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Frankfurt, Germany is a financial hub known as the “Gateway of Europe.” This city has a population of more than five million people. Frankfurt offers lots of museums, old town markets, and stunning architecture. Seasoned travelers choose first class tickets to Frankfurt, Germany arriving at the Frankfurt AIrport (FRA). Like many European cities, Frankfurt was damaged during World War II and was subsequently rebuilt. There are Christmas markets, open-air food markets, and cider houses to visit. The culture in Frankfurt is welcoming, warm, and the locals are always eager to discuss the history of their great city. Famous people born in Frankfurt include writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Frankfurt is diverse, historic, and friendly. It’s a city that has something for everyone and the great thing about Frankfurt is you could easily spend a week or a weekend here and cover a lot of ground. The best place to begin planning your trip to Frankfurt is the internet. Weird, right? But seriously, log on to a few websites and compare airfare. Websites allow you to see the difference in fares based on the day, time, and airport you can fly from. Try a few different times, look at airports that are a bit farther than the one you usually travel from. It’s quick and easy to shop around for fares. The best part is you can look into First Class flights to Frankfurt. Websites offer a lot of great deals on last-minute first class tickets to Frankfurt. And let’s face it, when you travel first class, getting there really is half the fun.


What you Get with First Class Travel to Frankfurt:

International First Class tickets to Frankfurt come with all the perks of luxury traveling. This means super short lines at the airport, preferred baggage check in with extra bags at no extra cost and additional weight limits without penalties. Pack away and bring those extras- with first class tickets it’s ok, no penalty. Different airlines offer different extensions on baggage for First Class, check with your airline before you arrive at the airport. Websites like FlightsLux can check these details for you and inform you of the weight and luggage allowances for first class travel. If you’re paying extra for the first class ticket to Frankfurt, you will want to enjoy the perks that you are paying for. Inquire, experts will steer you in the right direction.


After enjoying the speedy lines through check in you also move to the preferred lines to go through security. This bonus will save you a lot of time at the airport. Next, arrive at the first class lounge at the airport and enjoy the complimentary hot meals, snacks, and cocktails. Grab a seat at the bar and mingle with other travelers, enjoy the elegant surroundings and don’t even worry about missing your flight. When you check in at the lounge an attendant will track your flight’s status for you. If the gate changes or there is a delay, you will be notified. Other things you can accomplish at the lounge include charging your electronic devices, take a hot shower, and use the high-end toiletries. It’s a great way to decompress before your flight. You can also wrap up any work details you need to finish, complete the planning of your weekend in Frankfurt, and contact anyone who needs to know you are leaving town. Exit the lounge and pre-board your flight and continue relaxing because the flight attendants are prepared to answer any and all of your questions and will help you in any way you need.


Once on your flight, you will enjoy a seat the lays completely flat. Let me say this again “completely flat” as in you can actually sleep on the flight. Also, depending on the type of plane you are flying on you may have an “apartment style” seat with a small desk area, but regardless you will have a seat the lays flat and offers ample privacy for sleeping. Additionally, you will receive warm blankets, slippers, pillows, eye masks, and anything else you need to get comfortable. The food is beyond five-star dining, think more like celebrity chef prepared. It’s incredible. You also receive complimentary alcohol and drinks throughout the flight plus several snacks and desserts. If you just can’t sleep, no worries. You can watch unlimited movies, read lots of different newspapers and magazines, and in some cases, assemble at a bar area designated for first class passengers. First class takes traveling to the next level. You will arrive in Frankfurt feeling relaxed and pampered. No recuperating from jet lag for a day or two. You leave the plane and head straight to the activities.


Here are a few things to do in while you are in Frankfurt:

  1. Hit the Cider Taverns- Sachsenhausen Cider Taverns serves this famous 250-year-old apple cider alcoholic drink. It’s crisp and refreshing and in this case, completely historic. Head to the Sachsenhausen district and join in the enthusiasm for this drink at a local tavern. You won’t regret it!
  2. Visit the Stadel Museum- This art gallery offers works by Rembrandt, Renoir, Picasso and Cezanne (and many, many others!) Exhibits date from the middle ages to modern times. Don’t miss the Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter works exhibited in the underground areas. This museum attracts a hefty crowd so allow enough time to wait in lines. Plan your visit ahead of time, so you don’t miss anything.
  3. Visit “The Roman Mountain”- This historic part of Frankfurt, called Romerberg, was recreated to look exactly as Frankfurt did prior to World War II. Don’t miss Rathaus, built in 1405 which housed 13th-century trade fairs. If you are visiting Frankfurt during Christmas time, you are in for a treat because this area puts on an epic Christmas Market.
  4. See Frankfurt from Above!- The Main Tower is the only high-rise open to the public. You can travel to the top and enjoy the best vistas in the city. The views of the skyline at 650-feet are breathtaking. You can dine here too, but make a reservation in advance as it books up quickly.
  5. Visit the Botanical Garden- Whether you are a person who is interested in horticulture or not, this garden will take your breath away. It dates back to 1868, features flower gardens, exotic plants, and rainforests. Palmengarten offers more than 5,000 different species of plants. Wear your walking shoes, because this expansive garden covers 50 acres! Carve out half a day, walk the gardens, relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours.
  6. Take a Tour of the Goethe House- It’s a must do! Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is Germany’s most valued writer. He defined German writing. Like many things in Germany during World War II, his house burned to the ground. Luckily though, his home was completely restored including the desk where he wrote his greatest works.
  7. Go Shopping- Depending on your budget, you can find Frankfurt’s version of the Champs Elysees known as the “Fifth Avenue of Germany” or Zeil. This shopping district offers high-end luxury shopping and internationally known chains. There is a 10-story mall called Zeilgalerie that is well worth seeing. Even if you aren’t shopping, you will find local residents snatching up high-end fashion and it makes for great people watching.
  8. Channel Your Inner Elementary School Student and See the Largest Dinosaur Skeleton- Your inner seven-year-old will thank you! Go to the Senckenberg Museum and check out the fossil exhibits, the ancient mummies, and yes, the largest dinosaur skeleton in Europe. You’ll rub elbows with adults and children and the absolute astonishment of the kids makes this day worth it.
  9. See some neighborhoods- You need to do a little research to make this one work, but it is SO worth it. Identify your passion: art, sports, politics, youth, whatever, and there is a Frankfurt neighborhood that caters to it. Go there. Drink in the atmosphere, dine with the people, shop in their stores, and support your passion in Germany. You won’t regret it.
  10. The Museum of Modern Art (MMK)- Artists like Lloyd Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys, and Andy Warhol all have exhibits there. The building pays homage to modern architecture and is shaped like a triangle. It’s stunning and clean, and you can spend as much or as little time here as you wish. Plan accordingly!


Now that you have a few ideas of what there is to see and do in Frankfurt; it’s time to begin planning your trip! Remember, first class tickets to Frankfurt are not necessarily out of your reach. You can secure first class flights to fit any budget.

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