Rotterdam The Hague Airport – RTM, Groningen Airport Eelde – GRQ, Eindhoven Airport – EIN, and Maastricht Aachen Airport – MST. There are a grand total of 15 airports in the Netherlands. You can book international first class flights to Amsterdam to these airports. Amsterdam’s AMS airport will offer you the best amenities and the most options for travel. Amenities vary at each location, an agent with FlightsLux can provide you with information regarding each airport and assist you with connecting flights. With a wide selection of airports to choose from, you are guaranteed to find even a last minute flight that fit your schedule and budget. Major airlines like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Norwegian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, and United Airlines all fly to Amsterdam airports. All of these airlines offer First Class Flights to Amsterdam.

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