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Great Britain offers a wide array of things to see and do for travelers. Many travelers are choosing international first class tickets to Great Britain. First class flights to Great Britain can be more affordable due in part to the rising popularity of travel websites. These websites allow consumers to compare the costs of the different tiers of air travel and decide for themselves which type of air travel works with their budget. Cheap and inexpensive first class tickets to Great Britain can be found even at the last minute. Use Great Britain’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) or Manchester Airport (MAN) in Ringway to find a number of flight options to choose from.


FlightsLux is one travel website that provides constant support after you’ve purchased your ticket. This site specializes in First Class and Business Class travel, so it’s a great resource if you are looking to learn about the options and benefits of these two level of air travel. Plus, they guarantee a $1,000 savings, so you don’t have anything to lose!


What do you Get with First Class Tickets to Great Britain?


The short answer is you get a lot, but really, you do get a lot of benefits with your first class tickets. First class travel makes you feel like you’ve started your vacation when you arrive at the airport. The VIP service you’ll receive can justify the added price of your first class ticket.  Premiere lines at the check-in counter are always very fast moving and always shorter too when compared to the economy and coach lines. You can use the airport lounges and within these already luxurious lounges, you can access the most exclusive areas that are designated for First Class travelers. If you are coming off of a long flight or have been on the road for a while you can shower at the lounges too. The restroom areas are similar to a high-end spa and are stocked with name brand toiletries. The lounges also serve meals, alcohol, sodas, an abundance of snacks, and several desserts to choose from. If you want to sit at the bar and get to know other first-class passengers, you can do that here. If you skipped a meal and want to eat, do that here. You will see many travelers recharging their electronic devices, finishing up work, and booking tours for their vacations. The lounges are a great escape from the busy airport.


You will preboard your flight with your first class ticket to Great Britain too. Preboarding is a relaxing way to get settled in your seat and take stock of the first class cabin. First class offers many different options that are based on the size and age of the plane you are on, so check ahead of time and get to know the type of cabin you will be in. Some airplanes have second story accommodations for first class travelers, others have partitions between the seats, and some have bars on the aircraft for first class passengers. First class travel is evolving at a rapid pace and the amenities continue to improve as each airline is trying to “out-do” their competitors and offer more and more luxuries to attract first class consumers.


You can count on having a big seat that turns into a bed, added privacy, amazing food (think cuisine because the food is often prepared by a famous chef), soft blankets, unlimited in-flight entertainment, complimentary champagne and cocktails, desserts, and lots of snacks. Your first class tickets mean luxury and impeccable customer service regardless of the air carrier and type of plane.


Things to Absolutely See and Do while you are in Great Britain


  1. Westminster Abbey- A beautiful example of Early English Gothic, 1190-1300 architecture. This church has been a staple of everything in Britain. Besides the beautiful architecture and statues housed here, there are a number of historic events that take place at Westminster Abbey. St. Edward’s, the founder of the church, is buried behind the main altar. The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior is laid to rest here. Poets’ Corner has the resting places of Chaucer, Dickens, Tennyson, and Kipling.
  2. Windsor Castle- William the Conqueror built this historic castle in 1080. It is the world’s largest and oldest continuously occupied castle. The Queen of England currently lives in Windsor Castle. A hugely popular event is the famous changing of guards. Long lines will queue for this so make sure to get a spot along the fence as early as you can.
  3. Stonehenge- A ring of massive stones is one of Britain’s great archaeological mysteries. Why were they built, what purpose do they serve and who built them? Stonehenge is believed to have been started around 3000 BC, with the inner ring of stones hauled from over 250 miles away. A very magical and calming place.
  4. Edinburgh Castle- The Edinburgh Castle has housed kings and queens. But, now it’s one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions. Visitors love to see the firing of the canon every day at 1 p.m. The old canon is a WWII weapon. It is also a little-known fact that the crown jewels are housed here.
  5. David’s Cathedral- Built in a valley behind high walls to be protected from invaders is the massive St. David’s Cathedral. The cathedral was built on top of a 6th-century chapel in the 12th and 14th centuries. Major enhancements were done in the 19th century. Carvings, statues, and a library with books from the 15th century make this a must visit.
  6. Blenheim Palace- A Unesco World Heritage site is a monumental Baroque style home built between 1705 and 1722. Queen Anne gave Blenheim Palace to John Churchill for defeating the French in 1704. Sir Winston Churchill was born here in 1874. The palace is full of statues, unique furniture, and works of art. The Blenheim Tapestries are one of the most popular attractions here.
  7. Paul’s Cathedral- Located in Ludgate Hill, St. Paul’s Cathedral has been standing for over 300 years. The cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The grounds on which it was built had been a previous cathedral dating back over 1,400 years. The church is known for its cathedral dome.
  8. Chinatown- Located on the East End of London is Chinatown. This community saw an influx of immigrants from China during the early 1900’s. Then during WWII, there was another influx of Chinese culture with immigrants from Hong Kong flooding this section of town. There are plenty of traditional Chinese medicine shops, souvenirs and, of course, some of the best Chinese food can be found off Shaftesbury Avenue.
  9. Cambridge University- Cambridge University is one of the finest universities in London. It is the 4th oldest university in the world. Founded by a group of scholars upset with Oxford University this university now has over 18,000 students. In addition to being a world-class academic institution, its architecture in English Baroque style makes it one of the most appealing to the eye as well.
  10. Rosewood London- The best hotel in London consistently is the Rosewood London. Located in the Holborn neighborhood, this puts you within a short walk to the West End theater district, the British Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Built in 1910, it definitely has old world charm. Even if you don’t stay here come to the Holborn Dining Room and select a gin from London’s largest collection of gin.


Now that you have a basic idea of how to locate inexpensive first class tickets to Great Britain and what extras first-class travel can provide, it’s time to set some time aside and start your search for great deals on first class flights to Great Britain.

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