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Paris is one of the most sought out travel destinations in the world. Luxury shopping, amazing food, gothic architecture, and beautiful landscapes. Paris has everything and anything you might want to see. Paris is the capital of France, called the City of Lights and has a population topping 2.2 million residents. The city is walkable, beautiful, and extremely colorful. It’s no wonder that many travelers are choosing to travel first class to Paris. First Class Tickets to Paris is more affordable than you think and if you are taking the saying “getting there is half the fun” to heart, first class travel is the way to go. Even last minute travelers are finding some amazing deals on first class flights to Paris. With a full agenda of activities when you arrive, it will be nice to know you can hit the ground running because you will arrive relaxed and refreshed when you travel first class over coach or economy. Travel websites provide fare transparency, so log on to a few sites, compare prices, be flexible with your departure date and time, and see what you can find. It may take some time and flexibility but you can find some really great deals on luxury travel to Paris. There are some low cost and free things to see in Paris. It’s always fun to explore the neighborhoods.  Paris has 20 neighborhoods.

Here Are a Few Neighborhoods to Visit:

1.   Canal Saint Martin- This neighborhood sits right on the water. It has lovely bridges, and many neighborhood cafes and restaurants. The pace is leisurely. You can sit by the river, explore a small park, or shop one of its artisan boutiques.

  1. Montmartre– Montmartre is lively and spirited. You can find stationery stores, antique shops, cafes, and beautiful vistas. This gem of an area has something for everyone.
  2. Le Marais– This centrally located neighborhood makes for great people watching and has an international vibe. Many shops offer items from all around the world and the cuisine is varied.
  3. Saint Germain des Pres – Bars, bookshops, and antique stores are prevalent here. Saint Germain des Pres has a young, Bohemian vibe to it.
  4. Ile de la Cite – If you want a slower pace and some quiet time you’ll find it here. This is one of the oldest parts of Paris and the serenity of the area is easy to spot. There are shops and cafes as well, but the hustle and bustle of the other neighborhoods just won’t be found here. Stop, slow down, breathe.


This is just a start! There are 15 other neighborhoods as well. Again, the Internet can help you narrow down which neighborhoods would appeal to you based on your interests. Take some time and walk the neighborhoods they offer glimpses into life as a Parisian. Paris is an expensive city to travel. But there are many free things to do as well.


Here is a List of a Few “Can’t-Miss” Free Activities:

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral- It only costs money to climb the towers. You can walk around Notre Dame for free. It’s beautiful and the perfect representation of true gothic architecture- definitely go!
  2. Parc du Champ de Mars- Bring some snacks and a bottle of French wine and toast yourself (and Paris) in this beautiful setting. The manicured lawns are stunning, the views of the Eiffel tower are free, and you will feel very French!
  3. Paris Museum of Modern Art- It’s free, you can see Matisse’s Dancers and it’s right off of a metro stop- super convenient!
  4. While you’re visiting Montmartre (see the about list!) stop by the Basilique du Sacre Coeur. This church is built from white marble and several amazing gold mosaics. There are stained glass windows and all sorts of decorative nooks and crannies. It’s free and it’s amazing!
  5. Window Shop- Window shop all day long if you’d like! Paris prides itself on some of the best window displays in the world – from very typical to super creative. Feast your eyes on some amazing jewelry and couture clothing, but don’t miss out on the creative window displays.
  6. Atelier Brancusi- Brancusi’s studio is recreated in the Center of Pompidou. If you are a fan of the smooth, abstract sculptures created by this master artist, this studio provides an intimate glimpse into the creator/artist.
  7. Rue Mouffetard- Artisan bakers, cheese makers, and pastry chefs….There really isn’t much else to say about this lively market.
  8. La Promenade Plantee- Think refurbished railroad track? This walkway spans 4.5 km and was built on top of obsolete railroad infrastructure. It’s a pedestrian walkway full of greenery, plants, flowers, and provides beautiful vistas. It’s different, fun, and well done.
  9. Jardin des Tuileries- This park is stunning, centrally located and offers some stunning horticulture.
  10. Cimetiere du Montparnasse- This cemetery boasts some very famous clients! Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir just to name a few. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful and the headstones are gorgeous.


Paris really does offer so much to see and do that choosing International First Class Flights to Paris over traveling Coach or Economy can make sense. Elegant first class travel does offer a relaxing experience for travelers coming from a distance. Cheap and discount fares can be found with little to no notice largely due in part to the transparency of fares that the internet offers.

What is First Class?

When choosing air travel you can look for inexpensive and cheap tickets online, there are a lot of options. First Class flights to Paris allow you to take advantage of many luxuries. First class tickets to Paris get you in the shorter lines at airport check-in and shorter lines at TSA security checkpoints. Also, you pre-board the plane before the other passengers. You can use the airport lounges which provide a lot of great services including free alcohol and beverages, yummy hot meals, snacks, delicious desserts, and a quiet retreat from the airport chaos. A lounge attendant will track your flight and let you know if there are any changes to your travel itinerary. All you need to do is eat, drink, and relax. You can charge your phone and laptop and unwind with a cocktail.


Your first class flight to Paris will be relaxing and enjoyable once you are onboard your flight. Depending on the type of aircraft you are on you will enjoy many different cabin configurations. You will always receive an educated staff of flight attendants, a seat that completely reclines, added privacy, an amazing meal, and complimentary beverages. Blankets, movies, earbuds, slippers, blankets, and pillows are ready and waiting for you. The atmosphere in first class is elegant and amazing. It can be the perfect way to begin your vacation in Paris France. All major air carriers service Paris airports. Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is the busiest, so if you have some flexibility in your arrival and departure dates, and you are interested in First Class travel and the perks that it provides, check out some of the websites that offer access to first class and business class travel to Paris. You won’t be disappointed!

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