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China Eastern Business Class Cabins

Shanghai Airlines is part of China Eastern Airlines. It was established
in 1985 and was created to fly local flights in China only. However, two
years later, it flew its first international flight. The airline joined China Eastern Airlines in 2010. It still flies under the brand name of Shanghai Airlines, but it is 100% owned by China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines offers many different cabin amenities and configurations for business class travelers. The wider business class seat is only one of a long list business class amenities provided by the air carrier. China Eastern Airlines business class seats provide added comfort and recline to a flat position. Other features of the business seat include in-seat power, USB ports, and lighting controls.

At the Airport

Business Class flights offer travelers a more comfortable journey. A business class ticket on China Eastern Airlines gets you into shorter lines through security and at check-in. You can bring more bags to check in without paying extra money than you can with an economy or coach ticket. You can also bring more carry on items than you can in coach and economy. Your checked in bags will receive priority baggage handling too, so they will be among the first bags to arrive at baggage claim. Traveling business class will save you a lot of time at the airport. Shorter lines at check-in and shorter lines through security, plus you can bring additional bags on board your flight and you can check more bags in without incurring a penalty fee.

You will also be allowed into the business class lounge at the airport. These lounges are the best part of business class travel on China Eastern Airlines. You can get a free hot meal, find lots of great snacks, and get a soda from the soda machine. There are bars in these lounges that serve great, top-shelf cocktails and you can sit at a table or relax in a recliner or finish work projects. The lounges are a fantastic escape from the noisy airport and a great place to finish making travel plans or just enjoy the view. Plan to spend some time at the lounge before you board your flight. A service attendant will check you into the lounge and will notify you of any changes to your flight, you won’t need to check the flight status boards at all. You will be told when to check in for pre-boarding, which gate to go to, and a ride can be arranged for you if necessary. The lounges are an incredible benefit of business class travel and the attendants are great and super helpful.

Business Class Seats

A business class flight on China Eastern Airlines means a lot more than just a really nice seat. It’s larger, deeper and way more comfortable than a coach or economy seat. The flight attendants will bring you blankets, pillows, slippers, restaurant quality meals, free alcohol, unlimited movies, noise canceling earbuds, and anything else you need.

China Eastern Airlines Partnerships

China Eastern Airlines is part of the SkyTeam alliance of airlines.
Many Chinese Airlines choose to be part of this airline network of
planes. China Eastern joined in 2011 and quickly became one of the
largest operators. Other well known airlines in the SkyTeam are Delta,
KLM and Aerolineas Argentinas.

China Eastern Airlines is considered the 7th largest airline in the world
in terms of how many passengers it flies every year. It flew over 80
million passengers last year. It’s bigger than Lufthansa airlines.
However, this doesn’t even make it the largest airline in china.
China Eastern Airlines had one of the most watched viral social media
posts when it showed a passenger who was a mother boarding a China Eastern Airlines with her newborn baby girl. Before taking off,
the mom walked around to passengers sitting nearby and handed out
apology notes an ear plugs. The beautiful gesture went viral.

China Eastern Airlines Longest Flight

China Eastern Airlines longest flight is 15 hours and 40 minutes.
There are two daily flights from John F. Kennedy International airport
that fly into Shanghai Pudong International airport. This is on one of
their non-Airbus plans that is bought from Boeing.

China Eastern Airlines Food and Beverages
China Eastern Airlines serves complimentary hot meals and
beverages. They offer a choice of Asian and western main flights
which also come with a salad and a dessert. They offer a number of
international beers, wines and alcohol. China Eastern Airlines was the first Chinese company to order its planes from Airbus. It orders the most Airbuses in the world only behind American Airlines. It has a total of 337 Airbuses and has ordered an additional 150 more for the next few years.

China Eastern Airlines Shortest Route

The shortest route from Europe to Australia is via China. China
Eastern airline is targeting these customers for connections. It is a
low-cost alternative for passengers compared to Emirates or Qatar.
China Eastern’s main hub is Shanghai Pudong International airport.
This is the ninth busiest airport in the world and the fastest growing
airport in the world. It doesn’t handle as many passengers as Beijing
Capital Airport it does handle more international passengers than

China Eastern airlines consistently ranks as one of the lowest for
customer service in the airline industry. They are a low-cost provider
and fly many inexpensive routes but there are no personal televisions
in seatbacks. Online reviews seem to focus not only the lack of
amenities but the lack of overall customer service and attention from
the flight attendants.

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