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International business class flights to Europe are a great way to travel to this amazing continent. There are affordable and even cheap business class tickets to Europe can be purchased on many travel websites. Take your time researching great deals on business class travel. You can compare the cost of business class flights to Europe on these websites and decide if business class fares will work with your travel budget.

Last minute travelers can find inexpensive business class tickets to Europe too. It pays to do your homework and take your time looking because great deals are out there, you just have to find them.

FlightsLux is a travel website that specializes in first class and business class travel. This website, like many others, offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week support. Purchasing your airfare online is a quick and easy way to source great deals on premium airfare and it provides transparency with the cost associated with the different types of travel. It is a good idea to research too what benefits you receive when traveling business class.

Air carriers are competing with each other to offer customers the best amenities in the marketplace. The benefits of luxury travel are constantly changing and improving. You can visit an airline website and find all of the amenities and services that are available to the first class, business class, and economy plus passengers. The luxuries are incredible and you may feel that the extra money for business class tickets is easily recouped in the benefits you will receive with your tickets.

Ten Facts About Europe

  1. Largest Population- Russia has the largest population in Europe with around 147 million people. It’s a bit unfair as Russia as a country is located in both Europe and Asia. About 77% of its people live on the European continent while 23% live in the Asian continent piece of Russia. Germany is smack dab in the middle of Europe and is the 2nd largest country in Europe with 83 million citizens.
  2. Highest GDP- Germany has the largest total GDP at 3,479,232 in billions. The UK is 2nd with 2,660,687 in billions. When you look at it on a per capita basis, Luxembourg is the largest at $102,831 dollars per citizen. By comparison, when you look at Germany who has the largest GDP, their GDP per capita is $41,936.
  3. Oldest Average Age- Italy has the oldest population in Europe only behind Japan in the world rankings. These two countries stand out from the rest of the world with their aging population. Measured by the percentage of citizens over the age of 65. Italy has 22.4 % of its people over 65 years of age. Not surprising, Italy has the largest pension responsibility in the EU.
  4. Smallest Population- San Marino is the least populated nation in Europe with only 33,200 citizens. It is the Italian Peninsula surrounded by all sides of Italy. It is only 61 square kilometers. Interestingly, the true number one smallest country in Europe is the Vatican City State. It is characterized as its own nation within Rome. There are only 1,000 people living on campus and are primarily clergy or state officials.
  5. Smallest GDP- San Marino is a microstate surrounded by Italy. It is a peninsula. At just over 61 square kilometers and a population just above 30,000, it’s total GDP is only $1.8 billion in USD. If you look at GDP on a per capita basis then the country with the lowest GDP is Moldova at $2,279 per citizen. Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine.
  6. Youngest Average Age- Moldova hits this list again. Not anywhere near the youngest population in the world as Europe has many mature countries in it. Moldova is the youngest within Europe with an average age of 36.7 years of age.
  7. Largest Employer- Volkswagen is the largest employer in Europe with almost 626,000 workers. It was founded in Germany in 1937. It was created by the German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler. It became the leading seller of automobiles in the world in 2016. Several emissions scandals have rocked VW in recent years and they have lost a lot of market share.
  8. Most Foreigners- Switzerland has a large reflux of foreigners with 24.6% of their population being foreigners. With such a large foreign population, Switzerland is looking at national referendums resulting in an immigration curb. There is a large flow of people within Europe that migrate to other European countries.
  9. Warmest Temperature- The warmest place in Europe is Malta. Located just off the African coast this small European country is actually very close to the Equator. The close proximity to the Sahara desert makes this country have average 32 degrees Celsius. They enjoy close to 333 sunny days per year.
  10. Coldest Temperature- Most countries in Europe that are located in Northern and Eastern Europe average the lowest temperatures. Iceland is the lowest which averages just 7 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Reykjavik is the northernmost city in Iceland and averages just below this.

The Advantages of a Trip to a Continent

One major advantage of planning a trip to a continent is that you will have many options for airports to use. The likelihood of finding a great deal on business class tickets to Europe is very good if you are flexible in where you begin and end your trip. If business class tickets to Paris are coming up as very high and will not work with your budget, consider beginning your trip in Italy or Germany. Wherever you are finding the best deals on affordable business class flights to Europe is where you should begin your planning. The best way to find great deals on airfare is to be extremely flexible.

The continent of Europe is home to some amazing and busy airports, the possibility of finding cheap business class tickets to one of these airports is very good.

If you are traveling in the offseason, generally considered the winter and fall seasons, you will find the prices for your airfare, hotel, and attractions are probably lower than in the spring and summer. This is good news, but it also means the weather is not a pleasant as the spring and summer. Make sure you have done the proper research on weather patterns in the areas that you will be traveling. It is important to plan your excursions accordingly.

If you are visiting during the winter months, it makes sense to book attractions that are mostly indoors. If you are planning on visiting museums, the weather is not really an issue, but if you are planning to go hiking and see ancient ruins, the weather is vital.

Another factor to consider if you are traveling in the offseason is the cancellation policy on your tickets, events, and excursions. Bad weather can cause you to miss connecting flights and delay your ground transportation. Know the restrictions for everything. Ask all of your questions, gather all of the answers, then decide if purchasing is worth the risk. Knowing exactly what you can expect is the best to way to ensure that you will not be disappointed. Vacations are supposed to fun. Enjoy your planning.

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