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International first class flights to Thailand are very popular among savvy travelers. You can find affordable first class tickets to Thailand using the internet and there are lots of great deals around right now. If you have some flexibility on when you can travel, you can find cheap and inexpensive international first class flights to Thailand. Now is a great time to begin your research. There are first class tickets to Thailand that work with any budget. Set your budget and start your research to see if first class flights to Thailand would be a good fit for you.



What Airport in Thailand Should I Use for my Trip?


Use Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK, as the destination airport for your search. Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK is the main hub for Thai Airways International, Thai Smile Airways, and Bangkok Airway. All major airlines travel to this destination, so using Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK as your destination airport is a good idea to optimize the number of flights you are looking at.


Ten Really Great Things to Do in Thailand


  1. Ride the Sky Train- Bangkok is full of technology advancements. Try getting around in Thailand using the Sky Train which is a very modern and air-conditioned and sits on rails high above traffic in the city. You get great views of the city and of course, escape the crazy traffic that Thailand is so well-known for. The rails are available to almost any section of town that you want to visit and day passes allow you to jump from train to train.
  2. Chatuchak Market- This is one of the largest outdoor markets in the world. There are more than 8,000 stalls with vendors that cover 27 acres of land. You can find everything from electronics to clothing, souvenirs, and food vendors. Make sure not to pay the first price offered. There is significant haggling between tourists and vendors.
  3. Street Food- Thailand is famous for its street food. You will find food carts throughout every city in Thailand. Don’t be shy, try the street food. Every day on the streets of Bangkok there are food stalls with vendors selling street food. Everything from traditional Pad Thai to chicken skewers to crickets. There is also more traditional Thai meals like Som Tam which is a papaya salad and squid which is cooked right in front of you on an open skillet.
  4. Reclining Buddha- Located in Wat Pho, this is a must-see site. The Reclining Buddha is housed in a temple and measures forty-six meters long and fifteen meters tall. The entire statue is covered in gold leaf. The feet alone are over five meters long. The Buddha rests on a 2-meter ornate marble stand. The temple is a traditional Thai temple and females need to have their shoulders covered, so pick up a light scarf to cover up and honor their traditions. There are 108 bowls inside the temple where you can throw coins in for good luck. The history behind this is that the Buddha completed 108 positive actions.
  5. Bangkok Nightlife- Bangkok has a pretty wild nightlife scene. From the night time markets which have outdoor bars to exciting nightclubs and rooftop bars. Hip cocktail bars have sprung up all over the city. There are a lot of dance bars and adult-themed establishments. The party scene at Khao San Road goes all night. With the extreme heat and humidity in Bangkok, there are a lot of outdoor restaurants and bars.
  6. Chinatown- Walk through the ceremonial Chinese gates and you will know that you have arrived in Chinatown. Full of street stalls with vendors selling souvenirs there are also a ton of restaurants and vendors selling Chinese food and very low prices. There are also many gold shops selling jewelry where you can pick up some reasonably priced gold at about half the price the vendor starts the haggling.
  7. Durian Fruit- On almost any street you will find locals selling food and flowers. Every block will have a vendor selling the fruit called Durian. It looks like a cross between a porcupine, sea urchin and a medieval weapon. Some public areas have even put up signs completely banning the fruit. It has a thorny outer shell but inside is a creamy buttery texture that some people swear is the best fruit they have ever tried.
  8. Wat Arun- Thailand is known for its Buddhist temples. In fact, there are more than 31,000 spread out across Thailand. Outside the Reclining Buddha, there is one that you will want to see. The temple is named after Aruna, the God of Dawn. It is 79 meters tall and covered in ceramic tiles and colored porcelain. It is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The temple is protected by a pair of mythical giants that stand watch over the Buddha and the temple grounds.
  9. Phuket – Kata Noi Beach- Head to Kata Noi beach. It is a short drive from Kata beach. You can get great views across to the bays of Karon, Kata, and Kata Noi. The best time to visit is from November to April when the waters are calm. You can relax for the day in the sand, take a stroll down the beach, or even take a swim.
  10. Chao Phraya River- Bangkok is referred to by some as the Venice of the East with the Chao Phraya River flowing through much of Bangkok as well as numerous small canals that split off from the main river. River taxis are everywhere as well as larger boat rentals. The river is a steady part of Thai life. It’s a great way to see the city. There is a fascinating dichotomy going on in Bangkok. On your boat ride, you will see the most amazing luxury high rise hotels literally located next door to numerous families living in shacks that are falling down and covered with tarps while children play in the murky brown water. You are able to jump on and off ferries to explore the city.


Booking, Know your Terms and Conditions, and Next Steps


Now that you know how to search for flights, which airport to use, and you even have some ideas of things to do in Thailand, all you need to do is find first class tickets that work with your budget. Try changing the dates and times of travel and make a note of how this changes the fare you are seeing. If you are not opposed to traveling at inconvenient times, you can usually save a bit of money booking red-eye flights or very early hour flights. Also, consider all of the extras that you will get with first class tickets. Food, drinks, sleep, great customer service, snacks, dessert, and in-flight entertainment all add up. You can also use the first class lounges at the airport which are really nice and you can check in an unlimited number of bags without being charged. It is always a good idea to check the type of plane you will be flying on as well. The first class amenities can vary based on the aircraft and the cabin configuration. All of this information is readily available online.


As with any online purchase, make sure you are working with a reputable company before you give them your credit card information. Check the restrictions on your first class ticket to Thailand and know the refund policy. All of this information should be very transparent. Happy planning!

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