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Planning a vacation to Zurich, Switzerland can be fun and exciting. Begin your planning by logging on to a few travel websites and comparing airfare options. International business class flights to Zurich, Switzerland can be more affordable than you may think and traveling via a business class ticket to Zurich offers you many comforts and benefits. Allow some flexibility in the days and times you travel and you can find cheap and inexpensive business class tickets to Zurich, Switzerland. Even last minute travelers can find great deals on business class air travel. International business class tickets to Zurich, Switzerland can be affordable, easy to find, and most travel websites offer support after you purchase the ticket. So if you need assistance, you can lean on them to help you. FlightsLux is one website that helps you locate cheap and inexpensive international business flights to Zurich, Switzerland. Set your budget, stay flexible in your travel dates and times, log on to a website and begin searching business class travel. It’s so easy!

Zurich’s Airport is called Loten Airport (ZRH). All major https://flightslux.comairlines offer service to Loten Airport, ZRH. If you choose business class tickets to Zurich, Switzerland you will be able to use the shorter “preferred traveler” lines, bring extra baggage without additional charges, and your seat will recline to a completely flat position. You can also use the airport lounges – which are a great benefit. These lounges provide an excellent escape from the noise and crowds at the airports. You can eat here, get a cocktail, and unwind. The services are included with your business class ticket, so there are not any additional charges. Your meal while on board your business class flight to Zurich, Switzerland will be amazing and the drinks are included during the flight as well. When comparing the cost of a business class ticket to Zurich, Switzerland factor in these cost savings. You can generally save a night at your hotel as well because you won’t need a night to recuperate from sleepless traveling. Traveling business class allows you to arrive feeling well rested.

Things to do in Zurich:

  1. Minster of Our Lady- The Minster of Our Lady church is known for its graceful spire which tops Zurich’s skyline. The church was founded in the ninth century by Emperor Ludwig, Charlemagne’s grandson. In 1970, Marc Chagall’s famous stained-glass windows were added. Known to Zurchers as the Fraumunster, travelers will find the Minster of Our Lady church in Kreis 1. The Chagall’s stained windows are amazing.
  2. Botanical Garden- The Botanical Garden is located near the Sihlporte city center and is owned by the University of Zurich. It was designed and built in 1810. It has over 9,000 varieties of plant species. In the center, there is an amazing octagonal glass pavilion where locals attend concerts.
  3. Bellevue Square- Bellevue Square was built in 1856. The square was named after Bellevue, a former grand hotel, and translates as ‘a beautiful sight’ from French. One of the most famed landmarks in Zurich, the town square and its nearby settlements are listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites. It’s incredibly easy to get to Bellevue Square either through the many trams or buses. One of the most famous spots to visit when in Bellevue Square is Limmatquai or Cafe Odeon.
  4. Limmat Cruise- Take a break from walking all over Zurich and enjoy a cruise down the Limmat river. You can enjoy this tranquil river and see Zurich from a different viewpoint. You will start close to the Swiss National Museum and cruise past Zurich’s Old Town which sprawls both banks of the river. The boats easily pass under all seven of the city’s bridges on the Limmat. You will be treated to sights like Grossmunster and Fraumunster.
  5. Ghost Walk of Zurich-Consider this adventure a walk with the twisted and paranormal. A fun and more unique experience in Switzerland. The walking tour takes visitors on a journey through the haunted, bizarre and gruesome attractions that the city is known for. The tour tells the history of tragic suicides and shows the grounds of famous murders.
  6. Cabaret Voltaire (The Dada House)- This is the birthplace of Dadaism. Artist and poet Hugo Ball stood at the performance space at the Cabaret Voltaire and read the first Manifesto introducing the world to a new concept in thought and culture which was Dada. Ball and a group of other artists opened this café as a showcase of the movement. It was here that this group tried out new forms of poetry, played piano and danced. They debated, sang, exhibited art, wore stylish costumes and rallied against the war. The café became a haven for artists, philosophers, and writers. Political exiles from all parts of Europe and Russia came, including Vladimir Lenin, who lived near the Cabaret at the time. Some say he came by frequently to get into a lively conversation and have a drink. Over the years the Cabaret Voltaire deteriorated and eventually closed. In 2004, it reopened as a café, cultural and education center, and bookshop.
  7. Grossmunster- The Grossmünster started in the 12th century and was finished just over a century later. The two towers of this Romanesque church could well be Zürich’s most prominent landmark. The crypt, the oldest part of the church, is also original and has faded frescoes by Hans Leu the Elder from the 1400s. In the 16th century Grossmünster was ground zero for the Reformation in Switzerland. Modern stained-glass windows line the church.
  8. FIFA World Football Museum- Sports fans rejoice. The world’s most popular sport has its museum located here. It is owned and operated by FIFA. The FIFA World Football Museum opened in February 2016. The museum is housed within three floors of the ten-story Haus zur Enge, which also has a bistro, sports bar, cafe, library, and museum shop. The museum is filled with exhibits that have memorabilia from every FIFA World Cup ever held, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Some unique objects that can be seen are Pele’s last goal ball for Brazil from 1971, Van Persie’s armband, and Miroslav Klose’s boots.
  9. Zurich Zoo- Animals being treated humanely in their natural habitat is a must at the Zurich Zoo. The animals who live here are treated with the highest standards and have enclosures that allow them to roam as much as possible. Zookeepers and designers have taken great care to mimic each animal’s natural habitat. The elephant park is beautiful and the zoo’s most popular feature. There is a modern biome for the Indian elephants and an underwater viewing area to watch them while they are in the water. Overall, the zoo has close to 4,000 animals and over 300 species. There is a petting zoo too.
  10. Niederdork neighborhood- Take a stroll through this trendy, young, hip and exciting neighborhood. If you are looking for directions, locals may call it Dorfli. Filled with cobblestone pedestrian-only alleys on the bank of the Limmat. Take a walk through the streets and a stop for coffee or a latte at one of the great cafes. If you enjoy trendy cafes or are looking for nightlife you have found your spot.

Now that you have an idea of some of the great things there are to see and do in Zurich, and you know how to search for international business class tickets to Zurich, Switzerland, it’s time to start planning.

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