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If a vacation to Sweden is on your bucket list for this year, consider purchasing an international first class ticket to Sweden. International first class flights to Sweden are a nice way to treat yourself to a luxurious vacation. Great deals and inexpensive fares can be found if you are willing to take your time and do some research. There are affordable and cheap first class tickets to Sweden that can be found even for last minute travelers. Set your budget and start your search by comparing fares offered on travel websites.


First class tickets to Sweden can really help you arrive in Sweden feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. First class travel is a nice way to pamper yourself and get you into “vacation mode” before you arrive at your destination. The long flight to Sweden can be uncomfortable and feel even longer when you travel economy or coach. Take some time and explore the fares and rates that are offered for affordable first class travel. You could find a great deal – how great would that feel!


Which Aiport Should I Use in Sweden?


Now that you have committed to exploring air travel rates and offerings, you’ll need to speak with a travel agent or log on to a travel website to gather some information. Begin searching first class ticket prices to Sweden and use Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN as your destination airport. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN is located outside of Stockholm and serves millions of passengers each year. This international airport is the largest airport in Sweden and is a major gateway airport. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN is the hub airport for Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, ARN will give you the best opportunity to find inexpensive first class flights traveling to Sweden. Use this airport to begin your search for international first class flights to Sweden.


Ten Amazing Things to  See in Sweden


  1. Vasa Museum- The Vasa was an amazing warship built in 1628 by King Gustavus Adolphus. On its maiden voyage, the ship sank with all of the bays loaded with artifacts. The ship remained under water for over 300 years. In 1961, the government decided to pull the ship to the surface and then restore the ship to its original glory. The project resulted in the ship being the centerpiece for the Vasa Museum on the west shore of Djurgarden. The ship has almost all of its original material and is the only ship of this scale to existing today.
  2. Malmo- Malmo is known for being the art and cultural hub of Sweden. It is the largest city in the County of Skane. Take a stroll and visit one of the up and coming art galleries. It is also known for being the first fair-trade city in the country. A foodie’s dream come true, the farm to table restaurants are the norm for the area. Tail to tip chefs focus on local produce and animals. Malmo is also developing a reputation for having an emerging nightlife with numerous bars, live music venues, and other pop up events.
  3. Gamla Stan- Head over to Stockholm and visit one of the historic centers dating back to the great medieval times in Gamla Stan. Shops, houses, and warehouses are all painted in various shades of gold. Cobblestone streets go from the water, curve through the town, and pass numerous alleys and passageways with cafes, restaurants, bars, boutique shopping, and museums. The Marten Trotzigs Grand is an alleyway that is only 90 centimeters wide.
  4. Modern Art Museum- The museum was originally created in 1950 and is housed in a former military building before being moved to its current location at the end of the 1990’s. Located on the island Skeppsholment at the Baltic Sea entrance, museum attendees will get a chance to see works by Picasso, Matisse, and Salvador Dali. When you are finished at the museum, make a stop at the museum’s restaurant which has great views of Djurgarden.
  5. Medieval Museum- During routine construction of an underground parking structure, construction workers came across a surprise when they dug into Stockholm’s medieval city walls. Located under the Norrbro bridge and almost 55 meters long is the city’s original medieval wall. The cobblestone walls are believed to have been built in the 13th century as protection from invasion. Actors now perform medieval fights and include participants from the crowd. In addition to the walls, other artifacts were discovered including a 16th-century warship and a medieval graveyard.
  6. Ystad- Ystad does not disappoint in real life for those who have only experienced it on paper. The city now offers tours for fans of the books who can visit areas mentioned in the famous tomes, or you can choose to explore it on your own and take in the amazing architecture of the region firsthand. Many of the buildings here are made from wood giving Ystad an old-world feel, and there are cafes, eateries, and boutiques to uncover as you wander around this picturesque town.
  7. Skansen- The first open-air museum in the world opened back in 1891. The concept here is to show what Sweden was like back at the end of the 19th century. Local actors recreate life down to the finest detail. Even an open-air zoo exists with otters, seals, and reindeer.
  8. Junibacken- If you have kids and are looking for a day for them to be fully entertained, head over to author Astrid Lindgren’s theme park. Most people recognize Lindgren’s famous character Pippi Longstocking. The park is designed with niches, tunnels and miniature houses where kids can let their imagination run wild and wander through this pretend world. It also has the largest children’s bookshop in the country.
  9. Stockholm- Stockholm is one of the most picturesque and friendly cities in Europe. Located just off of the Baltic Sea, this city features beautiful blue skies, parks, open spaces, and forests. Head over to central park Kungstradgarden where you will find many locals relaxing, playing chess and enjoying the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.
  10. Marstrand- Marstrand is the Beverly Hills of Sweden, maybe even the French Riviera would be a better description. It is as glitzy and laid back as Sweden gets. Many celebrities come to enjoy the fine restaurants and shopping. Celebrities also head out on private sailboats.


How Far in Advance do I Need to Plan


There isn’t a hard and fast rule as to how far in advance you need to plan your trip. Sometimes the best deals are found far in advance (a few months) other times the best deals are found at the last minute. Determine your vacation time and see if you can find great deals using the time off that you have. The more flexible you are about when you can travel is the most important factor to help you find affordable first class tickets to Sweden. Before you purchase your tickets, make sure you fully understand the terms and restrictions for refunds and flight changes. After that, you are ready to go. Safe travels!

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