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Nice, known as Nice la Belle, “Nice the Beautiful,” is located in the French Riviera and has a population of nearly one million people. It is a city known for opulence, a beautiful coastline, and a mild climate. Many travelers choose first class international tickets to Nice to avoid jet lag upon arrival. You can fly into the Nice airport, Nice International Cote d’Azur International Airport (NCE). Low-cost flights to Nice, France can be found using travel websites. For the best deals avoid the peak travel season in the Spring and Summer, but great deals on first class tickets to Nice, France can be found for even last-minute travelers. Websites allow you to search specific dates and times and compare fares. There are deals to fit most budgets.

Nice is known for its natural beauty and has always attracted artists. Artists like Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse are only a few of the masters who flocked to Nice to paint the surrounding areas. First class tickets to Nice are very popular and accessible, check availability and pricing, but if you have some flexibility in your dates and the times you can travel you can find great deals on affordable airfare.

Here are a few suggestions of what to see and what to do in Nice:

  1. Old Town (Vieille Ville)– Red tile roofs and houses built very close together are only the beginning. The old world charm of this neighborhood makes it a destination for tourists. The area offers beautiful architecture, quaint streets, great restaurants, and flower markets.
  2. Castle Hill– Think of this as more of a hike with the remains of a castle. Climbing the stairs to the top will provide amazing views and the remains of the castle are beautiful. Along the way, you will find a park, a man-made waterfall, and a cemetery.
  3. Beaches – Nice has both public and private beaches. The public beaches are free but do not offer amenities like towels and restrooms. Private beaches offer towels, lounge chairs, and fabulous food and drinks, but there is a charge for all of these. Some private beaches offer play areas and activities for children. Nice has a rocky coastline with gravel beaches. Water shoes are sometimes recommended.
  4. Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral – This beautiful church was commissioned by Nicholas II to serve the Russian population in the area. It features architectural accents including domes and bright colors. The church offers religious services on Sunday mornings, otherwise, it is open from 9-6 pm every day. Women need to cover their heads before entering the building, scarves are provided.
  5. The Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain-This museum of modern and contemporary art is a feast for the eyes. The museum features works by local artists including Yves Kelin and there is a rooftop area that provides a great photo opportunity of the entire city. The museum also has a restaurant and air conditioning (which is really nice during the hot summer months).
  6. The Promenade des Anglais – The English Walk is a two-mile stretch along the beachfront. You can rent a bike along the way and use the bike lanes and get some exercise while you see the city. There are beautiful sculptures, hotels, and shops to enjoy along the way. Food and shopping are very expensive along this stretch of walkway, so plan your day according to your budget. It’s a beautiful neighborhood and well worth exploring!
  7. Place Messina- The main city square has fountains, tile work, statues, and many other highlights to take great pictures. The square is free to visit, offers great photo opportunities, and is located in the center of town, so it is walkable from just about any destination.
  8. Shopping- It’s not surprising that Nice offers some super high-end shopping for visitors. Seek out Avenue Jean Medecin for the ultimate Nice shopping excursion. There are splinter streets offering additional shopping too. Look for a tram that runs the length of the street, and of course several cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants to enjoy.
  9. Parc du Mont Boron- This hiking area is free (and since you spent all of your money shopping at Avenue Jean Medecin, free is good!). There are more than seven miles of hiking trails, a military fort, and lovely scenery. What there isn’t are food, shops, and restrooms. Plan your day ahead of time and pack what you need before you arrive.
  10. The Chagall Museum- This museum offers a rare glimpse into the works of Chagall. It is worth researching and educating yourself on Chagall’s works prior to going. If you aren’t a Chagall fan, it’s ok to skip this one, but for Chagall diehards, it’s a must-see.


This list is just the beginning of the great things there to see and do in Nice. Consider purchasing an International first class flight to Nice. First Class travel offers so many great advantages and additional comforts when compared to traveling coach or economy. While in Nice, sample the local cuisine and venture into the neighborhoods to see how the locals live each day. The food and beverages in Nice are amazing and deals can be found at smaller, local cafes located on side streets in smaller less-touristy neighborhoods.


Travel accommodations can be secured using websites, like FlightsLux. This site is one that finds cheap and discount fares for travelers with little or no notice. Take the time to do your research, be flexible with your departure days and times (and your returning flights too!) and you can find some really great deals on international first class tickets to Nice, France.

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When you travel first class to Nice, France you get shorter lines at the airport and shorter lines through security. Also, you can use the first class lounges at the airport (which are amazing!) and you can have an attendant keep an eye on your flight for you, so you can relax, tie up loose ends, and enjoy a meal and cocktails at the lounge. Once on board your flight you have access to (amenities vary based on the configuration of your aircraft, check before booking):

Apartment-Style Seating – Newer, larger aircraft offer apartment-style seating including partitions and a space designated for working.

Shorter lines – First class tickets to Nice mean way shorter lines.

Lounge Access – Your First Class ticket gets you access to these great VIP lounges. Gourmet meals, beverages, alcohol, champagne, snacks, and showers. Enter. Relax. Enjoy!

Pre-Board – Board the plane at your convenience. No rush from other passengers trying to get to their seat.

What to Expect – Your seat is WAY better than anything in Coach, Economy, Economy Plus, or Business Class. Your flight attendant is an expert, so ask questions. You will be given luxurious blankets, eye masks, slippers, and great food.


Now that you have a list of things to do and you know what first class can offer, all you need to do is take the time to research fares. Super easy. Super fun. Your dream vacation is a few clicks away!

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