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International First Class Flights to South Africa

For your next vacation, consider purchasing a first class ticket to South Africa. International first class flights have become more affordable than you might think. First class travel offers amazing benefits and comforts which can be a great advantage when traveling long distances. Use a website, like FlightsLux, to help you plan your first class vacation to South Africa. There are fares to fit any budget and last minute travelers can find great deals too. Inexpensive first class tickets are available and can be found if you can provide some flexibility in the days and times you can depart and return.

How to Find First Class Tickets

First class tickets to South Africa can be sourced using travel websites. Compare fares before you buy and be as flexible as you can with the days and times you can travel. Less expensive flights are available throughout each day and if you are traveling last minute, flights that have low bookings may offer really great deals on unsold seats.

The Benefits of First Class Travel

First class travel allows you to move through the airport more quickly. You will use the first class travel lines which are short and well staffed. You will also be allowed to check in additional baggage without paying extra fees. You can preboard, relax in your seat that transforms into a bed, so you actually sleep on the plane. The flight attendants in the first class cabin are experienced professionals who will help you with all of your requests. First class tickets to South Africa include blankets, pillows, a five-star meal, unlimited alcohol, other beverages, desserts, and snacks. You can watch movies, request reading materials, and sometimes use a common area or bar area that is designated for first class passengers. The onboard accommodations vary based on your aircraft, but you will always receive a seat that converts into a bed and added privacy. First class travel to South Africa will surpass your expectations, and it should, because you are paying more for your tickets. So ask for what you want!

The Airport Lounges

One of the best-kept secrets of first-class travel is the airport lounge. These lounges are located throughout the airport and they provide first-class travelers with free meals, snacks, and cocktails. Travelers check in with a concierge and the concierge takes care of tracking your flight for you for the duration of your time spent at the lounge. You can relax, eat, nap, shower, finish work, make phone calls, or take care of any last minute responsibilities before you slip away on your vacation. The lounges provide a quiet place to relax and get into vacation mode. Begin your vacation the right way by allowing time to get acquainted with these luxury lounges. They offer a lot more than a free meal. Many lounges have bars and common areas where you can meet other travelers and ask about their travel experiences.

Ten Things to See in South Africa

1. Fermier – Is one of the most progressive restaurants in South Africa focused on minimum food waste, sustainability, tail to tip cooking, and farm to table local farming. The restaurant is housed in a large mud-walled and tin-roofed shed. Chef Maree serves up a nine-course, three-hour meal that is worth the wait.

2. Boschendal – Take in the lovely architecture, food, and wine. Tasting options include champagne, brandy, wine, and chocolate pairings. Various lunch options exist like picking up something at the Farmshop & Deli or fresh produce from the Werf. On Sundays there is a huge buffet lunch available or bring your own food and have a picnic under the umbrellas on the lawn. There are also mountain biking and hiking trails.

3. Mad Giant – Located in Jozi’s inner city is Mad Giant which offers craft beers brewed on site. You can pick out a locally produced beer and pair it with Asian inspired tapas at the restaurant Urbanologi. An award-winning design which seems partly fashioned from a giant Meccano set.

4. Cape of Good Hope – This reserve has amazing scenery, hiking trails, and deserted beaches. Reservations are required for the two-day Cape of Good Hope Trail. You get to spend the night in a hut in this beautiful outdoor natural setting. If you are a bird watcher this is a great spot with over 250 species of birds. For those less inclined to do the hiking, you can take the Flying Dutchman funicular which offers great views of plunging cliffs directly into the ocean.

5. Cape Town – Simply called “The Mother City”. A wonderful eclectic city with many religions and ethnicities which is in stark contrast to South Africa’s storied and difficult past. There are many wonderful entertainment options like hiking trails on mountains like Table Mountain, sun drenched beaches, and wine tasting at one of the wineries in Constantia.

6. Shortmarket Club – Celebrity chef Luke Dale-Robert’s most recent restaurant is one of the best in South Africa. This remodeled attic space with leather chairs and boots makes this a comfortable yet stylish atmosphere for food that includes grass-fed beef, locally grown produce and sustainable fish. Reservations are recommended if not required, although it is possible to stop in for lunch as a drop in and be seated after a short wait.

7. District Six Museum – Once a thriving multiracial area soon became destroyed during apartheid in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Almost 60,000 citizens were forcibly removed. This museum is located inside a former Methodist Mission Church where life before apartheid has been replicated with photographs and recordings of victims who were forced to leave their homes and families. Homes have been reconstructed along with maps of where homes used to stand. Many of the staff lived through this horrific ordeal and have heartbreaking stories of the community’s demise.

8. Watershed – Watershed is one of the best places to shop for souvenirs in Cape Town. With over 150 vendors from all over South Africa. You can find everything from clothes, arts, crafts and jewelry. The second floor is a wellness center which offers massages, holistic minerals, and oils. Some stores throughout the town have a mini shop here but there are also unique artists and craftsman-owned stores located here.

9. Sea Point Promenade – This partially paved and grassy promenade is a great place to take a stroll on the waterfront. Historically, this was a white only area, but now is very multicultural. There are playgrounds created for families, an outdoor gym, and several government sponsored public art projects. The swimming here is a little rough as most people stay on the promenade because the beach is a little rocky. You can get in the water at Rocklands Beach but there is also a public pool which is very popular with the locals.

10. Bloemfontein – Bloemfontein is the capital of Free State and one of three capitals in South Africa. It is home to a beautiful rose garden and hosts an annual rose festival. Locals call this “the city of roses”. The city has several national monuments, parks and museums including South Africa’s National Museum.

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