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First class travel keeps getting better and better. With new, larger planes offering private areas for first class passengers, it’s no wonder that people are becoming more and more interested in this luxury form of travel. International first class flights to Ireland offer many great luxuries and the newer planes are offering a greater number of first class seats. Competition is your friend when it comes to shopping for airfare, especially first class tickets to Ireland. There are great deals to be found in the offseason and during non-peak times. Cheap and inexpensive first class tickets can be sourced using a travel website and through travel agents. There are airfares to fit any budget which means affordable tickets can be found if you are willing to look for them.


First class tickets to Ireland are a great way to commemorate a special occasion like a milestone birthday or a wedding anniversary. Set your budget and then begin your search online and see what kind of prices you can find. For your destination airport, search the Dublin Airport (DUB). The Dublin Airport, DUB, is an international airport located near Dublin which is the capital city of Ireland. The Dublin Airport is serviced by all major air carriers, so you will have plenty of options for flights to choose from.


Is First Class Worth the Extra Money?


It depends, is the honest answer. First class tickets to Ireland will allow you to check in a lot of bags without penalty fees. Ireland is known for its cold, wet, and foggy weather, so this extra baggage allotment could be really useful. Keep in mind that with an economy or coach ticket you will be limited in the number of bags you can check through and the number of bags you can carry on. You will also have restrictive weight limits in coach and economy class. If you exceed the weight or number of bags allowed, you will pay a fee. With first class, the extra bags are included in the cost of the ticket. If you are flying first class you can pack that extra coat and throw in lots of extra layers and pairs of shoes. No worries in first class!

You will also not have to purchase meals, snacks, or drinks on your flight. First class has amazing food. The food surpasses restaurant quality, and the snacks, desserts, and drinks (including alcohol) are included with the cost of your airfare. Again, no worries in first class, you will be taken care of by some of the best flight attendants in the business.


You should always check the terms and conditions of your ticket before you buy. Sometimes what seems like a great deal on a first class ticket, isn’t. Make sure you are buying from a reputable source and know in advance what restrictions there on things like getting a refund, rescheduling, or canceling. Also, clarify what amenities are available on the type of plane you are traveling on and ask about the configuration of the first class cabin. This way, you will know what to expect, which is the best way to avoid being disappointed.


Ten Amazing Things to See While in Ireland


  1. Powerscourt Estate- This huge estate in Wicklow includes a mansion and gardens. While the mansion is impressive, it’s the grounds that are the real attraction. Stunning gardens surround the Palladian mansion and much of the mansion is off limits, but the gardens are open to the public and include a very nice café and souvenir shop. The grounds include two golf courses and a beautiful hotel. The home has been in existence since 1301, but improvements, maintenance, and restorations have occurred for more than 600 years.
  2. Knocknarea Cairn- This cairn is believed to be the grave of Queen Maeve and there are 40,000 tons of stone and none of it has been moved. It is widely believed that a huge tomb exists below the rock. The cairn is perched on the top of a limestone plateau which is a 40-minute hike to get to. From there, you can get a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and many believe that climbing to the top instills magical powers from the underlying powers of the site.
  3. Killarney National Park- This Irish national park is full of mountain ranges, gardens, waterways, streams, and parks. The park is home to the famous red deer that run wild here and there are more than 100 bird species too. The lower Lake is stocked with trout, salmon, and perch for fishing. The Ring of Kerry offers some of the best scenery in Ireland. Some of the stops on this route include the Stone pillars, Torc Waterfall, Roos Castle, and the Ogham Stones.
  4. Galway Cathedral- This historic church in Galway is a beautiful Catholic cathedral full of Renaissance style including a copper dome and stone pillars. The striking architectural design stands out in the tiny city of Galway. Wood carvings, wall murals, and rose windows all represent traditional Catholic art. Masses are open to the general public.
  5. Shrine of Our Lady of Knock- This is the church where 15 parishioners are believed to have witnessed the ghosts of the Virgin Mary, St. John the Evangelist, and St. Joseph at the south end of the Knock Parish Church in 1879. Whether this happened or not is clearly up for debate, but it doesn’t stop the hundreds of thousands of people from visiting the shrine every year including Pope John Paul II in 1979 and Mother Teresa in 1993.
  6. River Shannon- The River Shannon is the longest river on the island. An opportunity to get great views of the city and see the beautiful natural coastal scenery as the waterway is more than 500km long. The most popular routes are from Portumna to Carrick.
  7. Newgrange- One of the most remarkable prehistoric sites in Europe, this “tomb” dates back to around 3200 BC. It’s circular stone walls are 80m in diameter and 13m high. The tomb is topped with a dome of grass and is believed to be a burial place for kings. It is an awe-inspiring mythical site.
  8. The Burren- Located in the county of Clare this destination that has long been a Mecca for hikers and tourists for hundreds of years. The area is mostly untouched by the natural beauty of rocks and rare species of flora and fauna. Many of the flowers and plants are growing out of lifeless rocks. A unique limestone rock formation is the highlight of the walking trail which was possibly a burial site or ritual grounds in prehistoric times.
  9. Kilmainham Gaol- This museum and art gallery was once a former prison and features exhibits of paintings and sculptures from previous prisoners. The prisoners were a group of men who led the Easter Rising of 1916 and fought in Ireland’s civil war. This historic site is fun to learn about and offers a glimpse into Ireland’s rocky past.
  10. Guinness Storehouse- Located in Dublin, this is a great beer tasting extravaganza. The Guinness Storehouse is a remodeled fermentation plant featuring seven floors which are encased in a glass atrium that is shaped like a large pint of Guinness. The tour culminates with a chilled Guinness beer on the top floor of the distillery with a great view of Dublin.


Now, is a great time to begin planning your first class trip to Ireland.

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