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China Southern Airlines offers impressive business class cabin amenities and extra wide business class seats. The air carrier continues to add to the list of amenities offered in business class and improves their business class seats. The business class seat on China Southern Airlines flights lays completely flat so you can sleep soundly on the flight. The business class seating areas are equipped with enough privacy to completely relax and enjoy the flight.


Amenities at the Airport

Business class passengers can access shorter preferred traveler lines at the check-in counter. Business class passengers can also check in additional bags without incurring a penalty fee. Business class passengers also receive greater carry on baggage limits. Check the China Southern website for exact accommodations. Business class passengers also receive access to China Southern’s club lounges at the airport. These lounges are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport. Business class passengers can enjoy a meal at the lounge or pick up a snack and enjoy a cocktail. There are workspace areas where you can collaborate on a work project or create a presentation and the free wifi makes it easy to send emails and text messages. There are shower facilities that business class passengers can use if you are coming off of a long flight. The shower areas are stocked with high-end toiletries for your convenience. You can grab a small meal, order a full hot meal, or get a soda, water, coffee or tea. Beer and wine are available as well as a full menu of alcoholic beverages. If you have a sweet tooth, there is a wide selection of desserts to choose from.


The attendant at the lounge will keep an eye on the status of your flight and let you know when it is time to check in at the gate for preboarding. If the gate is too far for you to walk, the attendant can arrange a ride for you. You can truly relax and let the attendant keep track of your flight delays and gate changes.

Business Class Cabin Amenities

Business class cabins on the A380 are located in the front of the upper deck of the plane. Business class seats convert to a horizontal position and the seating area provides enough privacy to completely relax or finish work projects. The business class cabin offers seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, so every seat has aisle access. The beds in business class measure 62 centimeters wide and come in two lengths, 1.95 meters and 2.2 meters long. The A380 has adjustable privacy dividers between each set of seats. This divider lets passengers decide how much or how little privacy is needed. The seating area features a storage pocket for reading materials, a magazine rack, a reading light, a USB port, and an in-seat power supply for your electronic devices. Each seat has its own 15-inch flat-screen LCD screen.

Onboard China Southern’s B787 aircraft, business class passengers enjoy an adjustable seat that reclines to a completely flat bed. The seating area also has a built-in reading lamp, beverage stand, magazine rack, and shoe storage. There is a 15-inch personal LCD screen for each seat.

Onboard China Southern’s A330, business class passengers get a luxury seat that adjusts with the push of a button. The seat converts into a comfortable bed and the seat configuration provides enough privacy that you can sleep during your flight and arrive refreshed and well rested. The cabin onboard the A330 has 24 extra wide seats arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration and plenty of space.

Entertainment in business class is viewed on an individual 15-inch flat screen LCD screen. China Southern provides high-fidelity noise-canceling headphones for your convenience. The digital onboard entertainment system provides video-on-demand services that include more than 1200 program options, offers more than 600 hours of entertainment, and has a capacity of 1000 GB. China Southern flights give passengers access to software applications including Word, Excel and other commonly used files. Business class passengers can browse personal photos and PDF files, listen to music and use other functions. Business class passengers can also share files with other passengers in the cabin.

The movies selection includes 150 movies and 300 Chinese and foreign televisions series. Business class passengers operate the entertainment system through a remote control that also supports satellite telephone functions. The remote control has a 1.9-inch LCD screen on one side and on the other side are gaming controls and keyboard input functions.

In-flight meals onboard a China Southern flight are restaurant quality and feature delicacies from around the globe. Menus feature the finest East Asian cuisine and popular Western foods. The menus change frequently, are prepared by award-winning chefs, and are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

China Southern serves traditional Chinese main courses highlighting food from south China. Popular western items are also offered as well as low calorie, trendy meal options. There are also salads, side dishes, bread, and dessert choices. Business class travelers departing from Guangzhou can enjoy China Southern Airlines’ well known “big bowl” beef noodles dish and Cantonese hotpot rice with Guangdong-style rice noodles.

Other menu items include Chaoshan beef meatballs in clear broth, Cantonese-style “kung fu” (pork, chicken, and mushroom) soup, roast goose, snacks, and desserts. China Southern can also accommodate food allergies and special requests. Their website includes complete instructions on how to preorder special request items.


China Southern has an extensive wine list and tea menu. Business class passengers can participate in China’s traditional tea culture through the air carriers “In-flight Tea Garden.” Passengers can sample many different types of tea and learn about the tea ceremonies that are so important in Chinese culture.


The wine list includes a variety of well-known wineries from France, the United States, Australia, Chile, and other countries. China Southern also offers several world-renowned brandys, whiskeys, and liqueurs.

China Southern Airlines continues to add to the list of amenities offered in business class. Check with your travel agent or go to China Southern Airlines website for a complete list of the benefits and amenities offered in the business class cabin based on your aircraft and destination.

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