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When setting your vacation budget this year consider upping the price you are willing to pay for air travel. Traveling first class costs more but can save you money in other areas of your vacation. First class international tickets to Greece are becoming more popular as travelers want to arrive at their destination relaxed and ready to explore. First class flights to Greece will give you this opportunity due to the comforts associated with first-class travel. If you have some flexibility in the days and times you can travel you can find cheap and inexpensive first class tickets to Greece. Last minute travelers can find some of the best deals on unbooked seats, so there are first class tickets to fit any budget. You can find the best deals online at many travel websites. It takes some research, some flexibility, and some travel savvy, but you can book first travel tickets to Greece at a really great price.


Athens International Airport (ATH) is the best destination airport to use when conducting your search for great deals on first class flights to Greece.


First Class Options and Benefits


First class flights to Greece offer a ton of perks and upgrades from what you get in coach, economy, economy plus, and business class air travel. You get a large seat that reclines into a bed, five-star cuisine, complimentary in-flight cocktails and beverages, snack, desserts, unlimited in-flight entertainment, and the best-trained staff of flight attendants. First class tickets always get you great amenities but depending on the type of plane you are traveling on, you may get even more. Some planes now offer bars and small cafe type areas on the plane designated for first class only. You may have a small apartment-style seating that could include a small writing desk and partitions between you and the other passengers. First class also allows you to pack as many pieces of luggage to check in as you need. There are no baggage restrictions when traveling first class (check this restriction as some airlines have begun capping the number of bags and weight even for first class). You can also preboard your flight at your convenience and settle into your seat without being rushed by other passengers scrambling for the overhead bin space. First class offers ample room and storage capacity.


First class passengers can also use the VIP lounges at the airport where you can eat and drink until you are content. An attendant will keep an eye of the status of your flight and let you know when it is time to preboard. Some airports offer rides to your gate as well. But you won’t have to worry about delays or gate changes, the lounge attendant does all of that for you.


How to Find Deals of First Class Tickets to Greece


For the “do-it-yourselfers” you can log on to a few travel websites and enter the dates you would like to travel and compare the different costs of seats. You can also use a travel agent or a website that offers personalized attention and support. These services will provide you with peace of mind and you can ask as many questions as you need to until you feel comfortable purchasing your tickets to Greece. It’s a good idea to be upfront about your budget before you begin the process of looking for great deals on First Class Travel


Things to Do in Greece


  1. The Acropolis- Viewable once you hit the capital city of Greece is the Acropolis. The complex is made from marble used to be the site of the statue of Athena or the goddess of Athens. Unbelievable sense of history and ancient architecture as you walk besides the historic columns and spectacular temples.
  2. Mount Olympus- Everyone has heard of Mount Olympus. One of the most famous mountains in the world and steeped in Greek mythology. Head to the town Litochoro, where you can climb the mountain depending on your fitness level. In Greek mythology, this is the spot where Zeus sat on his throne and also where Hades ruled the Underworld. It is steeped in mythology and mystery.
  3. Lake Plastira- Everything in Greece has a sense of history and old-world charm. However, Lake Plastira is a man-made lake. Even though it is artificial, it is still beautiful and worth visiting. The lake is surrounded by beautiful trees and picturesque landscape. Many visitors head onto the water and go rafting or canoeing. There is also horseback riding and wonderful trails to be discovered around this lake. Lake Plastira is located in the Larditsa region of Greece.
  4. Santorini- Santorini is that beautiful postcard you see of a village rising up above the blue water with white buildings built right into the hillside. The homes spiral up from the water through a twisting path of cobblestone roads up the hillside. Santorini is also known as the island of Thira. Santorini is home to some of the most spectacular views in all of Greece.
  5. Delphi- Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It sits on the sides of Mount Parnassus and was a popular pilgrimage spot for those who wanted to pay their respects to Apollo, the ancient Greek god of music, light, and prophecy. You can find a stadium, theatre, and ancient ruins as part of your tour of Delphi.
  6. Samaria Gorge- Located on the island of Crete is the Samaria Gorge. This natural wonder spans 16 kilometers. There are many guided tours available depending on your level of climbing expertise. If you choose to cross and walk the entire section of the gorge, it will take you close to seven hours.
  7. The Acropolis Museum- The Acropolis Museum is relatively new, especially by Greek standards. While it only opened in 2009, it is extremely popular. Housed in a super modern looking building made of glass and steel with sharp angles. It is in stark contrast to what is inside which is some of the most famous ancient artifacts in Greece. It is also known for a café which has an outdoor terrace that looks out across to the Acropolis.
  8. Epidaurus Theater- Located in the Argolis region of Greece is the Epidaurus Theater which dates back to the 4th century. You are able to sit in the stone tiers as if it were 1600 years ago. The facility is in pretty good shape even today. The theater was dedicated to the famous god of medicine, Asclepius.
  9. Meteora- The monasteries of Meteora sit on top of towering rock formations in a gorgeous valley. The monks that live here are Eastern Orthodox. Historically, these monks fled here because of the Turkish army invading. Surrounded by an ancient boulder and monolithic pillars help create a mythical feeling to the place. The landscape and view from the top are one of the best in Europe.
  10. Melissani Cave- Melissani is a beautiful cave located near Karavomilo. The cave is 4 kilometers long and centuries old. An underground body of water, Melissani Lake, was discovered here in 1951. You can take a guided tour and enter the cave via a tunnel and head out onto the lake in a kayak or small boat.

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