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Shanghai, China’s busy pace and inviting culture make it a favorite destination spot for busy international travelers. Many tourists are choosing to scour the internet looking for cheap and inexpensive business class tickets to Shanghai, China. With fares to match even tight budgets and great deals available for last-minute travelers, international business class flights to Shanghai, China are growing in popularity.


Shanghai has two international airports to choose from, the busiest is Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). More comfortable travel makes sense, especially when a little flexibility in your travel dates allows you to compare fares before purchasing. Sometimes flights timed only a few hours apart have a big difference in the amount of money a consumer pays for a ticket. Business class tickets to Shanghai are no longer only for the very wealthy traveler. Check out travel websites and shop for deals. They are out there and can be found with just a bit of looking.


Why Business Class Tickets to Shanghai, China?


First of all, why not business class tickets to Shanghai, China? Here is a little bit of what the extra money will get you: Shorter lines at the check-in counter and through security because you use the preferred traveler lines which are always shorter and have more ticket counters open. You can spend a few hours waiting to board your flight in the airport lounge. Sometimes referred to as VIP lounges, these areas are an amazing resource. Once you check in with the attendant you can sit at the bar and order a drink, go to the soda machine and get a drink, make a plate of snacks, grab a yummy dessert, or dine on a hot meal. The food is plentiful, free, and actually really, really delicious. There are tables, recliners, and tall seats. You can finish work, book an excursion for your trip, or just recharge your mobile devices and relax. Napping is completely allowed as are hot showers! The attendant who checked you in will let you know if your flight is delayed and they will notify you when you should head over to your gate. There really isn’t anything for you to do, except indulge and relax.


Once you pre-board your flight, you will sink into your deluxe seat that completely reclines to a flat position, so you can get some quality sleep on your way to Shanghai, China. The flight attendants are well versed in travel activities and are eager to make your business class flight to Shanghai, China comfortable and relaxing.


When you arrive in Shanghai, China you won’t need an extra day at your hotel to recover from a day of uncomfortable travel. You will be ready to see the sites now, no more waiting!


Here is a short list of things to do in Shanghai:


  1. Longhua Temple: This historic, must-see in Shanghai is the largest active temple in the city. The vast temple includes five halls and two towers. If you can make the trip, it’s recommended to go to this temple on New Year’s Eve, when the five-ton bell is rung.
  2. Tianzifang: These alleyways are filled with restaurants, shops, cafes, and galleries. The perfect place to find almost anything in the wide array of shops, Tianzifang is the ideal place to walk around.
  3. Old City: Looking to explore? Old City is the perfect place to stroll around! Once the center of Shanghai, the historic neighborhood is disappearing fast as rapid growth is occurring. See this old neighborhood to get a taste of old Shanghai while you still can.
  4. Huxinting Tea House: Including a wide variety of teas to taste, this beautiful teahouse also offers traditional dining. This tea house has a perfect location. Located in the middle of a pond on stilts it is an ideal getaway from the city.
  5. People’s Park: This park is conveniently located near many museums and other points of interest. The park is filled with flower beds and lotus ponds and is the perfect place to take a break from traveling.
  6. Duolun Lu Cultural Street: Another one of Shanghai’s pleasant districts to walk around, this neighborhood is brimming with antique shops as well as charming cafes and restaurants. This hub has been restored several times, but still has the old-fashioned feel that sends you back in time.
  7. Shanghai Zoo: Shanghai can be a difficult place to find child-friendly activities; however, the impressive Shanghai Zoo is the perfect activity to please everyone in the family. The zoo includes many animals native to the area, including giant pandas and Asian elephants.
  8. Xintiandi: This is the prime place to go shopping in Shanghai. Known as “New Heaven on Earth,” Xintiandi has incredible shopping as well as restaurants with excellent outdoor seating to watch the busy environment around you.
  9. Nanjing Lu: Walking down this busy street can give you a complete look at Shanghai and its different districts. Often compared to New York’s Time Square, Nanjing Lu is best to visit at night when the lights are filling the street. It’s also the perfect combination of upscale department stores and small local vendors.
  10. Huangpu River Tour: This is another excellent way to see different parts of Shanghai. The river divides Shanghai’s new east side from the old west side. It’s best to go on this tour at night to enjoy a nice breeze on the river and watch the sunset on the city. Passengers can either sit inside or outside depending on their preference.


How do you Find Inexpensive Business Class Flights to Shanghai, China?


Start with the internet. Set your dates and the times you prefer to travel (but stay flexible) and log onto a travel website and begin entering dates and times to compare costs. You may notice flights on certain days of the week cost a lot less than others, take advantage of this. FlightsLux is an excellent website that offers assistance booking great deals on business class flights to Shanghai, China. It is important to keep in mind the extras you’ll get with business class tickets to Shanghai. It will mean one less day at your hotel (because you won’t need the jet lag recovery day), you won’t have any food or drink costs on the days you travel (because you are eating and drinking at the airport lounge and on the plane and these benefits are included in the price of your ticket) and you can finish off last minute work too, so you may be able to use one fewer vacation day from work. Business class flights to Shanghai provide you with added privacy, which is a real bonus if you have projects to finish or loose ends to tie up. Depending on the aircraft you are traveling on, your seat will be configured in one of a number of ways, but you will always be able to recline to a flat position and you will always have better privacy and more space than coach, economy, and even economy plus seats.


Most travel websites also offer 24/7 support and assistance, so if something happens and your flight is canceled or rerouted, you can contact them for advice and support. They are seasoned travel experts, use their knowledge and take their advice.


Now that you know where to go and where to look for great deals on business class flights, it’s time to start planning your next vacation. Good luck and safe travels.

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