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Vienna is a destination city known for its musical history, medieval roots, and cultural diversity. Many travelers are using travel websites to find inexpensive and cheap business class tickets to Vienna arriving at Vienna International Airport (VIE). Websites provide transparency with fares and allow travelers to change their travel dates and times to secure great deals on international business class tickets to Vienna. There are fares available to fit any budget and even last-minute travelers are finding affordable international business class flights to Vienna.


Vienna is a metropolitan city with a large population. There are so many things to see and do in this historic and modern city, that you will want to arrive at your destination ready to see everything this amazing city has to offer. Recuperating from jet lag at your hotel is a waste of your time. Traveling business class to Vienna allows you to sleep (fully reclined) on the flight to Vienna and arrive ready to go! Once you are in Vienna, here are a few things to see:


  1. Museum Judenplatz- The epicenter of Jewish life in Vienna, this area was first designated as the Jewish Ghetto back in the 13th century. Much of that life is displayed here in the museum. Located below the museum is the Mittelalterliche Synagogue. Constructed in the mid-13th century, this synagogue was once one of the largest in the world. Located nearby is the humbling and moving Holocaust Memorial.
  2. Alt Wien Coffee Shop- Do you want to experience the charm and feel of old world Vienna? The Alt Wien cafe perfectly represents the Viennese lifestyle. They have been making coffee since 1936. Its charm is a Viennese tradition: people talking loudly in a smoke-filled room with rude waiters. Yes, rude waiters, in Vienna is called “charm.” The room is eclectic, to say the least, and the decor is shabby chic.
  3. Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek- Off the beaten path is this wonderful library. With Baroque soaring bookcases, fully decorated ceilings and beautifully bound books, this library will not disappoint. Definitely one of the great libraries that you will not soon forget.
  4. Flea Market Kettenbruckengasse- Located next to the Naschmarkt is the largest flea market in all Vienna. You can find trinkets to bring back to your family and friends. This market is very popular and the items sold here are handmade by local artisans.
  5. Wiener Wurstelprater- The Prater is Vienna’s largest recreational area. The Riesenrad Ferris wheel is to Vienna what the London Eye is to London. It has an amusement park and a Madame Tussauds wax museum. It’s a Summertime favorite where locals love to hang out, enjoy the nice weather, play soccer and enjoy a picnic on the grass.
  6. The Viennese Clock Museum- Located in the Harpist’s House, which is one of the oldest homes in Vienna, is this little clock museum with over 1,000 clocks. Most people come to see the 230-year-old astronomical clock built in 1679 and calibrated up to the year 9999. It has layers upon layers of golden gears and more than 30 readings and dials. Each hand takes 20,000 years to revolve. It’s all arranged in chronological order where you can see cuckoo clocks, pocket watches, and grandfather clocks.
  7. Rathaus- The Town Hall located in Rathausplatz was built late (by Vienna standards) in the 1800’s. This Neo-Gothic town hall houses the offices of the mayor. The Rathaus has five towers, the middle of which is the largest and is topped by the Rathausman statue. This area makes you feel like you are in Brussels.
  8. Donauturm (viewing tower)- This free-standing tower is listed as one of the tallest 75 freestanding towers in the world. At 252 meters it provides a fantastic and unique way to see Vienna. The Donauturm observation tower in the Donaustadt district of Vienna stands out as a must-see in Vienna. It has not one, but two revolving restaurants and even a bungee jumping platform.
  9. Vienna Natural History Museum- Housed in a beautiful and sophisticated palace complex, this museum has a huge collection of minerals, precious stones, fossils, meteorites and displays of various insects and mammals. With more than 30 million objects, the museum’s collection is one of the most important in Europe and new additions are arriving all of the time. This fascinating venue also has a digital planetarium where you can see intriguing films about the earth and its development.
  10. Neubau District- What was once Vienna’s edgiest up and coming neighborhood, is now home to one-of-a-kind boutiques, bars, and restaurants. The food in this neighborhood is fantastic. The nightlife is for the “to be seen” crowd.


What Business Class to Vienna Gets you:

This list is only a few of the things to see and do in Vienna. Due to the high number of things to do in Vienna, and the fact that many people don’t have an abundance of vacation days, travelers are more likely to choose business class flights to Vienna, so they can make the most of their time on the ground in this historic yet modern city.


An international business class flight to Vienna allows you access to shorter lines at the airport and, the best part, you can use the airport lounges that are only accessible to first class and business class travelers. These lounges are like hidden gems at the airport. You enter the lounge and are instantly whisked away from the chaos of the airport. The luxurious lounge offers great food, snacks, free alcohol, soda machines, showers, and many other perks. You and your travel companion can sit at a table and enjoy a meal, relax in a recliner and finish off work emails, or take a seat at the bar. Either way, you are now in full vacation mode and ready to travel. The lounge attendant will keep an eye on the status of your flight and let you know if there are changes to the departure time or the gate. You pre-board your flight and head on your way!


Once on your flight, you will immediately notice the added privacy and room that business class travel provides, but you will also love the fact that you can fully recline in your seat and sleep in a flat position. Make sure to use all of the pillows and blankets you need. The meals in business class are restaurant quality, the alcohol is free, and the desserts are wonderful. You can watch several movies, request reading materials that interest you, and definitely chat-up your flight attendant for tips on what to see and what to skip in Vienna.


Business class travel to Vienna will allow you to arrive in Vienna revived and refreshed. Vienna offers so many activities to see, that it would be a shame to spend time sleeping and getting on-track at your hotel. Go out and meet the locals, learn their customs, and enjoy your trip. Also, you will arrive home ready to share your experiences and return to work with your batteries recharged. All major airlines offer service to Vienna. Look at websites like Flights Lux to help you secure cheap and inexpensive international tickets to Vienna. Your flight to Vienna will be the best experience of your trip if you choose international business class travel.

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