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International First Class flights to Austria are becoming more popular as travel websites allow consumers to compare the costs of travel and services. First class tickets to Vienna International Airport (VIE) are easy to find on these websites. When planning your trip to Austria consider checking the cost of international first class tickets. You can compare the cost of traveling on a different day and at different times to find cheap and inexpensive first class tickets. Even last minute travelers can take advantage of value-based pricing and weigh the added cost of first-class travel with the added benefits that it brings. Travelers can now decide which level of travel fits their budget.


Why Consider First Class Travel?


Traveling first class allows you to sit in a larger seat on the plane with added privacy – that is the most obvious benefit of first-class travel. Your larger seat will convert into a bed and allow you the comfort and privacy to sleep throughout your flight. You will arrive in Austria very well rested. If sleeping isn’t a necessity for you, you can enjoy movies, reading materials, or mingle with other first-class travelers in the common area in first class (this varies based on the type of aircraft, so check ahead of time and learn which amenities are offered before you book your flight). You will also enjoy high-quality food, free alcohol and beverages, and snacks and desserts. Warm towels, soft blankets, and pillows are also available in the first class cabin.


First class is staffed by veteran flight attendants. Talk with them and ask them for their advice on things to see and do in Austria; odds are good they will have experience in major cities and can guide you to what to see and what to skip.


Other great perks of first-class travel include shorter lines at the airport. (Come on, you’ve seen the first class and “preferred lines” they are always shorter!) If you tend to overpack, then first class is for you, as you are allowed to check-in more luggage than the economy and coach passengers and there is not an extra charge for it. Again, this varies based on your destination, your airline, and the aircraft, so check before you pack!


You will also be permitted to pre-board your flight. This means you board the plane before the other passengers. It doesn’t seem like a big benefit, but getting on the plane early means you aren’t stressed to get into your seat and stow your carry-ons in the overhead bins with people waiting behind you. It really cuts down on your stress levels when you can take your time and pay attention to where you’re storing your belongings. You will have more room in first class and the flight attendants are happy to help you in any way they can.


You can also access the first class lounges at the airport. These lounges are very clean and accommodate all of your needs. An attendant will track your flight for you and notify you of delays and gate changes. There are tables to sit at and enjoy a free meal. You can enjoy a cocktail at the bar. You can pick up a dessert and lay back in a recliner. Or you can sit at a table and finish up work. The lounges are great and they are exclusively for first class travelers, so take advantage of all that they have to offer.


Things to do in Austria-


  1. Habsburg Imperial Crypt- One of the major royal dynasties of Europe. The Habsburg family ruled over most of Europe for over 300 years until their downfall in World War I. Most royal families of such stature would have a crypt built for them. A blend of beautiful architecture and a bit creepy as silver urns preserve family members hearts and embalmed entrails.
  2. Schmetterlinghaus- The Imperial Butterfly Park Museum and botanical garden combined into one featuring the history of the butterfly, but also lush tropical gardens filled with almost every variety of butterfly known to man.
  3. Schloss Hellbrunn- In Salzburg, Austria, this palace was built in 1619 by the archbishop of Salzburg Markus Sittikus. The palace has no bedrooms but was built as an opulent getaway retreat. It is b over natural springs provided by the Hellbrunn River. There is a 200 piece mechanical theater powered by water. Fountains are built all around the palace grounds.
  4. Starkenberger’s Beer Pools- For the beer lover this might be a dream come true. Located at the Starkenberger’s Castle this Austrian brewer has converted a beer cellar into the world’s only beer swimming pools. More of a beer hot tub. Seven 13-foot pools of warm beer where one can sit and bathe in a tub of beer. Waiters come around with cold beer to drink. It is supposed to be rich in minerals and good for the skin but if not, who cares you are swimming in beer. Only in Austria.
  5. Green Lake- Located in Tal, Austria. For most of the year, this place is known for some good Alpine hiking. A smallish lake, a meadow surrounded by a forest. However, in the warmer months, the melting snow from the mountains floods this area with pristine glacier water. It becomes a hot spot for scuba divers who come to see a wide variety of fish, the bottom of the lake is covered in green grass as the park is completely flooded. Fish swim around park benches under water and people swim over bridges.
  6. Eggenberg Charnel- The arranged bones of 5,800 Austrians is a beautiful sight if not a little morbid. It dates back to the early 14th century where the remains of thousands of Austrians are meticulously laid out in a symmetrical pattern. The bones are now preserved behind a glass panel as to not further deteriorate. A fascinating almost mythical like atmosphere.
  7. Aqua Dome Langenfeld- Located in Langenfeld, Austria this natural wonder has been used since the 16th Warm spring water rises up from below forming a mineral spa. This resort features beautifully lit outdoor pools, saunas, baths and steam rooms all based on these natural warm springs. In addition to the unique spa, there is a hotel attached if you want to spend the night.
  8. Best Times to Visit- There are a couple of peak months that most visitors head to Austria and drive up the prices. April to May are good months to avoid the rush. It’s starting to warm up and temperatures are in the mid 50’s to high 60’s. And you can avoid long lines at major attractions. Another good time is September to October with the mild weather and the end of the busy June to August months is also a great time to visit. You avoid the Summer rush.
  9. Votive Church- A neo-Gothic church built in the mid 1,800’s to celebrate the survival of an assassination attempt on the Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph. He survived the knife attack and his brother started the church as a thank you to God for letting his brother survive this vicious attack by a commoner sympathetic to the plight of Hungarians against eh Austrian Empire. The most impressive part of the church is the main altar.
  10. Vollpension- Always good to take a break and have a coffee at Viennese café. This café was designed and set up by the local community of the 4th They wanted a social environment to bring together its older citizens with its younger community members. This hip café brings in the young clientele with its Avant guard design but the food at the café is brought in my local retirees who get to showcase their baking skills. Bringing the two groups together.

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