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More than Oktoberfest, Munich offers visitors in a glimpse into life in an urban center. With a population of more than 1.4 million people, Munich is home to museums,  buildings, landmarks, and a lively nightclub scene. Biergartens and Oktoberfest play a significant role in the culture of Munich people, but there is also a famous opera house, an elaborate palace, and many modern dress shops. Munich is a city rich in technology and entrenched in German engineering. Traveling to Munich offers tourists many options. It has become more popular for people to travel via First Class Tickets to Munich so they can enjoy the travel time and arrive refreshed and ready to see the city. The internet and travel websites have made researching first class travel quick and easy. Due to busy professional schedules, travelers are selecting first class travel over coach or economy in an effort to shorten their trips and optimize their time on the ground in Munich. A little research can yield a very good deal on first class travel to Munich. Discount fares are available to even last-minute shoppers and there are tickets and fares to accommodate all budgets. Before purchasing your tickets to Munich, put some time aside and check the internet.

To pique your interest, here a few things to see in Munich:

  1. Deutsches Museum– This museum offers something for everyone and it spans about 12 miles, so arrive ready to explore. It isn’t your typical art museum, it is a science and technology museum with exhibits that explore manufacturing, mining, and music. There is a fantastic internet cafe, a children’s zone, and several shops. It’s high-tech, it’s innovative, it’s historical, and it’s cultural – it’s a do not miss.
  2. Englischer Garten– After spending the day inside the science and technology museum it makes sense to plan something outdoors. This English Garden is a public park that features boating, jogging trails, several monuments, and of course, amazing horticulture.
  3. Peterskirche– St. Peter’s Church is Munich’s oldest church and features a sparkling altar and ornate detail. For a fee, you can travel up to the top of the tower and take in an amazing view of Bavaria. It’s tradition to throw a coin in the fountain if you’re looking to meet and marry a Roman.
  4. Frauenkirche – The Church of Our Lady is a gothic style cathedral with two domes resembling beer steins. The church was built in the 1400s and required restoration after World War II. It’s amazing and serene at the same time and is a favorite stop for tourists.
  5. BMW Welt– BMW World is housed in an ultra modern building and offers a glimpse into the world of concept cars, automotive engineering excellence, and manufacturing advances.


This is a very short list of the many things to see in Munich. It’s understandable that savvy travelers are looking for deals and discount to purchase first class international tickets to Munich. First Class International Flights to Munich can be found with cheap and discount fares even with little to no notice, it does take some effort though, so block off some time and research prices, schedule and flights Websites like FlightsLux can help you find inexpensive international first class tickets to Munich. FlightsLux guarantees a savings of $1,000 and will assist you in booking your airfare and coordinating your air travel. Affordable fares at the lowest price can be found using these services.


Choosing air travel can be complicated and confusing. Today, there are many options for every budget, so explore First Class, Business Class economy and coach. Each level of travel offers perks and limitations, weigh your options before you buy. The more spacious accommodations in first class are known to most people. But First class offers some perks only seasoned travelers know about. Here are some of the features one can expect when traveling first class:


First class travelers to Munich will wait in shorter lines at the check-in counter at the airport and they will move quickly through the security checkpoints too. This is because there are separate lines for preferred status travelers which include first class ticket holders. As a preferred traveler you also can go to the lounges at the airport. These are the best part of first class travel. The lounges offer hot food, great snacks, cocktails, showers, a place to rest, a place to charge your phone and laptop, and many other amenities. The lounges are incredible. You receive excellent service and an attendant will keep an eye on your flight’s status and alert you of delays, gate changes, and notify you when pre-boarding begins. If the lounge is too far from the gate, the attendant will schedule a ride to take between the lounge and the gate. As a first class ticket holder, you can relax and have lunch or dinner. Order a drink at the bar or take a quick nap.


From the lounge, you will arrive at your gate relaxed and move right to pre-boarding. Pre-boarding allows you to board the plane before other passengers. You aren’t rushed by a line of people behind you. You can take your time, organize your things, and settle into your seat. FlightsLux can coordinate the purchase of your first class ticket to Munich and they can check the amenities at the airport you. It is also a good idea to check the configuration of the aircraft you’ll be traveling on. Different types of planes are configured differently, and the seating amenities vary based on these configurations.


Once on board a first class flight to Munich, you will get a warm blanket, a soft pillow, an eye mask, slippers, and noise-reducing earbuds. You can watch movies, request reading materials, and sometimes even assemble at a first-class-only bar where you can talk with other first class passengers.  This is a good opportunity to talk to other travelers about what they recommend you see in Munich. You can secure lots of insider tips in the first class area of the plane and the flight attendants are always happy to impart their knowledge of the cities as well. Don’t be afraid to ask! The food in first class is top quality sometimes prepared by a well-known celebrity chef. As you can imagine you will arrive in Munich refreshed, well rested and armed with some great insider tips on what to see and do on your vacation.

Available Airports:

Munich has its own international airport, called Munich Airport (MUC). You can book international first class flights to Munich and explore fares offered by most major airlines including Air Germany, Alitalia, Air France, Lufthansa Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines all fly to Munich airport. All of these airlines offer First Class Flights to Munich.

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