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If traveling to Prague, Czechoslovakia is on your list of places to visit this year, you should definitely consider purchasing an international first class ticket to Prague. Great deals on first class flights to Prague can be found on travel websites. You can compare the cost of first-class travel with the cost of coach and economy seats and decide if the added money is worth it to you. Last minute travelers are finding cheap and inexpensive tickets to Prague and are easier to find than you may think. Before you purchase a first class ticket to Prague, let’s consider what you will get.


The First Class Difference:

The most recognized benefits of first-class travel are the larger more comfortable seats. No matter what type of aircraft you are traveling on, you will have a seat that turns in to a bed and you will have added privacy. Certain aircraft now offer common areas onboard for First Class passengers. These dining and bar-type areas are a great escape from your seat while in flight and you can get to know other first-class travelers. Your first class flight to Prague will also get you a gourmet meal, free alcoholic beverages, warm blankets, pillows, and towels. Snacks and as many movies as you would like to watch are available.


Your first class ticket to Prague will also send you directly to the “first class” lines at the airport and through security easily. These lines will save you a ton of time at the airport. You can also check an extra bag without having to pay an extra baggage fee-which is really nice!


The Club Lounges:

Good living at the airport is all about the club lounges. These VIP zones are a complete escape from the busy airport. The lounges are super clean and serve great food and drinks. You can shower there if you need to! An attendant will check you in, your first class ticket to Prague is all you need to qualify. Relax in a large seat, dine at a table, or sit at the bar. The most important thing to consider here is you are on vacation and a VIP lounge really kicks things off right!


Prague Airports:

Vaclav Havel Airport (PRG) is the international airport of Prague. The airport was previously called Prague Ruzyne International Airport. All major airlines fly to Vaclav Havel Airport.


Things to see in Prague:

  1. Old Town Square- A must see in Prague. Aptly named Old Town Square as it has survived a number of invasions and remains relatively untouched since the 10th Century. Tourists and locals alike pack the restaurants and stroll up and down its historical streets. Amazing architecture surrounds the square. Merchants, performers, and musicians flock to the square to keep people entertained.
  2. Seven Foot Tall Sigmund Freud- Definitely, need to do a double take on this one. At first glance, it looks like a suicide attempt but it’s actually a statue of Sigmund Freud hanging from a pole attached to a building. To recap, a 7-foot tall gold/bronze statue of Sigmund Freud dangling between two buildings, hanging onto a pole over a pedestrian street below. Fascinating. Located within the Old Town of Prague. The unusual piece of art has been replicated and exhibited in cities all over the world.
  3. Wallenstein Garden- Located near the base of the Prague Castle. This Baroque masterpiece while not the most secluded garden or park in the neighborhood, it is the most stunning. Worth visiting for the views of Prague Castle alone, the park is home to Wallenstein Palace, a serene Koi pond, and some historic statues of Prague.
  4. Veletrzni Palace- Prague’s National Gallery has a collection of art from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries over four floors and has to be Prague’s best museum. It has a wide collection of art from some of the world’s most favorite artists including works from Van Gogh, Picasso, Schiele, Klimt and on and on.
  5. The Lennon Wall- I’m talking John Lennon of the Beatles here. Not sure of the relevance to Prague and a long way from Liverpool but if you are a Lennon or Beatles fan you should swing by. The wall has been covered in John Lennon and Beatles graffiti. It’s full of lyrics and quotations since the 1980s. It is very popular among tourists and fans wishing to pay homage to the legendary band.
  6. Charles Bridge- Built in 1357 by Charles IV to replace an even older bridge that had been washed away by floods gives you a sense of time and history. Many people say a simple walk across this bridge was their favorite part of Prague. Statutes on either end were added in the 17th Century. The bridge was not named after the Charles IV until the 19th Century.
  7. Infant Jesus of Prague- Located in the heart of the city in an area known as Mala Strana is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as an infant. It is known as the Infant Jesus of Prague or Child of Prague. Every day visitors pay homage to this shrine and come by to pray or just reflect as they bow and make wishes. The statue dates back to the 16th Century. It is encased in an ornately gilded shrine.
  8. Changing of the Guard- Arrive at the castle before midday in order to get a location to watch the changing of the guard. It is a very popular attraction and the crowds get large. There is a lot of fanfare and a flag ceremony. The guards serve the president of the Czech Republic who lives in the castle and has some unique and strict requirements to become a guard like the specification that a guard must be between 1.78 and 1.88 meters tall to serve. The uniforms worn by the guards are unique to the castle guards and are light blue color in summer and dark blue in winter.
  9. Josefov- The Jewish quarter is located between the Old Town and the Vltava River. It’s this neighborhood where Jews were ordered to live if you were a Jew in Prague in the 13th century. Jews had to leave their homes and settle in this area. They were banned from living anywhere else in the city. Other exiled Jews from throughout Europe settled here. Many significant historical buildings remain intact including six synagogues and are well worth a visit.
  10. Petrin Hill- Is that the Eiffel Tower in Prague? No, just a miniature version surrounded by landscaped gardens and the unusual church of St Michael, a wooden building relocated from Ukraine. It is located on a hill on the left bank of the Vltava River. It has some of the greenest spaces in Prague and offers great views of the city. It is 299 steps to the top of the hill with plenty of benches along the way to stop and admire the view. You can also ride the cable railway from the lesser quarter all the way to the top of Petrin Hill.


Now that you know how to find First Class International Tickets to Prague that fit any budget, and you know the airport, and a few things to do in this amazing city, it’s time to begin planning your trip!

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