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China Eastern Airlines First Class Cabins

Many travelers are choosing to pay the higher cost of first class air travel because of the added comfort and convenience first class travel provides. First class cabin amenities onboard a China Eastern Airlines flight include luxurious new suite amenities and a redesigned first class seat. The first class seat converts into a bed and the first class suites provide ample room for storage, enough space to relax. First class cabin amenities vary based on aircraft, but you always find enough privacy so you can sleep soundly throughout your flight.

First Class Cabin Amenities

The China Eastern Airlines first class cabin offers a large space, excellent dining, and an abundance of entertainment. The China Eastern Airlines first class seat lays flat to become a very comfortable bed and the area around the seat is completed with high-end finishes and configured to offer passengers a maximum amount of space and privacy. When the seat is in the upright position, the space is large enough for two people. There is lots of storage space for your personal belongings and compartments for bags and small items.

Dining in the China Eastern Airlines first class cabin is a restaurant-like experience where passengers can order whatever they like at a time that suits them. China Eastern Airlines continues to upgrade and offer additional first class cabin amenities. The airline prides itself on fine products and personalized service. For complete information about China Eastern Airlines first class cabin amenities and cabin configurations onboard their aircraft, check the China Eastern Airlines website or consult with your travel agent for specific aircraft amenities. First class cabin amenities and first class seats vary based on destination and aircraft.

China Eastern Airlines is the second largest airline in China and one of the three major airlines in China. It is based in Shanghai. It is a modern fleet with the average plane being less than six years old. Their current flight schedules covers China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. They focus on both passenger and freight flights.

China Eastern is part of the SkyTeam Alliance. They became the 14th member of SkyTeam on June 21, 2011.

China Eastern Airlines was established on June 25th of 1988. It has bought other airlines and merged with several companies to continue its growth trajectory. In 1997, it purchased China General Aviation. In 1998, it founded China Cargo Airlines to help with freight business. In 2001, it took over Great Wall Airlines. China Yunnan Airlines and China Northwest Airlines also merged with China Eastern Airlines in 2003.

China Eastern Airlines is owned primarily by the Chinese government. They own 61.54% of the airlines. The rest of the shares are owned publicly. On June 11th, 2009 China Eastern Airlines merged with Shanghai Airlines. They both kept the brand names. The combined entity control half of the flights in Shanghai.

China Eastern Airlines received the Golden Ting Award in 2012 recognizing the airline as one of the most 50 valuable Chinese brands and ranking it in the top ten of Fortune China’s rankings.

China Eastern Airlines has flights through Asia but they are also expanding its flights to North America and Australia. They are also looking to expand domestically from its Shanghai headquarters to other Chinese cities. It’s flight from New York City to Shanghai is currently its longest non-stop route.

China Eastern offers first class tickets on all its Boeing 777’s. A first-class eat comes with a full flat bed seat and direct aisle access and a sliding door. First class seats on this plane come with a full bar for passengers to socialize. The middle seats on this flight can also be combined into a double bed for families.

Super premium suites are available on all A350-900 and B787-9 aircraft. The seats come with a sliding door and a minibar. The middle seats can be configured into a living with seating for four.

China Eastern offers many versions of it business class seats depending on the plane. On the narrow body plans business class seats are recliners arranged in a 2-2 configuration. On select flights they are either Zodiac Cirrus or Thompson Vantage XL which is a 1-21 configuration. It can also be angled flat bed seats in a 2-2-2 configuration. .On its A350 and B787 planes, business class seats are modified Thompson Vantage XL with doors similar to Delta one suites.

China Eastern Airlines frequent flyer program is called Eastern Miles. It partners with Shanghai Airlines and China United Airlines. Eastern Miles members can earn miles on flights as well as through their credit card program. They offer three tiers of benefits starting at Silver, next level Gold and elite membership is their Platinum offerings.

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